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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 52 Recap

Xufeng came to worship his parents in the Hall of Sages, but did not see Tu Yao’s ranking. He was looking for Zhongrun Yu but interrupted him and told him that Tu Yao was not qualified to be included in the Hall of Sages. He rebuked the Xiantian Emperor and Tu Yao for deceiving the world and stealing their names for tens of thousands of years. There was nothing to speak of. Some were just endless killings and oppression that covered the sky with one hand.

If he hadn’t taken the overall situation into consideration, he wouldn’t even have the spiritual position of the Xiantian Emperor. Xufeng condemned Runyu for being unqualified to comment. What’s more, Tuyao raised Runyu for thousands of years. He did not have a clear conscience in treating his father and aunt in this way. Xufeng had treated Runyu sincerely, but now his ungratefulness and cruelty have made Xufeng despair.

Runyu accused Xufeng of blinding his eyes under the auspices of Xiantian Emperor and Tu Yao for thousands of years. For thousands of years, the Xiantian Emperor has used power and domineering, and countless creatures in the six realms have died in their hands. He questioned Xu Feng, why he wanted to betroth Jinmi to himself first, why a rebellious courtier and thief could rebel with a single blow, why Tiyao jumped down to Linyuantai and no one made a sound.

The reason why these things happened is right. It was because they both went retrograde, and everyone rebelled. Runyu also moved out of Jin Mi, and deceived Xufeng that he and Jin Mi had conspired to kill him. Xufeng angrily pointed his arrow at Runyu, but the old staff that Xufeng pulled with one hand in the past surrounded Xufeng, which made Xufeng Feng was even more desperate.

Runyu made an order to take Xufeng, but Jin Mi suddenly appeared and stopped them. Xu Feng thought that Jin Mi was acting in front of her again, so she captured Jin Mi and walked out of the Palace of the Sages. Jin Mi was afraid that Runyu would be embarrassed by Xufeng, and stopped Runyu to prevent him from chasing Xufeng. Runyu angered that his patience was limited. Jinmi had to put the ice blade on the tip of his heart, begging Runyu to let Xufeng go. .

Xu Feng walked towards the Nantian Gate step by step, but none of the heavenly generals who had been loyal to him embarrassed him. Before leaving, Xu Feng thanked the generals for their accommodating, but the different ways were not conspiring.

The immortal Taisi told Runyu about the release of water. Even though Runyu was angry, he forgave them. He said that this time the law is not responsible for the public, but this wind must not grow, and the heavens also have the laws of the heavens. He only hopes that they will not be an example in the future, and will perform their duties and loyal to the heavens.

Jin Mi came to Xuanji Palace to ask Runyu to put Xufeng a yard. Runyu was already sitting on the heaven, but Xufeng had nothing. Jin Mi knelt in front of the temple for a long time and couldn’t afford it for a long time, hoping that Runyu would be forgiven and forgiving, but Runyu ignored Jin Mi. She told Kuang Lu Xufeng that even though she was alone, she had the heart to break the army. This kind of ethos made Runyu fear and fear that everyone would turn.

Xufeng buried Tiyao’s favorite Spirit Fire Orb as a mound for the mother goddess. Xu Feng remembered Runyu’s evaluation of Tu Yao, and blamed himself for never having any introspection or doubt about the two of them. It is a mistake for parents to have, but never admonished as a son of man. He felt powerless in the face of Runyu.

Runyu was so arrogant, yet he had no power to refute, and he could not even guard the final dignity of the father and mother. Mu Ci talked to Xu Feng about his own life experience. He had always lived in hatred, but later he realized that his parents and clansmen were desperate to keep himself, not to let him live in hatred.

Liuying sees Suihe sneakily trying to embarrass her, but fortunately Xufeng comes forward to relieve her. Liuying sent Suzaku eggs to Xufeng to replenish spiritual power, but Xufeng remembered the old story of Jin Mi eating Suzaku eggs by mistake. On the way back, Liu Ying and Mu Ci found that Mu Ci had long white hair. The ten years were slowly passing by. Liu Ying told Mu Ci that no matter what happens to him, the two of them must face each other together.

Jin Mi still knelt outside the palace and didn’t get up. She pulled Runyu’s clothes corner and begged, and Runyu agreed, but Jin Mi who had just gotten fainted. Jin Mi woke up to find that there was a barrier in her room. Kuang Lu explained that she was afraid that Jin Mi would venture again, so Jin Mi had to summon Yanyou to break the barrier with him. Yanyou couldn’t break the barrier, so she sat at the door to chat with Jin Mi. Jin Mi recalled the day when she had just come to the heavens to be a fairy boy for Xufeng, and she couldn’t cry as she spoke.

Runyu knew that he could no longer be merciful. He charged Xufeng with a disrespectful crime, and ordered the immortal Taisi to cut off Xufeng’s divine status and never enter the immortal world.

Seeing the edict issued by Runyu, Immortal Moon hurried to find Runyu. The Demon Realm gritted his teeth with hatred of Xufeng, and preventing Xufeng from returning to the heavens was equivalent to killing Xufeng.

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