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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 10 Recap

Red Silk tortured Zhu Yao severely, scolding Zhu Yao for deceiving herself, but secretly interacting with Yuyan. Zhu Yao was beaten all over, but the red silk still refused to give up. The red silk told Zhu Yao that Yuyan had recovered his nine success strengths under his own treatment, which made Zhu Yao at ease. Tiancejiao attacked the Qiugu faction, and the leader went to resist, let his wife secretly let Zhu Yao go. Zhu Yao didn’t want to leave alone, she and his wife found the weak Yuyan, and the three left the Qiugu faction together. The head secretly prayed to wish Yao and others to leave safely. As the head of the Qiu Gu faction, he must fight to the last moment, and then he was killed by the red silk rushing over.

Xiao Yi was very angry when he learned that Red Silk had tortured Zhu Yao while making Zhu Yao rescue Yuyan. Xiao Yi warned the red silk not to go against his own will and find the soul of the weapon as soon as possible, otherwise he had a way to deal with the red silk. Xiao Yi claimed to be a world spirit, and Red Silk knew how good he was, and quickly begged for mercy to express that he did not dare. Zhu Yao and others fled to a ruined temple, during which she was busy and helped Yuyan recover as soon as possible. A found Zhu Yao and others.

Seeing that Wang Xuzhi was not there, she was very anxious. At the same time, she said that the people from Tiance were forcing her to ask her about the whereabouts of the blood diamond. Ah Xun told everyone that she sneaked out while others were not paying attention, and she wanted to stay in Wangjiazhen to find out the news.

Zhu Yao asked Ah Xun to pawn the fan on rainy days in exchange for money to buy daily necessities for everyone, especially medicine for Yuyan and his wife. When Ah Xun was on the street, he met Master Wang. Master Wang told Ah Xun that Wang Xuzhi had gone home, and asked Ah Xun to take Zhu Yao and others back to Wang’s house to escape. A Xun happily told Zhu Yao what Master Wang had said that he wanted to return to the Wang’s house, but Zhu Yao felt deceitful and couldn’t stand A Xun’s persuasion, so he could only return to the Wang’s house first.

As soon as Zhu Yao and others arrived at Wang’s house, they were surrounded by Xiao Yi’s people. Xiao Yi took Zhu Yao to visit Wang Xuzhi, who had been tortured by him, and the father Wang could only scold Zhu Yao as a disaster in front of Xiao Yi, making Zhu Yao very sad.

Xiao Yi imprisoned Zhu Yao and others in the jail, while Yuyan was taken away by the red silk. When Yuyan was in a coma, he still missed Zhu Yao. After hearing that, Red Silk was so angry that he planted a worm on Yuyan. Red Silk swears not only to get the person who wants it, but also to get Yuyan’s heart. After Yu Yan ate the gu worms, he really obeyed the red silk words, making the red silk very happy. Xiao Yi went to see Zhu Yao in Tianjao.

He asked Zhu Yao to be with him, and only he could give her shelter. Xiao Yi proudly told the crowd about the death of the head, the wife of the head fainted on the spot. Seeing that the head wife passed out, Zhu Yao could only pretend to agree to Xiao Yi.

Zhu Yao showed good wishes to Xiao Yi, saying that he was willing to share wealth with him, which made Xiao Yi very proud. Xiao Yi warned Zhu Yao not to play tricks, otherwise the world spirit would not let her go, and then shut Zhu Yao into the house. Zhu Yao never knew about the world spirit before. She is now locked in a house and cannot get out, so she decided to commit suicide and return to modern times to find a clue to the world spirit. Zhu Yao committed suicide by hitting a wall and successfully returned to modern times.

Xiao Yi and Red Silk ridiculed each other, saying that they could only imprison Zhu Yao and Yuyan by their side, and that they could not get the heart of each other. Xiao Yi was stimulated by the red silk. He ran to Zhu Yao to talk to Zhu Yao and said that he wanted to marry Zhu Yao. Xiao Yi gave Zhu Yao three days to consider. Zhu Yao was worried that the wife of the head could not wait for three days, so she agreed to Xiao Yi on the spot. Xiao Yi didn’t expect Zhu Yao to be so happy, and he was very happy, so he would set up the wedding room on the spot.

Xiao Yi let Tiance teach the magnificent decoration, and he wanted to give Zhu Yao the best wedding. Jie Ling suddenly appeared. He felt that Xiao Yi was dazzled by his emotions and dealt with Xiao Yi severely. Xiao Yi hurriedly assured Jie Ling that Zhu Yao would not be a bad thing, so that Jie Ling could not ask about marriage.

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