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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 4 Recap

Zhu Yao told Gao Ren that he was Yuyan’s apprentice. The expert said that he is Yuyan’s senior, and he is very concerned about Yuyan’s things. Zhu Yao guessed that the master was Yu Gang, she wondered if Yu Gang should fly into a fairy? Yugang told Zhu Yao that he likes a snake monster and the other is kind, but their love affair is not tolerated by the fairy world, so he has become what he is now.

When Zhu Yao learned that Yugang had fallen into the devil’s way for love, she was very angry and felt that the immortal was too unhuman. Zhu Yao complained to Yu Gang, saying that he would not give himself food and water, and let himself practice with him, which was simply torturing. After Yugang heard about Zhu Yao’s fan, he said that as long as Zhu Yao was in danger, Yuyan could arrive in time based on the fan. This was evidence that Yuyan cared about Zhu Yao.

Wang Xuzhi talked to everyone about the gossip in the palace, indicating that there were only jade words in the palace that had not risen to immortals, because the heart sutra of thunder was not cultivated. The Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra is the world’s most treasure, a sacred object that descends from the sky, but two people must practice at the same time to ascend. Wang Xuzhi felt that there was no thunder element heart sutra in the palace, otherwise Yu Yan would have soared, but Xiao Yi used his brain after hearing it. Xiao Yi’s eyes glowed red, and he proudly said that he had finally found the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, and by collecting the other two things, he could achieve his goal.

Yugang told Zhu Yao about the events of the year, saying that he had abandoned Yuyan and left without saying goodbye, and also took away the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, and the Jade Yan could not ascend without getting together the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra. Yugang felt that she owed Yuyan and wanted to help Zhu Yao cultivate the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, so as to help Yuyan soar. Yugang was willing to hand over the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra to Zhu Yao, and at the same time, he returned to the teacher’s gate to reconcile with Yuyan. As for the people’s poisoning, it is because Yu Gang’s son is stubborn by nature and causes trouble everywhere. Yugang said that he would hand over the antidote, so Zhu Yao was finally relieved.

The people of the Demon Cult caught Yu Gang’s son and learned from him that the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra was in Yu Gang’s hands. As for the son of Yu Gang, he was later killed by the Demon Cult. The demons went to the woods and severely injured Yu Gang, trying to snatch the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, and at the same time revealed the death of Yu Gang’s son.

Based on the fan, Yuyan felt that Zhu Yao was in danger in the woods and asked the red silk to check with him, but he was a step late. Yugang was seriously wounded and was about to die, so he told Zhu Yao to leave him alone and leave quickly with the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra. When Yugang was about to die, he did not forget to remind Zhu Yao that he promised to help Yuyan ascend as soon as possible.

Yuyan realized that Zhu Yao had something to do and parted from the red silk halfway. The red silk encountered the demon sect, and the two sides fought. Yuyan rushed to the residence of Zhu Yao and Yu Gang, and saw Zhu Yao staying beside Yu Gang, letting Zhu Yao take care of Yu Gang, and she would find the red silk to save Yu Gang. Regardless of the serious injury, Yugang pulled out the knife from his body, and eventually died of excessive blood loss. After Yu Gang died, the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra appeared, but Yu Gang’s body disappeared.

Zhu Yao was very anxious. She planned to practice the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra and find a way to save Yu Gang. Zhu Yao cultivated the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, and the situation changed for a while, and everyone found abnormal signs. Yuyan hurried back to the house and found that Yugang had disappeared, and Zhu Yao was also unconscious. Yuyan brought Zhu Yao back to the palace for treatment, but Zhu Yao’s body kept swallowing Yuyan’s internal energy, but Zhu Yao was still unconscious. The head guessed that Yu Gang would infiltrate Zhu Yao’s body before he died, and he could only find a way to delay Zhu Yao’s injury.

The company held a meeting, and only Zhu Yao was not there, and colleagues around her helped her lie. The boss told everyone that Shenwu Fengyun had a lot of problems and would delay its launch. My colleague hurriedly sent a message to Zhu Yao, but Zhu Yao was trapped in the game and couldn’t see it at all.

Zhu Yao woke up with regrets, knowing that Yugang sacrificed herself and gave herself the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra. Because Zhu Yao has already practiced the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra, the game progress bar cannot go back. Zhu Yao knows that she can only practice diligently to help Yuyan ascend as soon as possible. Yuyan learned from the head of the door that there was no pill to save Zhu Yao, and rushed to the red silk residence to force open the alchemy furnace, but was seriously injured by the alchemy furnace backlash.

Yuyan went home with scars, Zhu Yao was very surprised when she saw it. Yuyan blamed Zhu Yao for practising the Thunder Elemental Heart Sutra without authorization, causing an accident to herself. She should wait for her return. Zhu Yao explained to Yuyan that the matter was urgent and she could only practice first, but Yuyan didn’t listen to Zhu Yao’s explanation. In fact, Yuyan didn’t mean to blame Zhu Yao, he just felt that Zhu Yao was in trouble everywhere and didn’t think of himself for the first time when the accident happened. Everyone solved the poisoning of the people, and the head was very happy, ready to reward everyone.

Ah Xun asked to join the palace, and passed the spirit stone, and obtained the permission of the head. Everyone received different degrees of rewards, only Zhu Yao asked to set up a spiritual position for Yu Gang in the palace. Zhu Yao knew that Yuyan was still sad for Yugang’s death. She didn’t know how to comfort Yuyan, so she had to stack a lot of paper cranes, hoping that Yuyan would be happy when she saw it. Yuyan saw Zhu Yao’s paper cranes and letters, and felt Zhu Yao’s sincerity. On the surface, he still insisted that these were useless, but Zhu Yao knew that Yuyan had forgiven herself.

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