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My Disciple Died Once Again 我家徒弟又挂了 Episode 1 Recap

Modern game designer Zhu Yao focuses on game development, and even dreams are all about game plots. This time, Zhu Yao had a nightmare again. There was a person in the dream that kept her awake and said that she did not want her to leave herself, but Zhu Yao didn’t know who this person was. After Zhu Yao woke up, she opened the next-era VR system as usual, but she unexpectedly passed through the game she designed and entered the game era by accident.

Zhu Yao woke up in an inn, and in front of her, she designed the equipment boots in the game. Zhu Yao put on the equipment and was curious about everything in front of her. She just thought that she had entered the simulation game through VR. Zhu Yao felt that everything in front of her was a dream she had made through VR, and she was jumping around happily in the game world. Zhu Yao casually asked Xiao Er where he ate, but Xiao Er only mechanically repeated the dialogue set in the game.

He seemed to be a soulless NPC, making Zhu Yao feel even more dreaming. Zhu Yao recalled the story of the game, and successfully found the hidden props and a set of gorgeous clothes left by him in the inn. As expected, the clothes were automatically changed to Zhu Yao as soon as he found them. Zhu Yao was very excited. She decided to complete the game and experience her own game.

Zhu Yao deliberately spread rumors of fire, and when everyone fled in a panic, she ran to the inn to search for the treasure, trying to clear the customs as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, the lady proprietor of the inn suddenly appeared and scolded Zhu Yao, so that Zhu Yao quickly prepared the materials for the prince’s son Wang Xuzhi. Zhu Yao realized that these were all game plots. Although she was dissatisfied with being taken care of by the boss, she decided to complete the main task. Zhu Yao felt that as a master of games, he couldn’t stay in the Novice Village all the time, and wanted to quickly upgrade the monsters.

When Zhu Yao was eating at the inn, she suddenly found that the male protagonist of her game appeared in front of her. The protagonist in Zhu Yao’s game is called Xiao Yi, who is handsome, and makes Zhu Yao an idiot. Zhu Yao was getting close to Xiao Yi when suddenly two groups of people in the inn were fighting, one of them was a handsome man in white clothes. Xiao Yi grabbed Zhu Yao in time and let her escape the attack. Zhu Yao hurriedly hid to save her life. Seeing that the man in white was lost, Xiao Yi also chased out to help. After some melee, the people seeking revenge from the white-clothed men and Xiao Yi disappeared.

Zhu Yao greeted the lonely man in white, complimenting each other’s skill. The white-clothed man told Zhu Yao that his name was Yuyan, and the two had a good chat. Zhu Yao picked up Yuyan’s Thunder Spirit Whip that had fallen to the ground. This scene surprised Yu Yan. Because of the power of the Thunder Spirit Whip, he didn’t expect Zhu Yao to pick it up easily, so he had to look at Zhu. Yao took the whip away. Zhu Yao rushed to Wang Xu’s Mansion to do a novice mission, and kept fishing according to the guard’s instructions, but the guard did not show that the mission was cleared. However, Zhu Yao was so angry that he beat the guard violently, but instead triggered the task and was invited to work in the palace.

Zhu Yao dreamed in the middle of the night, dreaming that she was chased by a strange snake spirit, Yuyan arrived at the critical moment and rescued herself. Zhu Yao felt that the game was too scary and wanted to quit the game and return to modern times, but found that he couldn’t get out. Zhu Yao realized that she was trapped in the game, and she was very upset. She made a mess of Novice Village and vented her dissatisfaction. Zhu Yao saw that everyone was disturbed by herself, but she still couldn’t get out, was very anxious, and ran to the river to vent.

When Zhu Yao vented her unhappiness, the snake spirit appeared in her dream and wanted to attack herself. Yuyan suddenly appeared, rescued Zhu Yao, and invited Zhu Yao back to cultivate immortality with himself, everything was exactly the same as Zhu Yao’s dream. Zhu Yao didn’t care about Yuyan’s words, because Yuyan was not the protagonist in her game, so she didn’t agree to Xiuxian. The snake spirit was not killed. He wanted to sneak attack when everyone was relaxed. Zhu Yao quickly picked up the Lei Ling whip to guard, but was taken to the palace by the whip. Wang Xuzhi didn’t want to get married, and was clamoring to go out to cultivate immortals. When he saw Zhu Yao descending from the sky, he even regarded her as a fairy and publicly announced that he would marry Zhu Yao as his wife.

When Zhu Yao was entangled by Wang Xuzhi, the snake spirit chased and killed him, and then Yuyan also rushed to the scene. The scene was chaotic. Zhu Yao was afraid of the snake spirit hurting herself and ran away. The snake spirit chased Zhu Yao, and Yuyan chased the snake spirit again. The three of them left the palace in this way. Wang Xuzhi sees Yuyan’s outstanding demeanor and asks him to take him to cultivate immortality. Yuyan believes that Wang Xuzhi’s aptitude is ordinary, so that he can inherit the family business.

The apprentice he wants to find is Zhu Yao who has a relationship with Lei Linggen. Regardless of the pursuit and killing of snake spirits, Yuyan arrested Zhu Yao and frankly said that he would take her back to the palace to practice, because people with Lei Ling roots are rare for thousands of years. Yuyan forces Zhu Yao to go back to Qiugu to send immortality, Zhu Yao can’t refuse. Yuyan looked at Zhu Yao, who didn’t know anything, and felt that perhaps it was destined to be destined. Only by cultivating with Zhu Yao could he ascend as soon as possible. Therefore, although he felt that this was against the way of a gentleman, he still did not want to give up Zhu Yao.

Yuyan brought Zhu Yao to the Qiugu faction, and publicly announced that Zhu Yao was his new apprentice. He suspected that there was Lei Linggen in Zhu Yao, so he brought Zhu Yao back to test it. Zhu Yao was very excited when she arrived at the Qiugu School. This is a school she designed with a lot of hard work. Zhu Yao yelled at Qiugupai, very arrogant, and made everyone very dissatisfied. Although Yuyan defended Zhu Yao, he punished the arrogant Zhu Yao in public. Zhu Yao was very dissatisfied. She publicly proposed to hold a spiritual gathering, and use the spiritual stone to determine her sect.

Zhu Yao ran out to play, and happened to encounter a snake spirit. The snake spirit learned that Zhu Yao was a member of the Qiu Gu faction, and even wanted to kill her. Fortunately, Yuyan passed by, rescued Zhu Yao, and brought the injured Zhu Yao to her junior sister for treatment.

Yuyan was worried about Zhu Yao’s accident and stayed by her side all night. When Zhu Yao woke up from a coma, she was very moved when she saw Yuyan. Although Zhu Yao was still in the Qiu Gu faction, she was thinking about how to leave. Zhu Yao peeked at the people attending the Spiritual Recognition Conference, and found that Xiao Yi and Wang Xuzhi had participated in the Spiritual Recognition Conference, and Xiao Yi amazed everyone because of his talent. Zhu Yao was curious. She guessed that she might really have the Lei Linggen that Yuyan said, and she was going to find the Lingshi for a test, but something happened to her unexpectedly.

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