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Martial Universe: Season 2 武动乾坤 第二季 Episode 5 Recap

Daozong Dangerous Gate should be rebuilt, the ice master, the gate of the demon realm, opened to the parties. The sea of ​​chaos that has been hidden for a long time has abnormal energy fluctuations. The gate of the demon domain is afraid to open. This should be caused by Lin Langtian using the energy lake. Lin Dong decided to immediately go to stop Lin Langtian. He I also want to get Lin Langtian back on track.

A disciple of Taoism reportedly injured Lin Dong’s family. Yuanmen attacked Taoism. The Taoism included Ying Zongzhu and Wu Dao. All of them were seriously injured. Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan listened to it immediately. . Dao Zong and his corpses ran across the ground. Ying Huanhuan found Ying Shou in the hall. Ying Shou was seriously injured and he could barely move. When he saw the two of them, he immediately threatened to leave with a sword. Ying Huanhuan was hidden within a few steps. Behind the enlightenment of Wu Dao, Wu Da finally revealed his ambitions. He has not been dissatisfied with Ying Sui’s reuse of the book. Ying Huanhuan, whom he has always liked, is now stumped by Lin, so he will not hesitate to collude with strange demons. Get Yinghuanhuan.

The Lord Ying wanted to attack Wudao from behind and rescue Huanhuan. At this time, Lin Langtian suddenly appeared, and the Lord Ying had almost no resistance. It turned out that Lin Langtian and Wudao had negotiated before. After slaughtering the Taoism, Ying Huanhuan returned. Wu Dao, Lin moved to Lin Langtian. When the tide wave struck last time, Lin Dong’s injustice caused Lin Langtian to cause a demon tide. He severely injured Lin Langtian with the jawbone bridge, and Mu Yan shot the Seven Kings Palace into Lin Langtian’s body to save Lin Langtian’s life. The devil’s Lin Langtian became his most hated look. Lin Langtian blamed it all on Lin Dong’s head. Now he also wants to destroy everything that Lin Dong cares about so that Lin Dong can bear the cone once. Heartbreaking pain.

Lin Langtian was not going to kill Lin Dong. He wanted to let Lin Dong live and bear the pain, so in front of Lin Dong and Ying Huanhuan, Ying Shou was stabbed to death, and Wudao killed Ying Huanhuan. Lin Dong At this time, he found that he could not save any of them. Although Wu Dao did evil, he was sincere in dealing with Huan Huan. After all, he couldn’t let it go. He rushed to prepare to die with Lin Langtian, but was stabbed to death by Lin Langtian. Lin Langtian felt that Lin Dong was so anxious that he stopped for a while and left.

Ying Zonghua didn’t want to force Ying Huanhuan, but now Daoism only Yinghuan Huan can support it. Ying Huanhuan should take the responsibilities of the suzerain and continue to cultivate the ice master. Ying Huanhuan can’t bear the forest, but it must be the same They did it because they finally found that the so-called fate is not as good as dust in the face of responsibility. Ying Huanhuan and Lin Dong must separate and bear their own responsibilities.

Before Ying Huanhuan entered the practice of the ice master, Lin Dong took the heart-wrapped mirror to ask Ying Huan-huan to wait for a while. Maybe there are other ways to deal with the monsters. Ying Huan-huan looked at the two in the heart-worn mirror. Reminiscing about the good times of the two together, but that can only be remembered. Ying Huanhuan couldn’t let go of his responsibilities. In the end, he broke the heart mirror and broke the fate between the two.

With Lin Lindong’s shard of heart-wrapped mirrors, Lin Lin left Daozong in despair. At this moment, he strengthened his guardian heart, and he wanted to give Ying Huanhuan a better Daozong. Lin Langtian took Ying Dan ’s Yuandan and poured it into the energy lake. The strange devil blame Lin Langtian for eating the Temple of Heaven, but when he saw Lin Langtian’s sincerity and surrender, he directly sealed Lin Langtian as a new one. The Temple of Heaven and the Temple of Six Kings will also listen to his dispatch. The Demon Emperor asked Lin Langtian to go to the Demon Realm to find his flesh to prove his loyalty.

She Qingzhu was practiced by Shen Qingguan at the water curtain Tianhua, and She Susu secretly helped her to break through the realm of creation directly. She Su Su distressed her daughter and advised her not to be stubborn and to pursue her love. Lin Yan spread his wings, and led Lin Dong and Xiao Mart across the sea of ​​chaos and demon domains. The chaos of chaos emerged, and a volcanic eruption of flint came. Lin Yan could not control the wings. The three people together Fall down.

A dozen years ago, the flame ancestors hidden in the nine-day Taiqing Palace were stolen. Now they are hiding in the demon realm, and the door of the demon realm is reopened. Counting, because Shen Qing has always suspected that the green ancestors stole the flame ancestors, so sending green bamboo to find the ancestors is also to find the truth of the year.

Su Susu learned that Shen Qing sent the green bamboo to the demon realm, and asked Shen Qing to recall the green bamboo immediately, because if Qing Qing was really a thief of that year, Shen Qing would undoubtedly force Qing Zhu to take the path of his uncle. Daughter, at the mercy of Shen Qing, Su Susu is Shen Qing ’s sister, Xiuwei and talents are far above Shen Qing, so she easily subdued Shen Qing, but Shen Qing ’s words made her do not know how to do it. Su Su’s talents are extraordinary, but Shen Qing doesn’t want her to have the same fate as Su Susu, being dragged down by feelings and losing everything.

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