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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 56 Recap

After Jiuyingdong, Suihe saw that Xufeng had avoided seeing him, so he took the initiative to find Xufeng and wanted to explain to him what happened that day.

Gucheng King Shi Ji imprisoned Mu Ci, and brought Liu Ying to Mu Ci, forcing him to create a spirit-killing arrow for himself. Seeing Mu Ci’s unwillingness to yield, King Gucheng stabbed Liuying with a dagger. Mu Ci couldn’t bear the suffering of Liuying, and finally agreed to King Gucheng’s request.

After King Goseong left, Liuying gradually disappeared and became his subordinate. It turned out that King Liuying was a phantom of King Goseong. He expressed his concern to King Goseong, fearing that Muci’s spiritual power would not be enough to create. To destroy the spirit arrow, King Gucheng said that Muci would definitely fight for Liuying’s life.

Jin Mi came to see Xufeng, but Xufeng still said coldly to her. Jin Mi apologized to Xu Feng, saying that he had misunderstood him at the beginning, and also told all the dreams he saw in the nightmare’s dream. After hearing Jin Mi’s explanation, Xu Feng thought that she was the first to ascend to the position of Demon Lord, but Jin Mi and Runyu wanted to repeat their old tricks and put themselves to death again.

Jin Mi cried to make Xu Feng believe in herself, but Xu Feng remained unmoved. It was Suihe who rescued him when he died; when he had nothing left, Suihe was with him again. Xu Feng refused to believe in Jin Mi anymore, and pushed her away and left.

Sui He looked at Jin Mi triumphantly, and now Xu Feng believed in herself very much. She looked at Jin Mi in such pain and satisfaction. Jin Mi persuaded Suihe not to be proud for too long, she would tell everyone the truth and return Xufeng’s innocence.

The sixth day of June is the day when Mu Ci and Liu Ying get married. Liu Ying is ready to wait for him, and I believe Mu Ci will come. Mu Ci was still trapped, and he tried to build Spirit Destruction Arrow again and again, but he was always unsuccessful because of his low spiritual power. Seeing that Mu Ci had exhausted his spiritual power, King Gucheng cruelly passed his spiritual power to Mu Ci, and Mu Ci took this opportunity to finally succeed. Mu Ci’s blood drew Nether Wrath again, and Liu Ying knew that Mu Ci must be making the Soul Destruction Arrow, but she didn’t know what it was for this time.

Jin Mi was in a trance in the flower world, and Forsythia hurriedly ran to report, saying that the flowers in the flower world were suddenly gone. Jin Mi remembered the Chunhua Qiushi that she had given to Xufeng with a petal of her real body, and thought Xufeng had figured it out. Hurry to the devil world. But never thought that Xu Feng imagined this beauty to please Sui He, and she still mentioned the marriage of the two like Sui He in the flower cluster.

Xu Feng returned Chunhua Qiushi to Jin Mi. He thought that Jin Mi had given him Chunhua Qiushi to help Run Yu ascend the throne, but he didn’t know that this was Jin Mi’s real body. Jin Mi cried and took Chunhua Qiushi and told Xufeng that she really loved him, but Xufeng remembered the last two words Jin Mi said to him when she was dying. Jin Mi explained to Xufeng that she didn’t understand love because she had served the pill, but Xufeng did not believe her fallacy. He warned Jin Mi that he would kill her immediately when he said that he loved himself again, and said once and again.

Runyu finds Jin Mi who is desperate, and he tells Jin Mi that although she can’t forget Xu Feng, they can’t go back. It’s better to let Xu Feng go, and let yourself go.

The marriage between Suihe and Xufeng was a rare occasion in the Devil Realm. She publicly announced the Six Realms and sent the invitation to the Immortal Moon. Immortal Yuanji looked at the invitation of the two and told the fairy under Moon that he had calculated the hexagrams of the chaos in the six realms.

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