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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 12 Recap

Ah Xun took the people back to Miao, but found that the entire Miao was destroyed, and there was not a single creature left. Ah Xun found his mother’s bracelet in the ruins and was very angry, thinking that all of this was done by Tiance. Zhu Yao didn’t agree with it, because it was so far from Tiance Education, they couldn’t rush to destroy the entire Miao area so quickly. Zhu Yao felt that the situation was getting more and more serious, the entire copy of Miaojiang was destroyed, and there was a steady stream of soldiers, which were not in the original settings of the game.

Wang Xuzhi comforted the lost Ah Xun and asked about Ah Xun’s life experience out of curiosity. Axun told Wang Xuzhi that his mother was the saint of Miaojiang, but his father had been missing since he was a child. Ah Xun went to the Chugu Sect because his mother had said that his father was in the palace, but he didn’t expect his father to be found, and instead he fell to the point of being hunted down. Li Xiaopang eavesdropped on Xiao Yi’s words with Hongsi, and found that they had met Jie Ling. He was very surprised. He guessed that Master Li’s disappearance was related to Hongsi and others. Li Xiaopang’s eavesdropping was discovered by Xiao Yi and others, and was silenced on the spot. Xiao Yi and Hongsi interrogated Master Li with Li Xiaopang’s relics. Master Li learned that Hongsi was frantically attacking the ancient school of Qiu, and at the same time forced his son to death, so he refused to say anything.

Xiao Yi guessed that after Li Xiaopang’s death, no one could inherit Master Li’s soul, but the Qiu Gu faction searched all the way and couldn’t find the soul. He guessed that the soul was on Ah Xun. Xiao Yi interrogated Master Li, and interrogated him with a portrait of Ah Xun’s mother, guessing that Ah Xun was Master Li’s daughter. Seeing that Xiao Yi wanted to do something with Ah Xun, Master Li was panicked, he promised to hand over the weapon soul, but asked Xiao Yi to let Ah Xun go. Xiao Yi felt that Master Li was not qualified to negotiate terms with him, and he admitted that he wanted blood diamonds. Master Li was shocked to learn that Xiao Yi knew about the blood diamond.

After Xiao Yi left, Master Li looked at the portrait he left behind, recalling the scene of meeting with Ah Xun’s mother, with mixed feelings in his heart. Master Li fell in love with the beautiful and kind-hearted Axun’s mother at first sight, and the two spent a lot of good time in Miaojiang. Ah Xun took Zhu Yao to check out her cabin, reminding Zhu Yao of the company’s decision. It turned out that Miao Jiang’s copy was cancelled after discussion by the company’s leaders, and it was not attacked by Tiance Education. Zhu Yao told Ah Xun not to continue to pay attention to the destruction of the cabin. After hearing this, Ah Xun became angry and quarreled with Zhu Yao.

When Wang Xuzhi heard about the quarrel between Zhu Yao and Ah Xun, he said that the cabin was the memory of Ah Xun’s parents. After hearing this, Zhu Yao regretted her words. To make Ah Xun happy, Wang Xuzhi built a cabin overnight. Xiao Yi received a secret report from his men and learned that Zhu Yao and others might go to Miaojiang. Zhu Yao felt that the Miao area was now in ruins and was not suitable for reconstruction. He persuaded Ah Xun to give up, but Ah Xun still ignored it. This is her home, and she must rebuild it.

Red Silk was depressed because of Yuyan’s departure, so Xiao Yi found Red Silk and said that he had a plan to help Red Silk, but she couldn’t listen to it. Zhu Yao felt that the game world was being destroyed little by little. When she was wondering, she found that she could not tamper with the background program. Zhu Yao was worried that this place would be destroyed soon, and wanted to take everyone away. However, Xiao Yi found the door and forcibly took Zhu Yao away.

Yuyan couldn’t stop Xiao Yi from taking Zhu Yao away, and Xiao Yi left a message, letting Yuyan replace his soul with the weapon. Ah Xun found a letter from Master Li to her. In the letter, she asked Ah Xun to bring the kit to her mother. Xiao Yi didn’t want to continue to be controlled by the world spirit, he asked his men to investigate privately, and he had to find the treasure in advance to get rid of the world spirit’s control.

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