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Sony Ericsson, my male god

Sony Ericsson, my male god (Novel)
Other Name: 索爱,我的男神

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Xiang Ningzi
Year: 2018
Chapter: 526
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She who chose to be single, was pulled into the marriage hall by the male god step by step, and it seemed that it was not difficult to enter the marriage. But it is not difficult to get into marriage. She found a secret about her in the house of the male god. She chose to escape and met again after five years. What choice will the two people make…

Free Reading Highlights:

When I first saw him, it was at Xu Jiayi’s wedding in S City. Xin Ran was a bridesmaid and a courtesy lady at that wedding. When Xin Ran was waiting, she inadvertently glanced at a guest sitting under the stage, and the two of them stared in the sky. Meeting, in shock, there is a feeling like a world away.

“Please ask the bride’s best friend to hand in a glass of wine.” The host’s loud voice came.

When Xin Ran, wearing a red jacquard high-necked cheongsam, stepped on high heels with a cup of wine and walked to the middle of the stage, he immediately attracted the attention of everyone at the wedding, including his.

Xin Ran took a catwalk like a model, and the sound of his high heels landing was quite sweet. Even the host was stunned for a moment, and even forgot the lines. The whole hall seemed to be empty for a few seconds.

Xin Ran handed over the wine glass, rushing…, a burst of warm applause, awakened the host from his amnesia, he bowed awkwardly to all the guests, “Excuse me for my impoliteness just now because of this etiquette. The young lady was so charming, I was stunned for a moment, I’m sorry everyone, I broke

the scene .” “Hahaha” The audience roared with laughter, Xin Ran always maintained a sweet smile, very elegant and nodded to the host. , And then turned around gracefully, high heels stepped on the marble floor to send out a beautiful movement.

It was this wedding that made many people remember Xin Ran, not very beautiful, but very fresh and refined, tall figure, exquisite appearance, Xin Ran inadvertently became a topic after dinner.

“People gossip now to the point where even the citizens are talking about it?” When Jiayi mentioned it to her, Xin Ran was very disapproving.

But Jiayi was very interested in this matter. She was still a little bit enthusiastic, “Hey! Xin Ran, you have become a celebrity, did you know that? Just like the current Internet celebrity, Lu Hong, your name is, right? It’s called Marriage Red, and it was red at my wedding. How?”

“How about what? Not so? I’m not red yet? I got married, still married, and fainted?” Xin Ran ruthlessly She gave Jiayi a big, unwelcome look.

“Hey! You guy, look, you just stare at me, but your eyes are still so good-looking, not to mention men, even this lady I also love to see it, hehehe”

“What about the lady? You already It’s Mrs. Song, okay, and it’s not ashamed to call it Miss.”

Xin Ran took the opportunity to mock Jiayi, who got married early. The two are the upper and lower bunks of the university, and they are also natural girlfriends. It’s better to find a boyfriend together. , Married together.

But as soon as Xu Jiayi graduated, she announced that her boyfriend, who had been in peace talks for only half a year, announced her marriage, stepping into the marriage hall ahead of time, and discarding the promise she had made with Xin Ran.

Although it was just a joke at the time, it was not a real promise, but every time she mentioned it in front of Xin Ran, Jiayi felt extremely guilty, as if she had robbed Xin Ran. Husband’s marriage is boundless with guilt.

“Xin Ran, Song He’s college classmate, how about that Qin Jiadong? He has a good family background and owns a large international company.”

“Ah? Let’s forget it! I’m still young and don’t worry.” Xin Ran doesn’t want to climb high. The kind of rich person has her own ideals. She wants to be someone like a mother and never get married.

Jiayi saw that she ignored her, so she had to give up. She knew that this sister was one hundred and twenty good to her, but she seemed to have never caught a cold with men. When she was in college, many boys chased her, but she never moved her. .

Jiayi didn’t understand her attitude towards boys. Xin Ran was warm and warm towards girls, but she was too cold towards boys. Many boys talked to her, but she never paid attention to her.

This left her almost alone in the four years of university, except for the time with Jiayi, most of the time she walked alone on the tree-lined road.

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