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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 61 Recap

After Xufeng left, Liuying still refused to give up for Muci, but Jin Mi stopped her. Now it is Suihe’s greatest pain to live. Liuying ordered the demon soldiers to exile Suihe into the wasteland, and would never step out of the demon world. Sui He scolds Jin Mi and Liu Ying and will surely receive retribution.

Runyu stepped into the desolate Nine Heavens Cloud Palace alone, where it was supposed to be lively for him and Jin Mi, but now because of Jin Mi’s escape marriage, there is no one. Xu Feng came to Shengjing Pavilion and absorbed Qiongqi’s spiritual power, intending to unify the six realms with Qiongqi’s power. Now the three armies are waiting for him, only waiting for him to be promoted.

Jin Mi sighed that the wedding gown of the Demon World was so beautiful that she would be reluctant to take it off after wearing it for a long time. Xu Feng came to Jin Mi. Jin Mi took out the last sapling feather in ten thousand years, hoping that Xu Feng would cure his backlash. Xu Feng asked Jin Mi if he thought it would offset the sin karma in his heart. I hate Jinmi, and hate myself even more.

Obviously I had enough energy to hate Jinmi, but was disintegrated by two drops of blood from the heart test. Jin Mi asked Xufeng, can the two go back to the past? Xu Feng was silent and said that the two would never go back. When Jin Mi was heartbroken, Xu Feng hugged Jin Mi and said that they could start from the beginning. As long as Jin Mi doesn’t lie to him anymore, or she will go to Hongmeng with her.

Runyu used the Demon Realm to hold the Water God as an excuse Chen Bing Wangchuan, and Xu Feng, a phoenix in a military uniform, brought Jin Mi to the front of the battle. Runyu wants Jinmi to return to the heaven, and Xufeng responds that she has already married Jinmi and that Jinmi will not return to the heaven. Runyu was furious, and ordered all the heavens to kill the Demon Realm without leaving it, while Jin Mi didn’t want to trigger a battle with the heavens because of him, and hoped that Xu Feng would not fight. Xu Feng ordered people to protect Jin Mi and also told Jin Mi that today’s battle was imperative.

The two realms of the demon world rise up, the sky is flying, and there are countless casualties. Jin Mi is caught in the generals of the demon world at a loss. Runyu looked righteous and awe-inspiring, rebuking Xufeng for resurrecting against the sky and falling into the devil’s way, so he should be punished. Xufeng domineeringly told Runyu that the most dissatisfied thing in this life is the destiny, and he will act against the sky today. Xu Feng just lost half of his cultivation base, and was seriously injured by Runyu in the decisive battle with Runyu, and was at stake.

Jin Mi found that Xu Feng’s backlash had increased again, and begged him not to fight again, but Xu Feng still insisted on going his own way, and continued to fight with Jiang Mochu. Jin Mi watched the battle between the gods and demons that started because of her, and watched so many lives that died because of her innocence. She planned to exchange herself for the peace of the two worlds.

Jin Mi flew up and stood in between the two. All the strength of Runyu and Xu Feng attacked Jin Mi’s body. Xu Feng caught Jin Mi and wept bitterly. Jin Mi apologized to Runyu, saying that she could not compensate for the love Runyu gave her. She hoped that Runyu could let go of her hatred and become the former Xiaoyuxian official. She turned to Xufeng again, wanting to hear Xufeng say to forgive herself. Xu Feng cried and told Jin Mi that he had never hated Jin Mi, he hated himself from beginning to end. Peng Yu can only survive for three days. Jin Mi asked Xufeng to promise that she must take it in time and take care of herself. After that, she was wiped out.

Jin Mi’s departure in exchange for peace in the Six Realms, Runyu promised that Jin Mi would never step into the Demon Realm in his lifetime, and set a boundary among the demon. The flowers in the flower world also closed and no longer opened. All the heroes were crying in pain. The fairy under the moon and Yanyou couldn’t believe it. Jin Mi really left.

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