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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 55 Recap

The magic servant found someone trespassing in Jiuying Cave and hurriedly reported to Suihe. The trespasser was Jin Mi. The Jiuying Underground Palace was large and deep. Thanks to Lao Hu’s help with the dust-watching mirror, Jin Mi successfully found the entrance to the underground palace. The entrance barrier needs to be broken open with the most yang fire or the most yin water, and can only stay for a time of incense, Jin Mi has to step up to search in the cave.

Jin Mi found Jiuyingbi according to Lao Hu’s instructions. Rumor has it that the red pupils in the Jiuyingbi are the true location of the inner alchemy. Jin Mi has lost the ability to distinguish colors. She is attentive to clarity and thinks that Jiuying will definitely guard the inner alchemy. As long as the response is the greatest, it must be the inner alchemy. As a result, Wai Da Zheng succeeded in finding the inner alchemy.

Jin Mi escaped smoothly, but was blocked by Sui He. Suihe resorted to Liulijinghuo to kill Jinmi. Jinmi knew that Suihe was his father-killing enemy when Jinmi saw this spiritual technique. Suihe admitted that he had killed Xianshui God and told Jinmi that he had done it too. I knew that Jin Mi used Jin Dan to rescue Xu Feng, but Xu Feng would never know all this. Jin Mi was furious and wanted to kill Sui He to avenge Luo Lin, but Sui He happened to see Xu Feng’s arrival, and she hurriedly put away the Liuli Jinghuo, pretending to be injured by Jin Mi.

Upon seeing this, Xu Feng immediately stopped Jin Mi and overthrew Jin Mi to the ground. Xu Feng looked at Jin Mi fiercely, and warned Jin Mi word by word that if she dared to hurt Suihe, she would frustrate her.

After Jin Mi got the Jiuying Inner Dan, she broke contact with Lao Hu. When Lao Hu was anxious, Runyu came, and he hurriedly told Runyu about Jin Mi’s adventure in the Demon World. Jin Mi told Xufeng Suihe would use Liuli to purify the fire, and she was the one who framed Xufeng and killed Xianshui God. Xufeng, who was in the dark, didn’t believe Jin Mi’s words at all. Xufeng believed that Jin Mi’s infiltrating the Demon World was instigated by Runyu.

He gave Jin Mi one last chance to leave, but Jin Mi insisted on killing After Sui He avenged her father, she walked to Sui He step by step, but was beaten to the ground by Xu Feng. Although Jin Mi vomited blood, she stood up stubbornly and continued to walk towards Suihe. Xu Feng wanted to make another move, but Huandi Fengling guarded Jinmi. Seeing that Fengling, who had been following him for many years, was no longer obedient, Xufeng took Fengling back. Jin Mi cried and begged Xufeng to believe him, until Runyu came to take her away.

It is said that the Jiuying inner alchemy is red, but what Jinmi retrieved is green. Lao Hu asked her why, but she hesitated to answer. Only then did Lao Hu guess that Dao Jin Mi had lost the ability to distinguish colors. Jin Mi told Lao Hu about his request for the light of the sky. After hearing the process, Lao Hu couldn’t help crying for Jin Mi.

When Yanyou woke up, he quickly called the immortal under the moon and the others together, and caused Suihe to use Liuli Jinghuo to cause serious injuries to himself. On that day, he confronted Suihe in the Demon Realm, accused her of taking credit, and threatened her to find Xufeng to tell the truth. Suihe was so embarrassed that he was so angry that he wanted to kill. Yanyou used the fragrant ash at the critical moment to escape. Yanyou also talked about the past when he first set up the immortal class.

At that time, Suihe saw that Fairy Qi Yao and the emperor were flirting with the emperor, so he designed to frame Yanyou and Fairy Qiyao to win the attention of the queen. , And even became the leader of the bird tribe.

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