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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 5 Recap

The first level of the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra was spread in the palace, and the students never dared to laugh at Zhu Yao again. In the past, Li Xiaopang, who bullied Zhu Yao, took the initiative to apologize to Zhu Yao and brought Zhu Yao to drink, but Zhu Yao refused him. During class, Li Xiaopang sent a note to Zhu Yao to plot against Zhu Yao, Xiao Yi deliberately plot against Li Xiaopang after seeing it. Li Xiaopang thought that Zhu Yao had attacked him and started making trouble on the spot. Zhu Yao was very wronged. She told the note in public. Li Xiaopang hurriedly pushed to Zhu Yao when she saw it. It happened that Zhu Yao ruined Yun’er for the teacher’s presentation. The teacher did not listen to Zhu Yao’s explanation and drove her out.

Li Xiaopang saw that Xiao Yi had intervened in teasing Zhu Yao, and stopped Xiao Yi from trying to teach him, but was beaten by Xiao Yi instead. Wang Xuzhi told Zhu Yao about the news in the palace. He felt that something was happening in a cave. Zhu Yao was very curious and followed Wang Xuzhi to the cave, but found nothing. Xiao Yi took the initiative to buy a valuable hairpin and gave it to Zhu Yao. Seeing Wang Xuzhi’s presence, he threw down the hairpin and left.

The head told Yuyan that he had already heard about Yugang, and he felt that it was not Zhu Yao’s fault, so Yuyan cherished Zhu Yao’s apprentice. Wang Xuzhi wanted to eavesdrop on what the leader was talking to Yuyan, but was caught by the leader, and the leader asked him to tell Yuyan what had happened. After hearing what happened, Yuyan regretted that she blamed Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao was playing in the river, but was suddenly attacked and passed out. Zhu Yao dreamed again. There was a woman in black clothes in her dream, and she told her with a grim expression that none of this was a dream. Zhu Yao was terrified, still shouting that she wanted to go home in a coma.

Yuyan rushed to the river and found Zhu Yao who was unconscious, and quickly took her back. Yuyan discovered that Zhu Yao had been shot with a poisonous needle, and he worked hard to force the poisonous needle out. After Zhu Yao woke up, she remembered that the black clothes in her dream said that all this was not a dream, she was very scared and wanted to go home even more. Xiao Yi asked Yuyan about the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra. Yuyan deliberately asked Xiao Yi to ask about the red silk, which made Xiao Yi very dissatisfied and felt that Yuyan was deceiving herself. Yuyan asked the red silk to apologize, and at the same time hoped that the red silk would give himself a pill to treat Zhu Yao.

Xiao Yi saw that the red silk was interested in Yuyan, he deliberately gave the red silk an idea and asked her to use Zhu Yao’s prescription to contain Yuyan. Hongsi was very satisfied with Xiao Yi’s idea, and happily agreed to let Xiao Yi go to the alchemy room to help. Yuyan was so caring for Zhu Yao, which surprised Zhu Yao and felt that it would be nice to stay here. Taking advantage of the opportunity of helping in the alchemy room, Xiao Yi took the opportunity to peek at the materials in the alchemy room and secretly took away the important contents.

Zhu Yao wanted to take advantage of Yuyan not in the room, and wanted to secretly find a way back, but happened to meet Yuyan. Zhu Yao quickly changed the topic, let Yuyan keep a distance from herself, and don’t do anything that makes people misunderstood. Yuyan was secretly happy after hearing it. Zhu Yao didn’t go to class, she was bored in bed, and had a language dream, dreaming that she was punished for cheating in class. Later, Wang Xuzhi found Zhu Yao and took her back to class. What happened next was just like a dream. Zhu Yao was punished to copy the text. Zhu Yao wanted to testify that Li Xiaopang cheated for herself and dragged him into the water, but Xiao Yi voluntarily admitted that she helped Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi were fined for copying texts, which made Zhu Yao feel sorry for Xiao Yi.

Zhu Yao wanted to go home, she ran to the cliff and wanted to jump off, thinking that she could go home if she died. Zhu Yao closed her eyes and jumped off the cliff, only to be caught by Wang Xuzhi. When Wang Xuzhi persuaded Zhu Yao not to commit suicide, the two fell together. Fortunately, Yuyan appeared in time and saved the two. Zhu Yao felt that jumping off the cliff was impossible, and wanted to jump off the well, but the well was fake. Zhu Yao tried to sneak away while Yuyan was in retreat, but Yuyan set a barrier at the door. Zhu Yao had to excuse that she was going to class and got the chance to go out.

When Zhu Yao was in class, Li Xiaopang deliberately ran into Zhu Yao, but the boss thought that Zhu Yao was making trouble in class and punished her. Ah Xun was talented and made rapid progress under the guidance of his master, but Zhu Yao was punished for squatting. Li Xiaopang saw that Zhu Yao was punished and wanted to get into trouble. Fortunately, Xiao Yi stopped him secretly. Li Xiaopang found that his father had taught Asun to help her practice, and was very jealous. He threw stones at her while Asun was practicing, but Ah Xun was unmoved. Li Xiaopang gave Ah Xun a frog, but he happened to be stopped by his father.

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