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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 9 Recap

Zhu Yao understands that all the things she dreamed about happened before. She decided to go back to the game and change Yuyan’s fate, because she owed Yuyan. Zhu Yao asked her colleague Tiantian to ask her for leave, and at the same time asked her to save the martial arts situation before she returned, and then entered the game again. Zhu Yao found that she had returned to the original inn again, and hurried to the river to check. Fortunately, she did not meet the head of the beginning of the juncture, which made her realize that the previous progress had not changed.

Zhu Yao ran back to the palace excitedly, hugged him as soon as he saw Yuyan, and said that he would take back what he had said before and promised that he would never leave Yuyan again. Yuyan was saddened by Zhu Yao’s disappearance. Seeing Zhu Yao who was lost and recovered, he was almost speechless with joy. Yuyan always thought that Zhu Yao was dead, but he didn’t expect to see Zhu Yao again, and quickly cooked her a big meal. Zhu Yao explained that he went to a mysterious place after disappearing, and then asked Xiao Yi about it. Yuyan told Zhu Yao that he was also injured that day, and had not seen Xiao Yi since waking up.

Zhu Yao planned to rest, but Yuyan was afraid that Zhu Yao would disappear again, so she ran to Zhu Yao’s room and wanted to sleep in her room. In order to avoid Zhu Yao’s embarrassment, Yuyan simply lays on the floor in the house. Zhu Yao fell from the bed in the middle of the night and hugged Yuyan directly. After Yuyan woke up, she found Zhu Yao hugging herself, feeling very sweet in her heart, but said nothing.

After Zhu Yao woke up, she found herself sleeping on the ground, worried that she had done too much, and asked Yuyan what happened after she fell asleep. Yuyan knew what Zhu Yao meant, and the two had a fight and their relationship heated up quickly. Red Silk finds that Yuyan is close to Zhu Yao, and is jealous.

Yuyan was very afraid that Zhu Yao would leave again, staying inseparable with Zhu Yao all day long, even Zhu Yao would talk to him in the house in the bath. Yuyan’s nervous and caring look makes Zhu Yao very useful. The computer suddenly went out of power, so Zhu Yao returned to the modern era, and found that there was a game that was very similar to Shenwu Fengyun.

He was worried that if the game is not online, it will lose a lot of users. Tian Tian told Zhu Yao about the company’s situation. If the game defects cannot be fixed in a short period of time, Shenwu Fengyun will be removed forever, which Zhu Yao cannot accept.

When Yuyan was talking to Zhu Yao, she suddenly lost her voice, so she hurried into the room to check. At the same time, Zhu Yao entered the game again, and Yuyan happened to see Zhu Yao soaking in a bucket when she entered the house. Zhu Yao took the initiative to hug Yuyan and secretly made up his mind that she must keep the martial arts situation and not let Yuyan disappear. Red Silk angrily told Xiao Yi about the closer relationship between Yuyan and Zhu Yao. Xiao Yi assured Red Silk that he could dismantle Yuyan and Zhu Yao.

Xiao Yi took the initiative to find Zhu Yao and explained that he had no idea what happened before, and he always felt that he was out of control sometimes. Zhu Yao didn’t believe Xiao Yi at first, but felt that Xiao Yi was the male protagonist in her game after all, and there was no reason to be blackened. She believed Xiao Yi’s words. When Yuyan saw Xiao Yi, he had to act with him on the spot, but Zhu Yao stopped him.

Zhu Yao told Xiao Yi to leave quickly, and don’t come to the palace at will in the future, he is now a traitor of the Qiugu Sect. Zhu Yao asked about Yuyan’s previous life track, and Yuyan frankly said that she would still be isolated from the world without Zhu Yao. After Zhu Yao heard that, Xiao Yi’s change was a game bug.

Zhu Yao checked the ancient books of the Qiugu Sect, and accidentally learned that the sword in the underground palace of Tiance Education was the ordinary sword of Qiugu Sect holy artifact. Only then did Zhu Yao realize that the ordinary sword in her hand was extremely powerful. She felt that she had the thunder elemental heart sutra, and decided to give the ordinary sword to Yuyan. Zhu Yao felt that Yuyan’s room was too simple, so she arranged it specially.

After Yuyan came back, he was very happy, and Zhu Yao even took out an ordinary sword when he saw it. Zhu Yao wanted to give the ordinary sword to Yuyan, but the ordinary sword was tampered with, and Zhu Yao couldn’t control it to hurt Yuyan. Hongsi deliberately showed up with Tiance teachers, saying that Zhu Yao had colluded with Tiance teachers to hurt Yuyan and arrested her.

The red silk brought Zhu Yao to the hall and asked Tiance teachers to testify against Zhu Yao. The head had no choice but to order Zhu Yao to be detained. Red Silk thought the plan was successful, and proudly told Xiao Yi about the situation. Xiao Yi told Red Silk that he had caught Wang Xuzhi, and found the letter from the head from him, and learned that the head was secretly planning to rescue Zhu Yao. The red silk was very angry and was provoked by Xiao Yi, wanting to attack the boss. Xiao Yi asked Red Silk to take the weapon soul in Master Li’s hand to herself as soon as possible, and she would be the new head by then.

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