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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 2 Recap

Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai met in private at the bar to discuss cooperation. The two were guessing why Grace suddenly appeared at the press conference. Unexpectedly, Grace just arrived. She mentioned Li Zhiqian’s death intentionally or unintentionally, and questioned the real cause of his death. Chen Zheng deliberately avoided and deliberately avoided this topic.

Li Zhicheng saw Wenda’s overall performance decline, and he noticed that the performance of only one small company was on the rise. Gu Yanzhi told him that this company was called Aida, a small company that Li Zhiqian was very fond of. Li Zhicheng told Gu Yanzhi with a serious face that the overseas delegation will visit Wenda tomorrow, and there must be no mistakes. At the same time, he told Gu Yanzhi that he had to be tight-lipped about the news of his return to Linhai City, even for his father and sister. Because he was keenly aware that Wenda’s real enemy was not outside but inside, so he wanted to hide his whereabouts and find out the truth.

Lin Qian rushed back to the studio under the heavy rain. On the way, she met her brother Lin Mochen who came to pick her up with an umbrella. When Yayi went home, she asked Lin Qian who this handsome guy was, but Lin Qian joked and asked her if she had an older brother. Lin Mochen felt very distressed when he saw his sister working so hard to start a business, so he asked her to go back to the United States with him at the end of the month to interview for the company’s designer assistant position. Lin Qian rejected his brother’s kindness and insisted on staying and starting a business.

Li Zhicheng came to the police station and learned from the police that the alcohol content was detected in the body that Li Zhiqian salvaged, and that his vehicle had not been touched. It was initially suspected that it was a traffic accident. Li Zhicheng was in grief, recalling his brother, his eyes couldn’t help but red. But instinctively, he had a foreboding that his brother was definitely not an accident, and eagerly hoped that the police would investigate to the end.

Lin Qian brought the goods to Wenda and looked for Director Ding who had placed the order before. It was only after inquiring that Director Ding had resigned because of Wenda’s downturn, and that this batch of goods was actually taken over by Director Ding. Seeing that the other party did not intend to admit the account, Lin Qian had to leave angrily. At this time, the employees of Wenda Group were instigated and gathered at the door of the company to protest and demonstrate. Li Zhicheng quietly observed the protesting crowd through surveillance, intending to find the black hand behind the scenes. Li Zhicheng suddenly saw Lin Qian’s figure from the surveillance, and walked down to stop her. Lin Qian, an aggrieved, confronted Li Zhicheng, accusing Wen Da of stealing the post and changing the fabric he ordered. Knowing that he was at a loss, Li Zhicheng added Lin Qian’s WeChat account and decided to transfer the money to her.

At this moment, a security guard hurriedly rushed to inform the rooftop that something was wrong. Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian rushed to take a look and found that there was an old man standing on the rooftop. Lin Qian told Li Zhicheng what he had heard from the old man in the elevator before. Li Zhicheng keenly sensed that it was not easy, and immediately instructed Gu Yanzhi. Identify the identity of the troublemaker. At this time, the overseas delegation just arrived, and was stunned to see this scene. The master of all this is Chen Zheng. He wants the overseas inspection group to witness this good show with his own eyes, thereby disrupting the cooperation between the Yellow Overseas Inspection Group and the Wenda Group.

The kind Lin Qian came to the rooftop to persuade the old man who was about to jump off the building. Li Zhicheng saw the old man’s hesitation and seized the opportunity to warn the old man. The inferior air cushion alone could not guarantee his personal safety. The old man suddenly retreated in his heart. At this time, the old man’s family arrived in time and shouted desperately below to persuade the old man not to be stupid. The old man was a little embarrassed and was about to get down from the rooftop. Unexpectedly, he slipped under his feet and fell off. Fortunately, Li Zhicheng’s eyesight was quick and he grabbed his wrist while Lin Qian was also helping, so that he saved the old man from the gate.

Immediately afterwards, Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi came forward to appease the employees who came to make trouble and promised that they would not be given severance pay. The employees who got the promise left one after another. Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi about Lin Qian’s whereabouts. When Li Zhicheng arrived, Lin Qian was being retaliated by a group of people hired by Chen Zheng. With great skill, Li Zhicheng beat the group away with three punches and rescued Lin Qian again.

Before the workers rioted, Li Zhicheng had received a kind reminder by SMS from an unfamiliar number. Gu Yanzhi found that the owner of the number is Grace, a figure who calls the wind and rain in the fashion circle. Li Zhicheng came to the river and saw Grace, who was holding an umbrella in the heavy rain and looking at the river with a pained expression on her face. It turns out that Grace and Li Zhiqian have a very close relationship. On the day of Li Zhiqian’s accident, she called Grace to have a meal, but Grace, who couldn’t wait for Li Zhiqian, was strange. Suddenly she got the news of Li Zhiqian’s fall in the river. The huge blow made her faint on the spot. .

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