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Full Marks, Hidden Marriage

Full Marks, Hidden Marriage (Manga)
Other Name: Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband / Hidden Marriage / Hidden marriage 100 points / Hidden marriage 100 points: provoke a wife to marry one get one free / HM / 隐婚100分:惹火娇妻嫁一送一

Genres: manga, love, comedy, romance
Jiong Jiong You Yao , Peach Pictures
22 completed
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After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfil her childhood dream and become a famous actress. However, her sister is still out to get her and she has to avoid all her underhanded schemes.

One day, after falling into one of her sisters’ schemes, she meets an adorable kid and saves him. This was how Ning Xi found herself staying at the mute little kid’s house to help him come out of his shell. Slowly, his father Lu Tingxiao starts falling for her too.

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