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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 50 Recap

After hearing these past, Jin Mi promised to Lian Chao that he would give everything to him, only asking the immortal to offer the light of the mysterious sky. Lian Chao said that he was born unable to distinguish colors, and he hoped to have the colors in Jin Mi’s eyes. Runyu and Yuexia Xianren both persuaded Jin Mi to think twice, but Jin Mi did not say anything to show off the color in his eyes. Lian Chao looked at Jin Mi so infatuated that he did not really ask for it, but took out Xuan. The light of the dome passed to the three. There is no container to carry the light of the mysterious sky, even the gods can only support it for three hours.

Jin Mi supported the light of the Profound Sky with his body, and gave Lian Chao the color in his eyes as a bead. Lian Chao looked at the light beads carrying the most brilliant colors in history, and they were actually transparent. Only then did he understand that being brilliant is simple. Lian Chao Tuo Jin Mi handed Tu Yao the light beads that carried the past of the two to accompany her in her last years. The three people walked out of Lian Chao’s courtyard and found that Snake Mountain was gradually dissipating. Snake Mountain Lian Chao had been transformed with the original spirit.

The disappearance of Snake Mountain indicated that Lian Chao’s original spirit was about to be destroyed. Lian Chao had spent more than half of his soul to save the Xiantian Emperor, and now it is unsustainable to give out the light of the Profound Sky again. He said that his wish is gone, and there is no problem anymore. The disappearance of the Snake Mountain made the three people’s spiritual power unrestricted, but Jin Mi was unable to work because of the snake venom. Fortunately, Runyu suddenly appeared and brought Jin Mi down the mountain.

The light of Xuanqiong finally poured into the pill furnace, and Runyu thought that if Xufeng was really resurrected, maybe the carefree Jin Mi could also return. But Runyu reminded Jin Mi that Xu Feng would not appreciate her. Jin Mi said that he owed Xufeng this, and he didn’t need to be grateful to himself.

On the Linyuan stage, Jin Mi handed the light bead to Tu Yao. As a young boy, Lian Chao promised Tu Yao to give Tu Yao the most beautiful thing in the world. Now he self-destroyed the soul to get this thing, but he also got it. My last wish. Jin Mi fainted because he couldn’t bear the power of the light of the mysterious sky, but Tu Yao looked at the light beads and realized that the most beautiful thing in the world is the pure and transparent lover’s heart. She was so desperate that she jumped off Linyuan Terrace.

The King of Gucheng actively assembled his soldiers and horses, intending to fight against the heavens, and the leader of the demons was Liuying. Runyu wants the Taisi immortal to convey his will. If there is any change in the demon world, there is no need to be polite to break the army in the heaven. The immortal Taisi offered to let Runyu lead the war to increase morale, but Runyu did not immediately agree because he was worried about Jin Mi.

Runyu gave Jin Mi a spiritual protection body, but Taishang Laojun said that the light of the sky under the fierce light had already melted into Jin Mi’s real body, and Runyu’s spiritual power could only protect her for a while. Runyu looked through the Meng Tuo Sutra, which stated that the blood spirit child of the heavenly forbidden technique could change his fate against the sky. Runyu uses blood coagulation beads as Jinmi’s treatment, and Jinmi escapes the danger.

Mu Ci persuaded Liuying that Liuying should not agree to send troops for His Highness Vulcan, but Liuying has accepted this, and now the arrow is on the line and she has to send it. Liu Ying said that Ruo Muci was unwilling to accompany him to the challenge and she would not force him. Muci said that he would accompany her in adversity anyway.

After Jin Mi woke up and asked how she recovered quickly, Kuang Lu lied to her because Runyu gave her spiritual power. It’s strange that the Supreme Master saw Jin Mi’s return to the sky yesterday, but today he is as good as before. He told Jin Mi that the forbidden technique named Xue Lingzi was recorded in the Meng Tuo Sutra of the ancient times, which could heal her. The light of the mysterious sky, but the healer needs to cut the seven veins and inject half of the essence in the body into the blood drop to form a blood spirit to feed the wounded, and the rescuer will lose half of his life. Jin Mi came to Runyu’s room in despair. She raised Runyu’s hand to check, and it was really scarred.

Runyu still refused to admit that he used the forbidden technique, until Jin Mi asked Qi Huangxian to make a decision. There was Yi Mengshu in the front and Blood Lingzi in the back. Jin Mi asked Runyu if he really didn’t know the Meng Tuo Sutra. He suspected that Runyu had misunderstood Xu Feng. Runyu said that Xue Lingzi was the relic of his biological mother, and he did not know that this spell was a forbidden spell in the Meng Tuo Sutra. Jin Mi knew she couldn’t afford Runyu’s half-life, but Runyu said that she didn’t need her to pay it back. As long as she had Jin Mi, he would be satisfied.

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