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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 13 Recap

Yuyan discussed with everyone about Zhu Yao being taken away by Xiao Yi, and wanted to find a way to rescue Zhu Yao. After reading the letter, Ah Xun suspected that Teacher Li was his biological father, so he hated Xiao Yi even more. Axun felt that Zhu Yao helped Xiao Yi to say good things because he was in a group with him, and Xiao Yi also took Zhu Yao away, making her even more repellent of Zhu Yao. A Xun said in public that Zhu Yao was fine with Xiao Yi, and was accused by everyone.

Everyone felt that A Xun was too ignorant of the importance and sent A Xun away. Wang Xuzhi comforted Ah Xun when the two accidentally discovered that there was a blood diamond in the kit. Ah Xun felt that his mother’s misfortune was due to the loss of the blood diamond, so angrily wanted to destroy it, but fortunately Wang Xuzhi stopped it.

Xiao Yi brought Zhu Yao back to Tiance Education, and he told Zhu Yao that all he wanted was her. At this moment, Xiao Yi was controlled by the world spirit and exuded black aura, which made Zhu Yao very scared. After Xiao Yi became sober, he pulled Zhu Yao to explain that he had difficulties, but the truth could not be told to her. Red Silk found that the Gu worm controlling Yuyan had died, very puzzled. Xiao Yi suddenly appeared, telling the truth about the things that would only be solved when Gu was poisoned, and let Red Silk follow his own orders. After Xiao Yi left, Hongsi expressed dissatisfaction with him, and at the same time, he remembered his hatred for Zhu Yao and moved his true feelings.

The red silk pretended to be kind and ran to Miao Jiang to invite Yuyan to go back with him. After thinking about it, Yuyan told everyone that he planned to return to the Qiugu Sect. Ah Xun has eliminated the complaint against Zhu Yao, but she does not want to return to the Qiugu faction. She feels that the previous escape will be meaningless if she goes back. When Wang Xuzhi saw Ah Xun angry, he hurried to catch up to comfort her. Zhu Yao felt that Xiao Yi shouldn’t be darkened inexplicably. She guessed there was a reason, and wanted to ask Xiao Yi after he came back. Zhu Yao asked Xiao Yi about the world spirit, Xiao Yi asked Zhu Yao to give him a hug.

In order to get clues from the world spirit, Zhu Yao had to agree to hug Zhu Yao, but Xiao Yi did not expect that he would not let it go. When Zhu Yao was forcibly hugged, the fan on her body fell off, and Yuyan rushed to the underground palace immediately, but happened to see Zhu Yao hugging Xiao Yi, thinking that Zhu Yao chose Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi found Yuyan and deliberately expressed arrogantly that he was going to marry Zhu Yao. The red silk came to Miaojiang again and took out Xiao Yi’s invitation to stimulate Yuyan and let him go back with him. Yuyan believed the words of the red silk, recalling the scene of Zhu Yao playing with Xiao Yi, heartbroken, and decided to go back to the Qiugu faction with the red silk on the spot.

Hongsi wanted to pick up Yuyan and the others to go back to the Qiu Gu School, and Ah Xun decided to go back to Master Li to ask about his life experience, and agreed to go back together. Xiao Yi deliberately brought Zhu Yao back to Miaojiang, so that she could see the scene of everyone leaving, saying that only she really loved Zhu Yao, and the others didn’t care about her at all. Zhu Yao didn’t believe Xiao Yi’s words, she said that she would leave only if she made sure everyone was safe. The wife of the head was overwhelmed and physically weak. Yuyan and others had to temporarily settle in Wangjiazhen and posted a notice to find the doctor.

Zhu Yao saw the notice on the street, and ran to meet everyone. After the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, he said that the lady in charge had a disordered pulse. Jiu Xiao diagnosed and treated the wife of the head. She said that his wife had been pregnant for three years but her fetal appearance was abnormal. She suspected that the wife of the head had been poisoned, and only the red silk could save the person.

Zhu Yao knew that the lady in charge of the poison was under the red silk, and she looked for the red silk for an antidote, but the red silk made her commit suicide. Zhu Yao questioned the cause of the death of the head of the red silk, and the red silk arrogantly said that the head was killed by himself, which made Zhu Yao angry. Yuyan was worried that Zhu Yao might have something, and ran to the palace, just in time to see Zhu Yao arguing with Red Silk.

Zhu Yao told Yuyan that the head was killed by Red Silk, but Red Silk brainwashed Yuyan in advance, which caused Yuyan to be reluctant to believe Zhu Yao’s words. Seeing that Yuyan didn’t believe in herself, Zhu Yao became even more angry and wanted to act on the red silk. The red silk showed weakness deliberately, Yuyan hurriedly stopped Zhu Yao when she saw it, and inadvertently injured her.

Xiao Yi arrived in time and saw that Zhu Yao was injured and immediately dragged her away. Seeing Xiao Yi’s nervousness towards Zhu Yao, Yuyan gradually believed the words of the red silk, suspecting that Zhu Yao’s capture of the Qiu Gu faction was related to Zhu Yao.

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