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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 63 End Recap

Runyu gave the things Jin Mi left in Xuanji Palace to Xufeng. He thought that he would be killed by Qiongqi soon, and he planned to return the heaven to Xufeng. Xufeng told Runyu that he had refined Qiongqi with the Chixiao Sword and Liuli Jinghuo and saved Runyu’s life. While talking, Xufeng was backlashed by Jin Dan again. He told Runyu that he did not eat Pengyu. Xufeng did not want to live alone. The reason why he saved Runyu was to live alone for thousands of years. , To atone for your sins. Looking at Xu Feng’s back, Runyu shed tears in despair.

In the blink of an eye for three years, Xufeng stepped down from the position of demon lord and lived all day in Hejinmi’s thatched cottage, growing flowers and plants, and looking for Jinmi. Runyu often comes to accompany Xufeng to drink and chat. The sweet-scented osmanthus wine they drank today was the last bottle of Jin Mi brewed during his lifetime, and both of them cherished it very much. In the past three years, Runyu has abided by the duties of the Emperor of Heaven in the heavens, and he finally understood that as the Emperor of Heaven, he should not have joy and sorrow.

Since no one is hand in hand with him, he should keep this loneliness. He persuaded Xufeng to open the box left by Jin Mi, but Xufeng was afraid of adding to the sorrow, so she did not dare to look at things and think about people.

After Runyu left, Xu Feng finally opened Jin Mi’s box, which was filled with the past between Jin Mi and Xu Feng. When Xu Feng looked at Jin Mi’s paintings, Zhang and Zhang were all her own silhouettes, and she felt even more heartbroken. He remembered the unpleasant experiences he had with Jin Mi in the Demon World, and regretted that he was not active enough to grasp the day with Jin Mi. Xu Feng hugged his arms in despair, but suddenly heard Jin Mi’s voice.

The flowers in the flower world are in full bloom, indicating that Jin Mi’s Yuan Ling is reuniting, but in a flash, the flowers are withering again, and Jin Mi’s Yuan Ling is about to disperse again. Lord Changfang ordered everyone to open the Time Flower Gallery immediately and try their best to save Jin Mi. Xu Feng was desperate alone in the thatched hut, but he was suddenly taken by his hands. He turned his head and found that it was Jin Mi he was looking for, and tears suddenly fell.

He couldn’t believe his eyes, so he asked Jin Mi again and again if it was true. Jin Mi said that he had been by his side for three years and could see the pictures he saw and hear the voices he heard. Jin Mi promised Xu Feng that she would not leave Xu Feng again, but Jin Mi’s whole body just started to disintegrate after her voice, Xu Feng begged Jin over and over again to tell her not to leave herself. But Jin Mi said that he was just a tear in Xu Feng’s eyes, and now he really wanted to part with Xu Feng.

Xu Feng came to the Time Flower Gallery to find the Lord Changfang. He couldn’t find the six worlds by himself. Who would have thought that Jin Mi would stay in his own eyes. The two finally reunited after a long absence, but parted with each other once again. Xu Feng analyzed that his golden core backlash had never occurred in the past three years. Perhaps it was because Jin Mi stayed in his body and absorbed the cold in his body, which also helped him invisibly cure the backlash.

At the same time, Jin Mi turned into tears. Refining the true body can save oneself. Don’t know when Jin Mi will see you again, but Xu Feng swears to the sky that she will find Jin Mi in the six worlds, and will never be separated again.

Five hundred years later, there was a wedding event in a small city in the world. The married girl came from Tangyueju. She was obsessed with ghosts and monsters since she was a child. When she grew up, she was obsessed with the way of cultivation. Shengxian, but she always wonders how to get into the devil.

On the way to the wedding, Xu Feng frightened away the others by imagining his real body, and walked towards the sedan chair step by step. Jin Mi saves the six worlds from fire and water, which is the supreme merit. Although reborn, she retains the memories of the past. The two hug each other. Xu Feng tells Jin Mi that she can only be his wife forever.

One year later, Xufeng and Jin Mi’s child Tangyue was born, and the three have been living a happy and peaceful life in the world. Liu Ying’s daughter, Qing Tian, ​​is 510 years old, and she still has someone she likes. Liuying inherited Xufeng’s position as Demon Sovereign 500 years ago, and managed the Demon World in an orderly manner. After Suihe was exiled into the wasteland, he was mentally insufficient, and even strayed into the place where the son of the king of Yancheng was imprisoned.

Runyu is still the supreme Emperor of Heaven, but still feels that he still has nothing and cannot ask for it. Kuang Lu and Nightmare always stood by Runyu’s side, waiting for Runyu to pity the person before him. Although Jin Mi still doesn’t recognize the five colors, he can always watch Xufeng and his children and enjoy the most splendid scenery.

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