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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 62 Recap

Xufeng stood alone on the bank of Wangchuan River, and remembered what Jin Mi had said to him on his deathbed. He had no thoughts, so he took out the canopy feather and let it go with the wind. Xu Feng drinks heavily every day, trying to relieve his pain, but he can’t stop gnawing at himself when he misses, he has to let the pain spread all over his body, and there is nothing he can do.

Lord Chang Fang came to see Xu Feng in the devil world, and found him apathetic and depressed. Xufeng knelt down when she saw Lord Changfang, blamed herself for killing Jin Mi, and sorry Huajie. Lord Changfang helped Xufeng, and he blamed himself for betraying the first flower god’s entrustment. Lord Changfang told Xu Feng about everything and explained the matter of the meteor pill.

Xu Feng suddenly remembered that Jin Mi had explained to Xu Feng that she did not understand love, but Xu Feng did not believe what Jin Mi said. Thinking of this, Xu Feng’s heart is like a knife twisted, and he blames it for Jin Mi’s love. Lord Changfang told Xufeng that Jin Mi might still be saved, and told him that there is still a glimmer of hope for Jin Mi, that is, Lord Dou Mu.

Xu Feng asked Domo Yuanjun for help. He knew that his karmic obstacles would end up reaping the consequences, but he could not let go of Jinmi, hoping that Domo Yuanjun could help save Jinmi. Dou Mu Yuanjun gave Xu Feng a piece of Zen speech, but Xu Feng did not understand it. Yuanjun Doumu hinted that Jinmi still had a trace of Yuanling still in the world. Xufeng thanked Doumuxingjun for his guidance, and then passed the news back to the Flower World, and Lord Changfang immediately sent the Flower World to look for Jinmi Yuanling. , Once there is news at all costs to retrieve it.

Xufeng suddenly bounced back on the banks of the Wangchuan River, and the pain spread all over his body. At this time, he saw Jin Mi smiling like a flower in the Wangchuan River. Xufeng crawled to the Wangchuan River and called Jin Mi’s name, but Jin Mi disappeared.

Xu Feng passed the position of Demon Sovereign to Liu Ying, and now his most important task is to find Jin Mi. There is nothing in Xu Feng’s heart that is more important than Jin Mi.

Xu Feng came to the thatched house where Jin Mi had lived before, and he looked at everything around him as if Jin Mi was by his side. He looked for Jin Mi everywhere, climbed over the snowman, recognized the missing people, and frustrated again and again to make Xu Feng helpless. He finally decided to live in the mountain hut and waited for Jin Mi to return here.

Taishang Laojun, Taisi real person, Pojun came to the house to beg Xufeng to succeed the Emperor, Pojun also brought the Chixiao Sword, claiming that Runyu used forbidden techniques to launch a battle against the demon, and he has sinned himself. It’s not suitable to be a god.

Xu Feng took the Chi Xiao Sword to the heavens to find Runyu, Kuang Lu saw Xu Feng holding the Chi Xiao Sword murderously coming and hurriedly greeted him, but Xu Feng didn’t even look at it, and walked straight in. In Xuanji Palace, Runyu was chained to his hands, and when he saw Xufeng coming, he begged Xufeng to kill herself. Kuang Lu begged Xufeng to spare Runyu’s life, but Xufeng pierced Runyu’s chest with a sword, and the Qiongqi power immediately dispersed.

Xufeng blamed Runyu for wanting to leave after being overwhelmed by the emperor’s addiction. How could there be such a good thing in the world. Runyu signaled Kuang to reveal himself, then turned his head and told Xufeng that he used forbidden techniques to disrupt the laws of the heavens. Now it is most suitable for Xufeng to stand up and eliminate the harm.

Now Runyu feels that her fame and rights are nothing but a passing moment, and she is not afraid of her name. At this moment, it is time to get everything back on track. Xu Feng has a strong temperament and has made many enemies. Overthrowing Runyu’s tyranny is a feat, and choosing the best is the most natural way. Xu Feng cut off the iron chain and told Runyu that the Emperor Xian gave him the Chixiao Sword in order to deal with Qiongqi, not to kill each other.

Xufeng told Runyu that from beginning to end, he had never thought of competing with Runyu. From beginning to end, he only cared about Jinmi, and Runyu smiled bitterly. The ironic thing was that he only had Jinmi in his heart. He told Xu Feng that he had repaired Jin Mi’s meteor pill because he saw Jin Mi’s love for Xu Feng, but in the end there was nothing but Jin Mi also left. Xu Feng realized that Jin Mi had never changed his mind, and Runyu had always been the cause of it.

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