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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 8 Recap

In the chaos, Zhu Yao used a whip to successfully repel the crowd, and temporarily escaped to the demon secret room. Zhu Yao entered the secret room alone, but Yuyan and Xiao Yi were stopped outside, and both were worried about Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao followed the secret room passage and entered the Heavenly Strategy Education Underground Palace, only to realize that the boss had designed the underground palace so beautiful. Zhu Yao looked at the ciphertext in the secret road and realized that as long as he cracked the game of Huarong Road, he could leave smoothly. After Zhu Yao cracked the Huarong Road game, the door in front of Yuyan and Xiao Yi suddenly opened, and the two rushed to the secret road to find Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao’s mother heard about her daughter’s accident, so she found the unlocking company and wanted to enter Zhu Yao’s home, but because they could not provide a valid certificate, the people from the unlocking company did not want to open the lock. Zhu Yao stumbled into the depths of the maze and found the most precious treasure in the palace, an ordinary sword with supreme power. Xiao Yi joined Yuyan and Zhu Yao, and both of them were very surprised when they saw ordinary swords. Xiao Yi seized the ordinary sword one step ahead, revealed his true colors, and wanted to get rid of the unpleasant jade words. Just when Xiao Yi made a move on Yuyan, Zhu Yao took the first step to stand in front of Yuyan, and the ordinary sword stabbed Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao found that she had entered a dreamland, with people coming and going around, but everyone did not see Zhu Yao. Just when Zhu Yao was sad, her dream woke up. After Zhu Yao woke up, she found that she had actually returned to modern times. When she was very excited, she found that her mother and colleagues had entered her home. It turned out that Zhu Yao’s mother and colleagues finally opened the lock and entered Zhu Yao’s house, but found that she had nothing to do. Both thought that Zhu Yao was too stressed because of the game design.

Zhu Yao sent her mother and colleagues away, and wanted to go back to the company to find the game design materials, but found that Shenwu Fengyun had been stopped offline. Zhu Yao logged into her game account, but found that the computer automatically started to uninstall the game. Zhu Yao hurriedly stopped, she worried that Yuyan was still in the underground palace, and the game would soon return to normal. Everyone talked about how Shenwu Fengyun was abandoned by the boss, and felt that the most unlucky was the designer Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao was educated by the leader because she disappeared for no reason. Zhu Yao told the leader that the characters in the game are alive, and he did not agree to take the game offline and quarreled with the leader.

When the leader quarreled with Zhu Yao, he accidentally said that she had used hypnotherapy to forget many things, which surprised Zhu Yao. The leader had to tell Zhu Yao that the boss did not agree with the actor Zhu Yao set, and felt that the other party was too perfect, so he replaced the actor with Xiao Yi. Zhu Yao couldn’t accept the actor being replaced, and was depressed for a long time. Finally, she chose to seek help from a psychologist and forgot about the original actor Yuyan. The leader took out Zhu Yao’s previous manuscript, and Zhu Yao knew that what she experienced in the game was her original design, but she had forgotten it through hypnosis.

Zhu Yao recalled what happened at the beginning, and finally remembered that all the things he experienced in the game were his original design. At the beginning, Zhu Yao also entered the game and experienced everything that happened before before drawing the plot. Investors felt that Yuyan’s role was too perfect, and it was not good for game operations to make money, so through the meeting, all the plots of Yuyan were deleted and Xiao Yi was regarded as the actor. Zhu Yao couldn’t accept that Yuyan was deleted, and wanted to return to the game to save Yuyan, but the game was still changed. Zhu Yao couldn’t forget Yuyan, she could only choose to find a psychologist and choose to forget Yuyan. The psychologist hypnotized Zhu Yao, and the paper crane was the key prop for Zhu Yao to restore her memory.

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