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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 47 Recap

The fairy under Moon went to Dongting Lake to look for Yanyou, saying that he could no longer stay in the heavens, and the whole heaven was as cold as Xuanji Palace. Even the fairy chance who fell in love with him was also because of the fact that Jin Mi and Xufeng were in the world. Offended Runyu, and was ordered to go to the mortal experience by Runyu. Yanyou asked about Jin Mi. The fairy under Moon had no affection for Jin Mi and felt that she was a ruthless and unrighteous person.

The two discussed the death of the Xiantian Emperor again, and they didn’t understand why he wanted to destroy the soul, and even Huandi Fengling disappeared. Yanyou told Immortal Yuexia about his relationship with Runyu, saying that he was the adopted son of Lili, but Runyu did not participate in the matter of rebellion. Yanyou wanted to say a few good things to Jin Mi, but the fairy under the moon was angry and turned away.

When Jin Mi came to Qiwu Palace, it was already a desolate and inaccessible place. Jin Mi saw that the Phoenix tree that had had many fond memories with Xufeng had withered, and tried to save it, but there was no effect at all. Can’t help crying. Jin Mi didn’t understand, he obviously should hate Xufeng, but he really couldn’t hate it.

The fairy under the moon saw Jin Mi in Qiwu Palace and couldn’t help but yelled at her. Jin Mi couldn’t help it anymore, and said that Xufeng killed her father and enemy. The evidence that the fairy under the moon faced Jin Mi is still He didn’t believe that Xu Feng was the murderer. He said that he had never seen things with his eyes, but with his heart.

After hearing that Jin Mi was awake, Feixu and Feixu discussed how to assassinate Jin Mi to avenge Xufeng. After learning about it, the fairy under Moon severely criticized the two of them, saying that if they missed their hands, they would be implicated.

When Jin Mi returned to Xuanji Palace, she just heard someone and Runyu talk to each other. At first, she thought it was Runyu and Kuang Lu. But Runyu’s voice soon came, clearly called Jin Mi. Jin Mi opened the door and saw Runyu’s blue dream. In the dream, it was the scene where Runyu repaired the meteor pill for Jin Mi. Jin Mi was surprised when Runyu walked in and recovered her dream. Jin Mi didn’t know how to react, so she ran out.

Jin Mi remembered that after assassinating Xu Feng, he might spit out the meteor pill in his dream, and determined to make it clear. Jin Mi returned to the flower world and told Lord Changfang about killing Xufeng and breaking through the meteor pill. He hoped Lord Changfang would tell the truth. Lord Changfang inspected Jin Mi’s body and found that the meteor pill was gone, so he had to tell everything. Jin Mi. Those who obey the Falling Pill will cut off love. Zi Fen hopes that Jinmi will be strong without love, and can live a happy life.

Peony advises Jinmi not to think too much about these things. She hopes that Jinmi can get along with Runyu. After becoming a newcomer, the future will be smooth sailing and the years will continue. Jin Mi knelt in front of the tomb of the first flower god, saying that although the first flower god was for his own good, even his mother could not deprive him of the right to love, because he did something wrong because of the meteor pill, he could not make mistakes again. wrong.

Jin Mi heard that Tiyao had been kept in Linyuan Terrace for a long time, and came to Tiyao to admit that she had killed Xufeng. Tiyao blames Xufeng for not listening to her own dissuasion, and even questioning herself about killing Luo Lin. Jin Mi knew that he had killed the wrong person when he heard this. It turned out that for a long time, he really blamed the wrong person. Jin Mi quickly ran out of Linyuan Terrace and came to the Marriage Mansion to seek help from the Moon under the Moon.

The two broke into the Pixiang Temple to find the Nightmare Beast’s Dream Devouring File, and found that the record had changed from the last time Jin Mi saw it. , The fairy under the moon guessed that someone must have caused trouble. If someone deliberately did it, it would be impossible to move his hands and feet in the dream.

Jin Mi returned to the palace and came in front of Runyu. He told Runyu that the nightmare’s dream had been moved by someone, and that person was probably Runyu. Runyu stated that he had collected thousands of dreams to investigate the death of the water god, and was sealed by the emperor before he could check it out. In order to dispel Jin Mi’s doubts, Runyu also asked the principal of Pixiangdian to confront him. At this moment, Kwong Lu came in and said that the Lord Pixiang had committed suicide in fear of sin. It turned out that Jin Mi and Yuexia Immortal were discovered by Kuang Lu when they first entered the Pixiang Hall. At that time, Runyu decided to take the life of the Pixiang Hall master.

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