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Through the Qing Dynasty as Emperor

Through the Qing Dynasty as Emperor (Novel)
Other Name: 穿越清朝当皇帝

Genre: novel, history
Guan Guwei
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Guan Xuqing, mainly about a modern society of university graduates traversing to one-year-old Guangxu in an air disaster, so what will be waiting for him is what?

Where is it? With his eyes open but unable to speak, the whole person could not move like he was tied. Looking at the high ceiling there was no light. . . Wait, why am I here. This house looks like an illegal building, otherwise why the height is so high! Or… Am I kidnapped in a museum for people to visit? ? Right, right, I remember I was on the plane to Beijing? After the plane encountered the airflow, it broke in the air, then I should be dead! I bite my tongue and know that it hurts, not dead! ! Am I kidnapped by aliens now? ? Closed for research in their museum? ? ? Fuck! Grandma’s, what planet is this? Breathing was quite smooth, and I went back to earth someday to take my wife to live here and be a soil emperor. The aliens here at Huyou should be making money. . Hahaha! !

Chapter List:

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