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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 2 Recap

When Zhu Yao used the psychic stone to test, an accident suddenly occurred. She was sucked tightly by the psychic stone and almost broke the psychic stone. Seeing that Zhu Yao’s situation was not right, Yuyan hurried over to hug Zhu Yao. Zhu Yao almost destroyed the spirit stone, which aroused everyone’s dissatisfaction. Yuyan helped Zhu Yao say good things, but Zhu Yao didn’t appreciate it and didn’t want to be Yuyan’s apprentice at all. Because Zhu Yao’s Lei Linggen is very rare, everyone has to Zhu Yao to choose his own master.

Zhu Yao wanted to choose the head, but she couldn’t choose others, and she couldn’t refuse to be a teacher. Yuyan was afraid that Zhu Yao would really choose the head, and cast a spell to make Zhu Yao unable to move. Yuyan did not unlock the spell until Zhu Yao admitted her mistake. Zhu Yao accidentally came across the button to confirm his apprentice Yuyan, and could only worship Yuyan as his teacher.

Zhu Yao remembered about the game, Yuyan had only recently left the customs, so she didn’t know about Yuyan. Zhu Yao feels that Yuyan is a newly added game plot. She plans to settle down in Qiugupai first, and when she finds more advanced spells, she may be able to leave the game. Wang Xuzhi worshipped the head as his teacher, while Xiao Yi chose red silk as his master, and everyone had a good place to go. The red silk originally didn’t want to accept Xiao Yi, but Xiao Yi said a lot of good things and let the red silk accept him. When the red silk agreed, Xiao Yi’s eyes showed a red light, and the whole person also showed an evil smile.

Zhu Yao wanted to sneak away, but was caught by Yuyan again and was fined. The red silk happened to pass by, and I was very depressed when I saw Yuyan smile because of Zhu Yao’s affairs. In order for Zhu Yao to escape as soon as possible, she saw that red silk liked jade words and persuaded red silk to help herself, while she would find a way to match jade words with red silk. Zhu Yao gave Red Silk a love book, and Red Silk promised to give Zhu Yao an elixir to improve spiritual power, in exchange for Zhu Yao to help her in front of Yuyan.

Zhu Yao asked Red Silk to find Yuyan to borrow books to cultivate feelings, while she sneaked out to play. Zhu Yao happened to meet Wang Xuzhi, and she asked Wang Xuzhi to find a way to prevent herself from being trapped in Yuyan all day. Wang Xuzhi gave Zhu Yao an idea to let her participate in the outer practice with herself. Because Zhu Yao did not perform well, Yuyan refused to feed her, making her hungry all day.

In fact, Yuyan didn’t intentionally abuse Zhu Yao. He was a cultivator and didn’t need to eat at all, so he ignored Zhu Yao’s task of eating. Yuyan found that Zhu Yao was exhausted from hunger and was very anxious. After asking the headmaster, she realized that Zhu Yao’s physical mortal womb needed to eat, so she quickly made a lot of delicious food for her.

Wang Xuzhi secretly went down the mountain to bring sugar cake to Zhu Yao, but other students ridiculed that Zhu Yao could not eat. When everyone was in class, Li Xiaopang mocked Zhu Yao to show everyone his abilities. He felt that Zhu Yao was bluffing. Zhu Yao didn’t learn anything useful at all, couldn’t show it, and quarreled with Li Xiaopang.

The red silk borrowed books according to Zhu Yao’s instructions, and Zhu Yao gave her an idea for her to chat with Yuyan about the content of the book, and at the same time gave Yuyan more things to help cultivate immortality. However, Zhu Yao has the ability of language dreams. She often dreams of future things, such as Li Xiaopang’s finding fault. Zhu Yao remembered the plot of splashing water on Li Xiaopang in her dream, and was about to follow suit. Unexpectedly, there was an accident and she actually splashed on Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi was very upset after being splashed, and he was originally the most talented apprentice in the palace, but now Zhu Yao’s Lei Linggen robbed him of the limelight, making him even more dissatisfied. Xiao Yi held on to Zhu Yao, letting her show her spiritual power.

Zhu Yao originally kindly apologized, but seeing Xiao Yi dragging him away, when he broke free, he used Lei Linggen’s power and wounded everyone. Zhu Yao fainted because of excessive use of Lei Ling Root, but she unexpectedly escalated because of a blessing in disguise. Xiao Yi wanted to visit Zhu Yao, but Yu Yan refused, but when Xiao Yi turned around, there was a black breath on his face.

A mass poisoning incident occurred in Wangjia Town, and Xiao Yi took the initiative to ask for instructions. Zhu Yao didn’t want to go, but Yuyan raised his hand, and finally the head let Zhu Yao, Xiao Yi and Wang Xu Xiashan check. Yuyan was worried that Zhu Yao would have an accident on her mission, and gave her a white fan on rainy days.

The white fan on rainy days has the ability to cross barriers, and Zhu Yao can use it to escape in an accident. The red silk gave Yuyan a snack and reminded Zhu Yao to eat the left one. Zhu Yao understood, but didn’t notice that the red silk accidentally turned the position of the snack while holding the fan. As a result, Zhu Yao ate the snack that the red silk was going to give Yuyan the medicine, and Yuyan ate the normal snack.

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