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The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 2 (2018) 正阳门下小女人

The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 2 (2018)
Other Title: 正阳门下小女人, Zhengyangmen 2 , Zheng Yang Men Xia Xiao Nu Ren

Genres: Historical, Romance, Life, Family, Political
Liu Jia Cheng
JSTV, iQiyi, iQiyi
Release Date: 
Oct 16, 2018 – Nov 10, 2018
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The Story Of Zheng Yang Gate (Chinese prequel)


  • Jiang Wen Li as Xu Hui Zhen
  • Ni Da Hong as Cai Quan Wu
  • Li Guang Fu as Li Guang Fu
  • Li Wen Ling as Zhu Ren Da Niang
  • Wu Xiao Yu as Xu Jing Li
  • Wu Nan as Xu Jingtian

The drama opens in 1955. Xu Hui Zhen lost her husband not long after their marriage and is now running a little tavern that she inherited. No matter what difficulties come her way, the socialist transformation of capitalist enterprises, the Great Leap Forward, natural disasters, the Cultural Revolution and many more, Hui Zhen remains true to herself and her philosophy of how to manage the tavern. When the economic reforms are eventually introduced, Hui Zhen and her tavern bear the fruits of her hard work and her unchanging belief in her values.

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