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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 51 Recap

The Nineth Rank Jin Dan was finally trained, Jin Mi cried with joy as she watched Jin Dan, she was finally able to save Xufeng. Jin Mi rushed over as soon as he left Runyu, looking at Jin Mi’s back in a daze.

The boatman on the Wangchuan River mistook Jin Mi for another fairy and asked her if she still went to the end of Wangchuan. The boatman said that the fairy had a fan with a distinctive peacock feather. Jin Mi immediately thought of it. Suiyu Fan, maybe this fairy is Suihe. Jin Mi asked the boatman to take herself to the place where the fairy often went ashore. He also found Suihe’s weapon and a string of footprints left by the shore. Jin Mi followed the footprints and found Xufeng and Xufeng in Yuyuan Cave.

Only a ray of spirit remained, she was happy and distressed when she saw Xufeng, and hurriedly took out the nine-turn golden pill that she had trained hard, and personally passed it to him. Xu Feng was reborn from Nirvana due to the blessing of the Ninth Rank Golden Core, and the six worlds also heard the Phoenix’s rebirth. When Jin Mi saw Xu Feng’s recovery, he couldn’t help crying with joy. Seeing that Xu Feng was about to wake up, she hurriedly turned into a butterfly and hid on the side.

King Bian Cheng is still persuading Liu Ying not to go to war. He said that this battle will be a result of both losses. He is also very weak in the Demon World. Liu Ying is still unmoved. King Bian Cheng has to put Xu Fengshang on the horizon. Things were told to Liu Ying. It turned out that the land of Yu Yuan was provided by King Bian Cheng to Suihe, and he was worried about her safety without telling Liu Ying. Liu Ying was very happy to hear that, and therefore promised that King Biancheng would not go out again.

Xufeng woke up to see Suihe by her side and asked her what was wrong. Sui He said that he had been giving him spiritual power all these years, only to keep his shape. He also lied to Xufeng himself to steal the golden core for him to resurrect. Sui He informed Xu Feng of all the events that had happened in the past six months, and Xu Feng was totally devastated about this huge change. Only when Jin Mi flew out of the cave did she dared to show her true shape. She facelessly faced Xu Feng and only hoped that Xu Feng would be well.

King Gucheng saw the rebirth of Nirvana and immediately assembled his forces to search the Demon World. King Biancheng hurriedly ordered Liuying to go to Yu Yuan to take Xufeng away from the secret road, and he would try to delay King Gucheng’s time. When Liu Ying and Mu Ci came near Yu Yuan’s secret road, Liu Ying saw that Mu Ci was hesitant. Mu Ci had to tell Liu Ying that she was thrown into Yu Yuan by the King of Gucheng and was almost killed. She found the secret road to save her life. Here, Mu Ci still has lingering fears.

Jin Mi returned to Xuanji Palace and was covered with injuries. The fairy was diagnosed to be wounded by the Nether Fire, so she would have to recuperate for half a year. Runyu heard Jin Mi muttering to herself, but when she got closer, she heard Jin Mi calling Xufeng’s name.

After seeing the celestial phenomena of Phoenix’s Nirvana, the Demon Lord has been pursuing the whereabouts of Xu Feng in the Demon Realm, and King Bian Cheng had to hide Xu Feng in Yu Yuan. He asked about Xu Feng’s future plans, but among the vast six realms, Xu Feng didn’t know where to go. King Biancheng suggested that the internal consumption of the Demon Realm was serious and precarious.

He hoped that Xufeng would ask the King Qingcheng of the Demon Realm to grant blood to be a member of the Demon Clan, and then take the place of the Demon Lord of Gucheng King and compete with the heavens. Since ancient times, the gods and demons had different paths, Xu Feng did not want to go to war with his compatriots, so he declined this proposal.

When Liu Ying and Mu Ci talk about Xufeng, Mu Ci is jealous and says that Liu Ying is best for Xufeng. Liuying acted like a baby and asked Mu to recite herself, but found that Mu Ci started to have a nosebleed. Mu Ci Feng Qingyun said that he was fine, but Liu Ying knew that his body had begun to go downhill, which made Liu Ying very sad.

Xu Feng saw the father and mother goddess in his dream, and the two persuaded him over and over to live well. Xu Feng woke up in a daze, and both parents left, leaving him alone in the world, making him not know how to face it, and he couldn’t bear the pain. Xu Feng secretly returned to the heavens and saw the withered phoenix tree. He couldn’t help but recall the past with Jin Mi.

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