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Martial Universe: Season 2 武动乾坤 第二季 Episode 14 Recap

Qingzhu is going back to the Taiqing Palace of Jiutian for a long time, and Qingye will go back with her. He wants to see the most remembered Susu at the last time. Lin Langtian took Yuanmen disciples to attack Daoism, Ying Huanhuan’s practice was not completed, Tong Chuan took Daoism disciples to protect Ying Huanhuan’s transfer, Ying Huanhuan watched the disciples and suffered serious injuries. Can you leave everyone? Ying Huanhuan sends a distress signal to the outside world, hoping that Lin Kin can rush back, leaving himself to coexist with Daozong.

Qi Qingzhu saw Ying Huanhuan’s distress signal and asked Shen Qing to support Daozong, but Shen Qing believed that this was a struggle between Yuanmen and Daozong. The Taiqing Palace had always maintained neutrality and was inconvenient to interfere, Qing Qing believed that Lin Donghui would When Daozong was in danger alone, Qingzhu was a descendant of Fuzu, and it was only natural to bring his disciples to support Daozong.

Lin Langtian broke into the Xuanbing Formation that Ying Huanhuan practiced. Ying Huanhuan’s practice was interrupted. Although he has some strength of the ice master, he is far from Lin Langtian’s opponent. Lin Dong appeared in time and will be Ying Huan Behind Huan Huo, Lin Langtian was not going to fight with Lin, but left a problem for Lin Dong. Who should live and die? Wu Qingtan cleaned up the Yuanmen disciples who were climbing the mountain in the hall. As soon as the dark sickle appeared, the mountaineers retreated in shock. The master Yan who came to the support saw the situation and called the green sandalwood to make great progress and praise.

Since the students of the Fushi Association went up the mountain, the disciples of Yuanmen did not attack and retreat. Master Yan discovered that this was Lin Langtian’s scheme. Qingzhu took his father to see Su Susu. Qing Su saw that he was doing mixed work. He had mixed tastes in his heart. Two people who had not seen each other cried and wept. Su Susu had so many grievances in his heart. At the moment when Xu appeared, the smoke disappeared. Xu Susu decided to go to the Demon Realm with Qingyu and monitor the movement of the Demon Emperor together. Qingye hugs his wife and daughter. This is probably the happiest time in his life. Qingzhu’s mission has not been completed. He can’t go with them to the demon realm. He wants to be separated after the reunion. This is their regret. Before they are removed, they each have their own tasks. Qingzhu inherits the flame ancestors to the green bamboo, which has also become the heir to the ancestors.

Shen Qing was ready to go and was ready to support Daoism, but Lin Langtian had already fought over. Shen Qing personally took action against Lin Langtian. Lin Langtian relied on the power of space ancestors. Shen Qing could not judge Lin Langtian’s position at all. Lin Langtian was seriously injured. Wu Susu had already left. At this moment, he came back to help with Master Yan. Master Yan responded to the power of the ancestors with his own power, and all the disciples protecting the Taiqing Palace were withdrawn from the hall.

Xi Susu opened the Lotus Array to protect the Taiqing Palace. In this formation, Shen Qing had not been enlightened for many years. At this moment, he had to admire Qi Susu’s talent. All disciples of the Taiqing Palace went into battle to strengthen the power of the formation. Lin Langtian couldn’t break into it for a while, but he seriously injured Shen Shenqing again. Shen Qing knew that he wasn’t saved. He told the truth with Master Yan that year, she would Wandering the horizon with Master Yan, I will not be as cold as I am now.

When Shen Qing left, she explained the secrets of the nine-day Taiqing Palace to the Qing Dynasty. In the ancient times, the nine-day Taiqing Palace was originally called Taishang Palace. What they wanted to inherit was Fu Zu’s most important martial arts for the heirs. The only way to achieve induction is to make the ancestors of the ancestral amulets to be too inductive, and to enter the realm of Qiankun, to become the true ancestors of the ancestors, and the practice method is the dual cultivation of men and women.

Lin Langtian finally broke the lotus formation. Wu Susu and his disciples faced each other. Lin Langtian taunted them to fight for Lin Dong, but Lin Dong became a tortoise in the back. Lin Dong brought Ying Huanhuan and Qingtan down from the sky to meet with the Taiqing Palace and dispel magic, but Lin Langtian did not intend to fight with them, as if only to gather them in the Taiqing Palace. Ying Huanhuan hasn’t left Xuanbingzhen for a long time. Looking at the beauty of Taiqing Palace, he can’t help but feel a little ecstatic. Lin Dong holding Ying Huanhuan refused to let go. As long as he cultivates into the next rune as soon as possible, Ying Huanhuan can do nothing. The owner of the ice, Ying Huanhuan’s mind constantly appeared the scene of her father’s tragic death, she was unwilling to escape on the battlefield.

After Lin Lintian retreated, Wu Susu went to the demon realm to reconcile with Qing Qing. Soon Lin Langtian counterattacked the mountain again. It turned out that Yuanmen had previously evacuated in disguise, but blocked all the way down the mountain from the Taiqing Palace. The dark mist of the evil spirit shrouded the Taiqing Palace for nine days. All three were trapped in the Taiqing Palace.

The water curtain Tianhua is unrooted water, and it is disturbed by the erosion of the aliens. It contains great elemental forces. If these elemental forces can be condensed, by its power, it may be able to break through the dark mist of the aliens. , But how to consolidate the power of the water curtain Tianhua, this leaves everyone clueless. The consciousness of Wu Taishang can condense the power of the water curtain Tianhua. Only the Qing Qing bamboo helps the forest to sense too much. The men and women must sacrifice their innocence. Qingzhu is quite distressed for this.

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