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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 60 Recap

Runyu told the seal printing community of the six worlds that Jinmi would destroy the first-class flowers and trees without returning in one day. He used this excuse to revive the majesty of the heavens and injured the Lord Changfang, but in fact hoped to force Jinmi to submit. Lao Hu couldn’t bear the injury of Chang Fangzhu, and warned Runyu that he was a virtue and not to make the world strong, but Runyu did not care about these. He told everyone that the Emperor of Heaven could release their rights to them, and he could also take it back. The Flower Realm needs to know who is the supreme sovereign and who is the only master of the six realms.

Liuying told Xufeng about the serious injury of the Lord Changfang from the Runyufeng printing community, and guessed that the anger of the Emperor was related to Jin Mi’s escape from marriage. Xu Feng didn’t know where Jin Mi could escape, fearing that it would be another smoke bomb released by Runyu this time. Xu Feng asked Liu Ying to arrange elite soldiers to be stationed near Huajie, and once Runyu invaded, he would take action to protect Huajie.

Yanyou hid Jin Mi in the staff of the fairy under the moon, and the two peeped outside Suihe’s palace, trying to find a chance to change their posts. Suihe is stunned by the ecstasy incense prepared by Liuying and Xufeng in advance, while Liuying pretends to be Suihe, but encounters an unexpected situation.

The Yujiang Palace was very lively, everyone from the Demon Realm gathered together, and King Qingcheng also came to attend Xufeng’s wedding. Jin Mi was puppeted by Yanyou, covered his face with a hijab, and obediently walked into Yujiang Palace accompanied by the fairy under Moon. The fairy under the moon handed Jin Mi’s hand to Xufeng’s hand, and everyone in the Demon World shouted the name of Demon Venerable upon seeing this situation. Xu Feng bowed to the Demon Realm that made him resurrect from the flames, and secondly worshipped the king of Bian Cheng, who received him.

When the husband and wife worshipped, Jin Mi wanted to break free from puppetry, but was controlled by Yanyou. Qingcheng Wang Dao Demon Realm is the most important couple as one, and only marries one person who truly loves each other as his wife. The Devil’s Heart Testing Stone requires a drop of blood from the Demon Lord and the Queen of the Demon. If the two of them are in agreement, the heart testing stone will change color.

After the blood of the two people dripped into the heart test stone, it really changed color, and everyone in the demon world sighed the empress and the queen. At this time, Suihe broke in from outside, saying that the queen of the devil and the heart-testing stone were fake. Before her words fell, Liu Ying also broke in, saying that the heart-testing stone was real and asked Xufeng to face her. heart. Xu Feng always thought that Liuying was under the hijab. Now that Liuying appeared in the hall, he was very surprised who was under the hijab. Liuying exposed Suihe’s fall in the Wanmo Hall, and also persuaded Xu Fengmo to deceive himself and others again.

Xu Feng waved his sleeves and lifted his hijab, and found that it was Jin Mi under the hijab. Jin Mi calmly broke the puppet technique and expressed his apologies to Xufeng for ruining the wedding. Immortal Yuexia rebuked Suihe’s various faults, and told Xufeng that it was Jin Mi who really saved him, and also used the five colors in his eyes to change the light of the mysterious sky.

Sui Hesheng on the side was afraid of Xufeng’s heart, crying desperately, asking him not to believe in the fairy under the moon. But Xufeng went to Jin Mi, sorry that she had wronged Jin Mi, and promised to compensate Jin Mi in the future. Xufeng Jinmi hugged each other, Suihe used Liuli Jinghuo to attack Jinmi when he saw it. Xufeng quickly pulled Jinmi back and out of his palm against Suihe, which made Suihe more heartbroken.

Sui He realized that this wedding, which he was eagerly looking forward to, was originally made by Xu Feng, just to stir up his own colored glaze. Jin Mi asked Sui He about killing the God of Water and Feng, Sui He did not care to admit it at this time. Jin Mi wanted to avenge Luo Lin and Lin Xiu. Xu Feng helped her injure Sui He and Sui. He couldn’t believe that Xu Feng, who he loved so much, and Xu Feng, who spent all of his spiritual energy to protect him, was even more sad for her to be so. Xu Feng did not execute Suihe, but removed her position as patriarch of the bird clan, and at the same time abolished her Liuli Jinghuo. Xu Feng admitted that he was ashamed of Suihe, and even lost his half-length cultivation base as his punishment.

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