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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 6 Recap

Zhu Yao secretly went to the street to play with Wang Xuzhi. Zhu Yao was very happy. She happily put her arms around Wang Xuzhi’s neck and regarded him as her little brother. Yuyan prepared a lot of delicious food for Zhu Yao, but Zhu Yao wandered in the street and didn’t even know about it. The wanted order for Ah Xun was spread around in the palace. Master Li was more curious and worried about Ah Xun when he saw the wanted order. Wang Xuzhi thinks Zhu Yao is very funny, knows many things that no one knows, and asks her about her origins.

Zhu Yao didn’t return to Wang Xuzhi’s words, but asked him if he had seen petals in the sky. Wang Xuzhi didn’t know what Zhu Yao meant. Because Zhu Yao was the designer of the game, she taught Wang Xuzhi to call out the password for fried chicken and beer. The petals rained on the street, making Wang Xuzhi even more familiar with Zhu Yao. Good impression. Hongsi told Zhu Yao that he wanted to invite Yuyan to participate in the lantern festival, and Zhu Yao expressed his cooperation after hearing this.

Xiao Yi wanted to invite Zhu Yao to attend the lantern festival, and Ah Xun also pestered Wang Xuzhi, but the four of them happened to meet him. Zhu Yao kept on the meaning of the lantern festival. She suggested that four people participate in the lantern festival together. Wang Xuzhi agreed, but Ah Xun and Xiao Yi were not too happy.

Yuyan did not go to the red silk date. He felt that Zhu Yao would definitely like the lantern festival, and he forced Zhu Yao to participate in the lantern festival on the street. Before Zhu Yao had time to explain to everyone, she was taken away. Zhu Yao was very happy to play with Yuyan, and completely forgot Xiao Yi and others. Xiao Yi and others waited for Zhu Yao to disappear, Ah Xun forced Wang Xuzhi to play, and Xiao Yi was alone and lonely. Yuyan is obedient to Zhu Yao, and Zhu Yao is happy and feels that Yuyan likes herself. Just as Yuyan was talking to Zhu Yao, Xiao Yi, who was alone, saw the two of them, and immediately guarded Zhu Yao behind him, trying to fight Yuyan.

When Yuyan was arguing with Xiao Yi, Zhu Yao was taken away by the demons. The people of the Demon Cult forced Zhu Yao to hand over the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra. Zhu Yao used the Thunder Spirit Whip to drive away the people of the Demon Cult and successfully escaped. However, she had nowhere to go in the heavy rain, so she had to go to Wang’s house to rest temporarily. When Wang Xuzhi’s father heard that Zhu Yao had Lei Linggen, he took the initiative to take in Zhu Yao and said that it would be great if Wang Xuzhi had Lei Linggen. Zhu Yao asked about Wang Xuzhi’s mother, and Mrs. Wang confessed that his wife had given birth and left. Zhu Yao remembered that the plot was designed by herself, and felt sorry for Mr. Wang.

Xiao Yi thought it was the senior sister who kidnapped Zhu Yao because of jealousy, and ran to the red silk to settle accounts with senior sister. Hongsi didn’t believe that her senior sister kidnapped Zhu Yao, she was depressed about Yuyan not dating herself. Xiao Yi dismantled the things that red silk liked Yuyan, saying that he also liked Zhu Yao, and wanted to work with the red silk to dismantle Yuyan and Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao told Master Wang about her coming from another world. Master Wang felt that Zhu Yao was destined to leave and should not have too much contact with everyone, otherwise it would be painful when she left. Zhu Yao felt that Mr. Wang was right. She regretted asking Yuyan whether she liked her question and wanted to stay away from Yuyan.

Yuyan was worried about Zhu Yao and was restless all day long, so she was relieved to see Zhu Yao coming back safely. Zhu Yao took the initiative to alienate Yuyan, making Yuyan very puzzled. The palace arranged for the disciples to patrol together, and Zhu Yao wanted to stay away from the crowd as a group. The red silk deliberately creates opportunities for Xiao Yi, she deliberately let Xiao Yi go with Zhu Yao. Ah Xun confessed to Wang Xuzhi, frankly that he liked him, but Wang Xuzhi could not catch up with Zhu Yao, leaving Wang Xuzhi speechless.

Xiao Yi and Zhu Yao were assigned the task of guarding the enchantment in the palace. Zhu Yao thought about leaving sooner or later, and wanted to alienate Xiao Yi. Zhu Yao fell unintentionally, but fortunately he was supported by Xiao Yi, but because of this, he was trapped in the barrier. Xiao Yi confessed to Zhu Yao in the enchantment and kissed Zhu Yao on the forehead, which surprised Zhu Yao.

Seeing that Xiao Yi was with Zhu Yao, Jiu Xiao wanted to attack Zhu Yao, but it happened that Yuyan saw that and taught Jiu Xiao a lesson. Yuyan saw the scene where Xiao Yi kissed Zhu Yao, and went crazy on the spot, removed the enchantment, and let Zhu Yao leave with him. Hongsi found out what Jiu Xiao wanted to start with Zhu Yao, she didn’t stop it, but hinted that Jiu Xiao should not leave a handle.

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