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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 3 Recap

Zhu Yao accidentally ate the red silk medicated snack, but she didn’t realize it, and followed Xiao Yi down the mountain. Halfway through, Zhu Yao took the medicine and took the initiative to hug Xiao Yi, making Xiao Yi very puzzled. The red silk was waiting in the Yuyan room, and seeing him not responding for a long time, I was also confused. Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi went to the clothing store to hang out. On the way, Zhu Yao was utterly confused. When he tried on clothes for Xiao Yi, he kept talking nonsense and let Xiao Yi be his own, making Xiao Yi not know what to do. Zhu Yao’s face flushed, and she kept pestering Xiao Yi, causing Xiao Yi to bump into the deer in her heart.

Xiao Yi felt that something was wrong with Zhu Yao, and quickly took her to see the doctor. The doctor guessed that Zhu Yao had fallen into the aphrodisiac Hanlian Yin, and asked Xiao Yi to take Zhu Yao to the Wang’s house for treatment. Wang Xuzhi’s father regards Zhu Yao as a daughter-in-law who has not yet passed the house, so he said that he would try his best to treat her. Zhu Yao had a prophetic dream when she was in a coma. She dreamed that when she was eating with Wang Xuzhi in a restaurant, some guests had an accident while eating the wrong food. poison.

Zhu Yao was struggling with the injustice, feeling that the Miao Jiang woman did not sit next to the poisoned guest at all, and felt that Xiao Er had wronged others. At this moment, everyone smoked poisonous smoke. Zhu Yao woke up from her dream, because Wang Xuzhi’s father administered the injection, her illness was temporarily restrained, but it was only a temporary cure, and she still had to return to the palace for treatment.

Wang Xuzhi’s father told Xiao Yi that Zhu Yao’s han yin was directed at the man, so Zhu Yao had symptoms of discomfort, and he could only temporarily suppress the toxicity by applying needles. After Zhu Yao recovered from her illness, she forgot all the things she molested with Xiao Yi yesterday, which made Xiao Yi very lost. Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi went to the street to buy clothes. Yuyan worried that Zhu Yao followed in safety, and was very angry when she saw Zhu Yao and Xiao Yi laughing. Zhu Yao tried clothes on Xiao Yi and casually said that he wanted to buy clothes for Yuyan, which made Yuyan happy.

Wang Xuzhi didn’t want to go home, so he secretly ran to meet Zhu Yao and others. When everyone was eating, something happened that Zhu Yao dreamed of when she was in a coma. A Xun, a woman from Miaojiang, was detained by the second person in the restaurant. The second person claimed that Ah Xun was the person who poisoned the guests. When Zhu Yao saw Ah Xun who was not used to Xiao Er bullying outside, he took the initiative to speak for him. Wang Xuzhi also felt that everyone had wronged Ah Xun and followed Zhu Yao to accuse Xiao Er. Although Ah Xun didn’t know Zhu Yao and others, he heard her say her name and regarded them as friends.

Ah Xun fell in love with the gentle and elegant Wang Xuyi, and had a great affection for him. Everyone smelled a burst of smoke, and Zhu Yao hurriedly followed Xiao Yi and ran into the miasma woods. Zhu Yao knew that the woods were full of miasma, she asked Xiao Yi to be careful, but accidentally hurt her leg. Xiao Yi intimately massaged Zhu Yao’s legs, expressing casually that he had learned martial arts since childhood. After Zhu Yao heard this, he was very puzzled. According to his character setting, Xiao Yi should have started to learn martial arts after entering the martial art. The two searched all the way for the secrets of the woods. Yuyan was worried about Zhu Yao’s accident and kept following behind. Yuyan saw Zhu Yao laughing and laughing all the way, and was very depressed at her ineffectiveness.

Wang Xuzhi wanted to go to the woods to rescue Zhu Yao. His father was worried about his son’s safety and prevented Wang Xuzhi from letting him go. He also persuaded Wang Xuzhi to stay with Axun. Wang Xuzhi pretended to promise his father, leaving the house with Ah Xun for a stroll, and took Ah Xun to the woods. Axun asked Wang Xuzhi about his feelings for Zhu Yao, but Wang Xuzhi only said that Zhu Yao was his undocumented daughter-in-law, and he didn’t think about the others. Ah Xun saw that Wang Xuzhi did not love Zhu Yao, and felt that he had a chance, so he was very happy. Wang Xuzhi brought Ah Xun together with Zhu Yao and others. Zhu Yao remembered the things in the dreamland and opened the secret road in the woods with the method in the dreamland.

Zhu Yao was accidentally bitten by a snake while exploring the road, but she didn’t care. Everyone planned to do things separately, and Zhu Yao was alone because of this, and the snake venom attack fainted. Because Zhu Yao fell out of the fan when she was in a coma, Yu Yan rushed to him and found that Zhu Yao was bitten by a snake, and immediately helped Zhu Yao suck out the snake venom. After Yuyan rescued Zhu Yao, she left before she was sober and happened to be seen by Xiao Yi. After Yuyan left, Xiao Yi ran to find Zhu Yao. Because Zhu Yao didn’t know about Yuyan’s detoxification, he regarded Xiao Yi as a savior. Seeing Xiao Yi administering medicine to herself, Zhu Yao felt that Xiao Yi was very caring, and his favorability for him rose sharply.

After everyone converged, they were caught by the expert in the woods before they had time to speak. Zhu Yao remembered Yuyan’s method of teaching herself and untied the special ropes that bound her, which surprised others. The expert found that the rainy day white fan in Zhu Yao’s hand was very surprised and asked other people to leave, and he had to speak to Zhu Yao alone. Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi were very worried about Zhu Yao who was staying in the house, and they quarreled for Zhu Yao. Wang Xuzhi felt that Zhu Yao was his daughter-in-law, but Xiao Yi felt that Zhu Yao didn’t like Wang Xuzhi at all. It was fun to quarrel with rivals. Ah Xun pulls away Wang Xuzhi and tells him what Xiao Yi is interested in Zhu Yao, saying that Xiao Yi’s conditions are much higher than Wang Xuzhi’s, so Wang Xuzhi abandons Zhu Yao earlier.

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