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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 11 Recap

Xiao Yi told Hong Si about his marriage to Zhu Yao and asked her to help plan the wedding. Zhu Yao asked Yuyan to dominate the marriage when she got married, and at the same time she wanted to get married in the Lingxiao Temple, Xiao Yi agreed and let Red Silk take full responsibility for these matters. Red silk felt that Yuyan would not be able to get away with Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi getting married, so even though Zhu Yao’s conditions were troublesome, he still agreed. Anyway, red silk has become the head of the Qiugu School. Because Zhu Yao agreed to get married, Xiao Yi allowed her to go out at will. Zhu Yao quickly took the money to the pawnshop to redeem her rainy day white fan.

The wedding was held as scheduled. Xiao Yi wore a red wedding dress to invite guests from all walks of life, and Zhu Yao came to Zhu Yao under the attention of everyone. Xiao Yi looked at Zhu Yao who was dressed up, and couldn’t help kissing her, very happy. But after the kiss, Zhu Yao disappeared in public, making Xiao Yi very angry. It turned out that Zhu Yao went to modern times to draw the bridal attire and created a dummy for herself to delay time. Before Zhu Yao got married, he summoned Yuyan with a white fan on rainy days, and the two decided to escape together. Yuyan was weak, and Zhu Yao and Yuyan were stopped by the same door within a few steps.

Zhu Yao moved the same door with sincere words and asked the same door to let her leave with Yuyan. Xiao Yi was angry because of Zhu Yao’s escape, and asked everyone to find Zhu Yao, even digging three feet to find her back. Axun took advantage of the red silk’s men not to notice, knocked her out, and wanted to take the head wife to leave. When Ah Xun was escaping, he saw Master Li in Tianjao and wanted to take him away, but Master Li refused to accept him. He regarded Ah Xun as the saint of the previous generation of Miao, and said many things that Ah Xun could not understand. Master Li took the advantage of Ah Xun’s carelessness and put a letter on Ah Xun’s body, and at the same time told her to leave her alone and seize the time to escape.

Red Silk found that Yuyan was not in the house, realized that he had escaped with Zhu Yao, was very angry, and simply urged Gu worm. Yuyan was already weak, and was urged by the red silk to eat the heart-devouring Gu. His whole body was in pain, and he didn’t have the strength to escape. In order to get rid of the control of the Heart-Biting Gu, Yuyan did not hesitate to spend a lot of skill, but still had to endure tremendous pain. Xiao Yi used wine to dissipate his sorrows because of Zhu Yao’s departure. After seeing this, Jie Ling was very dissatisfied and wanted to take back the power he gave Xiao Yi. Upon seeing this, Xiao Yi hurriedly begged for mercy, saying that he had lost Zhu Yao and could no longer lose his strength, and let the world spirit to forgive his fault.

Ah Xun was not worried about Wang Xuzhi, and ran back to Wang’s house secretly, trying to take Wang Xuzhi and escape with him. Zhu Yao and others found Jiu Xiao at the door, and she persuaded Jiu Xiao to leave with everyone. Zhu Yao knows that Jiuxiao is a loving and righteous person. This is her game setting, so Zhu Yao believes in Jiuxiao. Finally, Ah Xun brought Wang Xuzhi to meet everyone. After discussing with them, they decided to go to Ah Xun’s hometown to hide first, so that the wife of the head could have a baby with peace of mind. Ah Xun was worried about Wang Xuzhi’s illness, Zhu Yao relied on the game settings to let Ah Xun use stimulation therapy to restore Wang Xuzhi’s consciousness.

When everyone ran away, they noticed that the carriage was getting slower and slower, so they stopped to check, only to find that there were two subordinates of Tiance teachers hiding in the carriage, and they were the people who liked to listen to Zhu Yao’s jokes before. The two said that they had abandoned the secret and wanted to follow Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao asked about the two world spirits, and the two told Zhu Yao that Xiao Yi was only affected by the world spirit to get worse, making Zhu Yao puzzled. Zhu Yao and others followed Ah Xun to prepare to go to her hometown, passing through a small village, and they decided to settle down first. As a game designer, Zhu Yao knows all the maps very well. She took Yuyan to the Secret Wonderland for a mission, and got the elixir to treat the lady in charge.

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