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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 59 Recap

Runyu cast a spell to stun Jin Mi, and once again set a barrier to lock her in Xuanji Palace. Even with this method, she must keep Jin Mi by her side. After Jin Mi woke up, he saw that he was trapped in the palace again. He wanted to use the summoning spell to find Yanyou, but found that the enchantment was also trapped in the immortality.

Liuying asked Xufeng why he didn’t trace the culprit who blamed him. Xufeng said that he was afraid that the truth would hurt herself. He thought that he had traced the murderer who blamed Runyu in the heavens, but there were many involved in the process, and eventually even his parents were involved. Liu Ying also understood Runyu’s difficulties after hearing this. She comforted Xufeng, and Suihe was saddened by the heart-testing stone anyway.

When auspicious time is approaching, Kuang Lu persuades Jin Mi to dress up, but Jin Mi indifferently refuses, slandering Runyu everywhere in her words. Yanyou stole Runyu’s mermaid tears, pretending to be Runyu, rescued Jin Mi, and in Nantianmen, with Runyu’s tone, ordered the breakers to keep their posts and not let the people in the devil world violate.

Jin Mi came to the flower world and revealed Runyu’s true face to all the Fangzhu. The Fangzhu didn’t expect that the new heavenly emperor had more wrists than the Xiantian Emperor and vowed to protect Jinmi’s safety. Runyu knew that Jin Mi would go to the flower world to pick up the feathers to detoxify Xufeng, so he brought a group of stalwart heavenly soldiers to the flower world to catch people.

The heroes originally wanted to stop Runyu, but Runyu changed her temperament, saying that the flower world had been the territory of the heaven since the beginning of Hongmeng. He trapped the heroes and broke into the flower world to find Jinmi.

Jin Mi couldn’t find Pengyu for a long time. After asking Forsythia, he knew that Pengyu had been used by Forsythia to cook. Jin Mi decided to use spiritual power to plant another one, but it would take half an hour to plant it, so the fairy under the moon protected Jin Mi with sentimental thoughts and Dafa, while Lao Hu and others tried to attract the heavenly soldiers to buy time for Jin Mi.

Yanyou stayed with Jin Mi to protect her safety. He apologized to Jin Mi, told Jin Mi that he was the adopted son of Monarch Dongting, and also said the wrong things he had done under the persecution of Xili, Jin Mi Forgave Yanyou’s deception and use, and gave the planted Pengyu to Yanyou, asking him to hand it to Xufeng.

Runyu looked around for Jin Mi, but found that the fairy under Moon had been casting spells nearby to confuse him. The fairy in Moonlight told Runyu that the human heart cannot withstand calculations the most. Runyu has never had a heart-to-heart relationship with others since he was a child, so how can he expect to exchange heart with others. However, Runyu said that once his situation was confided with others, he would be overwhelmed, and no one had ever put himself in the position for himself, and no one was qualified to criticize him or make comments.

After Runyu wounded the immortal Yuexia, he continued to search for Jin Mi’s traces. Seeing that Yanyou was scolding himself with Jin Mi under the tree, he stepped forward and reprimanded Yanyou. Yanyou immediately fleeed when the situation was not good. Runyu broke through the barrier set by the fairy under the moon and wanted to take Jin Mi away, but found that Jin Mi was transformed by forsythia, and the real Jin Mi had already been taken by Yanyou and the fairy under the moon to the Wangchuan River in the Demon World.

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