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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 1 Recap

Fashion designer Lin Qian came to Yunnan tourist resorts alone to collect styles. She found an old embroidery on the street, and she wanted to buy it with the stall owner. The stall owner saw that Lin Qian was a young girl who had not been involved in the world, and went out to travel alone, so he became malicious and tricked Lin Qian into the village in front, saying that there were many old people who were good at this old embroidery. Lin Qian, who is obsessed with costume design, went there, but was kidnapped by the stall owner and others on the way.

At this time in the mountains and forests of Yunnan, a special force unit was performing a secret mission, preparing to get rid of the criminal group headed by the locust. The special forces shuttled through the woods quickly. The captain Li Zhicheng asked the team members to check their tables and emphasized that this mission must be foolproof, because this is the last time they will perform the mission before leaving the team.

At the crime syndicate den, the stall owner is preparing to give Lin Qian an injection. Li Zhicheng preemptively shot and killed the stall owner. Li Zhicheng was about to evacuate with Lin Qian who was frightened, but when a large number of criminals arrived, Li Zhicheng protected Lin Qian and started a fierce gun battle with the opponent. Seeing that there were more and more drug dealers, Li Zhicheng led his comrades to retreat while fighting back. They came to a suspension bridge, and Lin Qian looked at the suspension bridge dangling in the wind with fear. Time was running out, and Li Zhicheng couldn’t allow Li Zhicheng to think too much, so he had to pick up Lin Qian and leave. But they were quickly caught up by the motorcycle riders who were chasing them, and Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian were both honored.

Li Zhicheng and his team escorted Lin Qian onto the helicopter. On the helicopter, Li Zhicheng performed simple dressings and wound treatments on Lin Qian. Lin Qian fainted in pain, and his comrades breathed a sigh of relief. Lin Qian was sent to the military hospital for rescue.

Lin Qian, who had recovered, was lying on the hospital bed and received a call from her friend Chen Yayi. She was afraid that Chen Yayi was worried, so she concealed her experience of distress in Yunnan. Lin Qian came to the nurse who changed her infusion bottle to inquire about the soldier who rescued her, and learned that the other person had already left, and the nurse insisted on not revealing the soldier’s name. Lin Qian was a little disappointed, and then she found Li Zhicheng Leave that camouflage uniform on the table.

The unexpected fall of Wenda Group President Li Zhiqian caused an uproar in Linhai City. The shares of Wenda Group plummeted all the way, causing panic within the group. Li Jinyuan went to Wenda to hold a shareholder meeting on behalf of her father. Unexpectedly, the shareholders not only refused to give her face, they also demanded that a new executive director be elected immediately to preside over the company’s overall situation.

At the new product launch conference, Ning Weikai, president of New Baorui Group, one of the three giants in Linhai’s clothing industry, announced that he was preparing to launch new products. Unexpectedly, Chen Zheng of Simeqi Group deliberately disrupted the situation. Fortunately, Grace, the editor-in-chief of Group H, appeared to help Ning Weikai support the stage. She hopes that the media will not forget the physical clothing industry when paying attention to e-commerce clothing, because this is the wish of Li Zhiqian, the president of Wenda Group who has just passed away. To mourn Li Zhiqian, she asked everyone to observe three minutes of silence.

Knowing that his brother Li Zhiqian accidentally fell into the river, Li Zhicheng was shocked and angry, and he hurried back to Linhai City as soon as possible. Li Zhicheng rode a motorcycle on the streets. At an intersection, he accidentally discovered that Lin Qian, who he had rescued in Yunnan, was also driving and waiting for a traffic light, but he did not go up to say hello.

Li Zhicheng met with Gu Yanzhi, Wenda’s vice president and his friend. After the meeting, Li Zhicheng took him directly to the speedboat and drove him to the sea. Gu Yanzhi almost plunged into the sea, and he told Li Zhicheng truthfully that Wenda’s current situation was terrible. Only then did Li Zhicheng apologize to Gu Yanzhi for his behavior. He did this to test whether Gu Yanzhi is an enemy or a friend. Now he has given his back to him with confidence.

In the online shop of Lin Qian and Chen Yayi’s partnership, Chen Yayi found that Lin Qian was in a daze at her graffiti as usual, and she kept teasing her brother soldier. Then Chen Yayi took out the notice from the landlord asking for a rent increase. Lin Qian frowned when she saw it. Now her only hope lies in the batch of clothes ordered from Wenda. If the batch of clothes is shipped smoothly, the funds can be returned. NS.

Unexpectedly, Lin Qian suddenly received a call on the same day, and the other party angrily said that he wanted to complain, claiming that the clothes purchased online had faded. The shocked Lin Qian hurried to the Sunshine Hotel, facing the angry Ms. Wang she couldn’t help but apologize. In order to make up for her fault, she immediately brought clothes from the online store. She was ingenious and immediately redesigned the clothes. Ms. Wang wore Lin Qian’s redesigned clothes, and the performance was a great success.

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