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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 57 Recap

Immortal Yuexia was furious after receiving the invitation from the Demon World. He ran to the Demon World to expose Suihe’s conspiracy to Xufeng. Although Suihe managed to keep Xufeng’s soul, it was Jin Mi who saved his life. Turn Jindan. Xu Feng didn’t believe what the Immortal Yuexia said. He told the Immortal Yuexia that the person he was going to marry was Suihe. From now on, he only had Suihe in his heart and eyes. No matter what Jin Mi did, it had nothing to do with him.

Muci’s creation of the spirit arrow drew the wrath of Netherworld, and Liu Ying reported it to Xufeng, suspecting that someone was forcing Mu Ci to create the spirit arrow. Xufeng guessed that the king of Gucheng was doing a ghost, and immediately sent demons to look for Muci. . Xu Feng remained silent on the way to find, Liu Ying could see that Xu Feng was still thinking about the words of the fairy under the moon. Xu Feng thought that this time Jin Mi used the Moon under the fairy to provoke his relationship with Suihe, while Liu Ying said that the Moon under the fairy would not be used by others.

There is no other secret about this matter. She believed that between Suihe and Jin Mi, she believed in Jin Mi more, and guessed that Xu Feng could not face the fact that Jin Mi had saved him. Xufeng remembered what Jin Mi had said to herself, saying that Suihe was the killer who killed the God of Water and Fengshen, but saving Xufeng consumed most of Suihe’s spiritual power, which made it hard for Xufeng to believe that Suihe had such a pure internal power.

Miserable Arrow was finally trained. King Gucheng pretended to be Liuying to take Miserable Arrow. Muci saw the clue and asked her what day was the sixth day of June, but the King of Gucheng couldn’t tell. Mu Ci knew that this person must be King Gucheng pretending to be, so he used the created spirit-killing arrow to bruise King Gucheng, and King Gucheng was wiped out.

Xufeng’s marriage has been announced to the Six Realms, but Jin Mi still can’t let him go. Runyu told Jin Mi that two cold people can at least warm each other when they get together, but Dongxue and the hot sun are destined not to be together. Jin Mi withdrew his hand after hearing it. Xufeng and Suihe’s marriage is scheduled for the fifteenth of next month, and the first flower in spring will also bloom.

Runyu told Jinmi that it was a good day. Jinmi told Runyu that they could also choose Get married on that day. After hearing this, Runyu was overjoyed and embraced Jin Mi happily, but Jin Mi thought to himself that if two of the three are happy, it would be considered happy.

The sixth day of June had arrived, and Liu Ying still did not find Mu Ci. She arranged the Qingguang Cave and quietly waited for Mu Ci’s arrival. Xufeng and King Biancheng came here by appointment. King Biancheng thought that Muci might be too bad, and he didn’t want his daughter to suffer from this lovesickness anymore, but Liuying said that Muci was committed and faithful, and believed he would not Break your word.

Although Mu Ci was dying, he still came to the place where they made love. The two held a simple ceremony and married under the witness of King Biancheng and Xu Feng. Mu Ci knew that this was Qingguangdong, where they made their love, and it was also the place where Liu Ying took the initiative to kiss him.

Liu Ying told Mu Ci that she had taken the initiative before, and hoped that Mu Ci would take the initiative from now on, and Mu Ci barely supported him. Holding her body, she kissed Liuying. Mu Ci finally fulfilled this wish, leaning on Liu Ying’s side and disappeared in smoke. Liu Ying cried and told Mu Ci that she already had his flesh and blood in her belly, but it was a pity that Mu Ci could no longer hear him.

Immortal Yuexia received the invitation of Xufeng and Runyu at the same time, and both of them asked him to be the master of the wedding, which made him very troubled. Yanyou ridiculed that the immortal under the moon is black and white, and the immortal under the moon said that the most unseen thing he saw was the random mandarin ducks, but now it is more messy than anything. Immortal Yuexia discussed with Yanyou and asked him if he wanted to reverse the situation with him and let them return to the dust.

Really Tai Si saw that Kwong Lu was unhappy because of Runyu’s marriage, so he hoped that she would not torture herself so much. He met Runyu and hoped Runyu would allow Kwong Lu to go to other places to practice, and also hope that Kwong Lu could find a satisfactory marriage soon. . Kwong Lu rushed over, expressing her willingness to follow Runyu all his life and never leave.

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