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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 7 Recap

Yuyan was disheartened because Xiao Yi liked Zhu Yao’s affairs, and was also depressed when looking for the head of the family. Yuyan didn’t know what happened to Zhu Yao. He told the head and his wife that he was willing to do anything for Zhu Yao to violate the bottom line, but Zhu Yao seemed to alienate himself. Yuyan felt that he had thoughts about Zhu Yao that he shouldn’t have. He told the lady in charge of his situation, and the lady in charge felt that Zhu Yao’s appearance might be a good thing, and everything should just go with the flow.

Zhu Yao was happy because Xiao Yi and Yuyan were fighting over her. She felt that she was being contested by two male gods. She was really happy in her dreams. Red silk asked Zhu Yao about Yuyan’s missed appointment at the Lantern Festival. Zhu Yao quickly stated that he would match Red silk with Yuyan again, and said that he would arrange a date for the two. Zhu Yao excitedly asked Yuyan to meet at Wangjiazhen in the evening. Yuyan didn’t know that Zhu Yao was making an appointment for the red silk. She thought that Zhu Yao wanted to date herself and was very happy. The red silk felt happy because of Zhu Yao’s appointment, but found that Jiu Xiao was lying in the house.

Jiu Xiao told the details of Yuyan’s injury to herself. She said that Yuyan was arguing with Xiao Yi for Zhu Yao. The red silk was furious after hearing it, and felt that Zhu Yao seduce Yuyan and took Jiu Xiao to the head of the house to reason. The red silk asked Jiu Xiao to tell the truth, forcing the head to deal with Zhu Yao. Just when Yuyan didn’t know how to explain it, Xiao Yi took Jiu Xiao’s evidence against Zhu Yao, leaving Red Silk speechless. Red silk not only failed to deal with Zhu Yao, but was forced to deal with Jiu Xiao.

Yuyan stopped Zhu Yao, blamed her for her missed appointment, and said that she had waited a long time. Zhu Yao was very puzzled when he learned that the red silk did not go to the appointment. In the face of Yuyan’s domineering interrogation, Zhu Yao remembered the fact that he could not have feelings with NPC, and said that he deliberately disengaged Yuyan because he didn’t want to have feelings other than mentor and apprentice with him. Zhu Yao was afraid that Yuyan would fall in love with herself, and she even said that she and Yuyan are two worlds. When she helps Yuyan to ascend successfully, she can go home.

Xiao Yi secretly contacted the demon leader, expressing that he would cooperate with the other party, and then told Zhu Yao’s whereabouts. Zhu Yao went to the street to play with Wang Xuzhi and Ah Xun, only to be fooled by the medicated food. The three fainted on the spot and were arrested by the demon sect. Zhu Yao woke up first, she gained the trust of everyone by telling jokes to the people in the magic sect, and the other party accidentally said that she would take Zhu Yao to the Tiance education. Zhu Yao didn’t know well, the level of Tiance Education was the most difficult, but she couldn’t get away even if she wanted to run, so she was divided into Tiance Education Prison with Ah Xun and others.

Zhu Yao awakened Ah Xun and Wang Xuzhi, but they had no tools to escape. Zhu Yao couldn’t help but remembered the fan Yuyan had given herself, but she had spoken harshly to Yuyan before, so she didn’t know if she should ask him for help. Zhu Yao was very curious when he heard that the guardian said that Tiance taught hiding the Qiugu Sect’s sword.

The demon leader asked Xiao Yi to tell Zhu Yao’s weakness, so that he could get the whereabouts of the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra from Zhu Yao. Xiao Yi told the leader of the demon cult that as long as Zhu Yao is placed in the pill furnace for forty-nine days, he can obtain the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra.

When Xiao Yi took advantage of the demon cult leader’s carelessness, he drank the drug to the opponent and successfully controlled the Tiance teaching. Xiao Yi deliberately let Zhu Yao and others go. Zhu Yao felt that something was wrong. She felt that someone had replaced everyone with herself and decided to go back and have a look. Zhu Yao returned to the magic sect and found that Xiao Yi was in the magic sect. At this time, Xiao Yi had already controlled all the people of the demon cult and became the new demon leader.

Xiao Yi showed her true face and felt that she had let Zhu Yao go, but she still wanted to return to the net. Yuyan arrived in time and wanted to take Zhu Yao away. In the chaos, Zhu Yao used a whip to successfully repel the crowd, and temporarily escaped to the demon secret room. Zhu Yao entered the secret room alone, but Yuyan and Xiao Yi were stopped outside, and both were worried about Zhu Yao.

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