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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 49 Recap

Runyu came to the Demon Realm and wanted to form an alliance with King Biancheng, but the condition was that King Biancheng collected Xufeng Yuanling. Runyu said that he regarded Liuying as his own sister and intended to persuade King Biancheng to take refuge in him. When King Biancheng hesitated, Liuying appeared and prevented the two from forming an alliance. Xufeng is kind to King Biancheng’s father and daughter, and Liu Ying is ashamed of conspiring with them. She takes the opportunity to humiliate Runyu and kill his father, and she also wants Runyu to surrender the culprit who killed Xufeng.

Seeing that the alliance failed, Runyu reprimanded Xu Feng for conspiring against the rebellion of the Heavenly Dynasty and then left in anger. The more Liu Ying wanted to get more angry, he came to the Mozun Palace to petition to be a pioneer and crossed Wangchuan to capture the heaven.

Jin Mi has always tortured herself with memories and washed her face with tears. Her persistence moved the old man who ferryed Wangchuan River. He told Jin Mi privately that the Phoenix is ​​actually an immortal bird with seven souls and eight souls, and an extra soul. If it is reserved for Nirvana, if Jinmi can find the soul left by Xufeng, together with the nine-turned golden pill of Taishang Laojun, there may be a glimmer of life.

When Jin Mi returned to the immortal world, he hurriedly came to Dousing Palace to ask for a golden pill. The old man thought that Jin Mi was asking for the return of the Xianshui God and told him that there was no hope for the resurrection of the Xianshui God. Jin Mi knew that the first water god had been killed for a long time, and he had no longer wished to call back his soul, but now Qiu Dan has another purpose.

Lao Jun said that his Nineth Rank Golden Pill still lacks a pair of medicines, and this medicine may never be available. Taishang Lao Junque’s medicine is the light of the profound sky of the god Lian Chao, but Lian Chao has long been dead, and there is no light of the profound sky in the world.

After Runyu conquered Qiongqi, the Xiantian Emperor did not execute the punishment of killing the beast, but ordered the immortal Taisi to go to the Qingtian to add twelve seals. Runyu ordered the immortal Taisi to place him in the Provincial Economic Pavilion first.

Jin Mi returned to the room late at night, but saw that Runyu was still waiting for herself. Runyu asked Jin Mi why she asked the Supreme Master to ask for the Nine-turn Golden Pill, but Jin Mi perfunctorily stated that it was useless to ask for the Golden Pill to protect himself.

Jin Mi was so sad that he could not save Xufeng, secretly shed tears in the flower world, but ran into the fairy under the moon. Jin Mi told the fairy under the moon that Xufeng still had a soul, and if he could get the light of the mysterious sky, there might be hope of saving Xufeng. The fairy under Moon said that Lian Chao was actually alive. Everyone thought that Lian Chao died in the battle of the demon.

In fact, he fell in Wangchuan that day and was seriously injured. The fairy under the moon secretly hid him to heal his wounds. It took him a thousand years to wake up with his spiritual power. Several people are discussing about saving Xufeng, Yanyou also rushed to join in the fun. The three decided to go to Snake Mountain to find God Lian Chao.

Snake Mountain is a dangerous place that immortals dare not enter. It not only suppresses spiritual power, but also ordinary spells are useless here. The three can only hike up the mountain. There are tens of thousands of poisonous insects hidden on the way up the mountain. The three of them have limited spiritual power and have to fight with their bare hands. Jin Mi was bitten by a snake in the fight.

Yanyou said that the snake will eat away the spiritual power of the gods, and Jin Mi will be cruel to poison. Forced to come out, she must climb this mountain to find Shangshen Lian Chao to save Xufeng. Jin Mi dragged his injured leg, finally climbed to the top of the mountain, and saw Shangshen Lian Chao.

When Lian Chao heard that Tiyao was imprisoned and Taiwei was dead, he couldn’t help but feel troubled, and remembered the past with Tiyao. Thousands of years ago, Tuyao and Lian Chao were in love with each other, but Lian Chao was framed by the Xiantian Emperor during the Great Demon War, and almost died forgotten. Although Lian Chao had recovered a life, he was in a coma for many years. When he woke up again, he was married to the Xiantian Emperor and was pregnant with Xufeng.

Yinque’s men followed Jin Mi, and when they saw her entering the Snake Mountain, they hurriedly informed Runyu and Yinque. Runyu knew that Jin Mi must be attracted to seek elixir.

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