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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 46 Recap

As expected, Xu Feng stuck Qingsi in her inner alchemy essence. Jin Mi watched Xufeng fall in front of her, remembering the bit by bit between the two of them. She vomited blood and also included the meteorite. Spit it out. The Emperor of Heaven watched that his son was about to die in ashes. He couldn’t bear Xu Feng disappearing like this, so he gathered his internal power and turned into a real body. After collecting Xu Feng’s spirit, his spiritual power disappeared and died. The disappearance of the meteor pill made Shuanghua also born. She cried and killed the one she loved.

Jin Mi has been in a coma for half a year. During this half a year, Runyu has become the emperor of heaven. The heavens are waiting to be revived due to the catastrophe half a year ago. Now Runyu is at the time of employing people. He wants to give the world a renewed vision of the heavens. , Only talking about leisure ability.

The ceremony of Runyu’s ascension had just ended, and Jin Mi also woke up. Kuang Lu informed Jin Mi about the situation in the past six months. Jin Mi hurriedly asked about Xufeng’s situation, but Kuang Lu avoided talking about it. When Runyu heard the news that Jin Mi woke up, she hurried over. Jin Mi remembered what happened six months ago, crying that her heart hurts like a needle and a knife, and Runyu wants to feed Jin Mi candy, but Jin Mi has a mouthful of blood. Spit it out and couldn’t stop crying.

Runyu named Kuang Lu as a fairy of Shangyuan, gifted Xuanzhou Wonderland, and praised her for her proper handling and cautiousness in front of Taisi Fairy and others. Runyu assigned her to the Immortal Residence of Dongfu and ordered her to re-edit the Celestial Astronomical Calendar. The seasonal and seasonal regulations concerning the people’s livelihood of the six realms urgently need to be remade, which is also Runyu’s trust in Kuang Lu.

Runyu came to the hall where Tu Yao was imprisoned, and told Xu Feng about the fact that Xu Feng was wiped out on the spot. Tu Yao didn’t believe it. Runyu also said that the emperor of heaven had destroyed himself and returned to heaven and earth. Tu Yao couldn’t believe this fact. Until the heavenly soldier came to Runyu and called him his majesty, Tu Yao had to believe it. Tu Yao scolded him for being cruel, but Runyu questioned her, he had been merciless in killing Xilishi, Jinmishi, and Lize Shuizu.

Tu Yao knows the truth, life is better than death, and wants Runyu to kill herself, but Runyu takes her to Linyuantai and asks her to jump off to comfort the creatures she has killed. Tu Yao intends to seek her own death, but Runyu saves her, saying that she will not let Tu Yao die easily, and to let her have a taste of the loss of her husband and children, and let her see how she can dominate the heavens and rise forever.

In the middle of the night, Ye Shen was drunk and remembered every bit of getting along with Xu Feng. The two were innocent when they were children. After they grew up, Xu Feng gave himself a gift every time he was injured. These once beautiful bits and pieces continue to invade Runyu.

King Gucheng learned of the changes in the heavens, and knew that the power of the heavens was unstable at this time, and the hearts of the people were dissipated, so he recruited troops and strengthened the forces of the demon world in the past six months, intending to fight the heavens in the near future. Liu Ying also learned that Jin Mi was awake and wanted to go to the heavens to find her to avenge Xufeng. Liu Ying thinks that Jin Mi and Run Yu are embarrassed and calculated Xu Feng together, and is very angry. Muci discourages Liu Ying from focusing on the overall situation, and this matter needs to be considered for a long time.

Jin Mi looked at the evening flowers in the palace that bloomed during the day, and remembered that he had planted Xufeng Phoenix flowers that bloom all seasons. The sweet picture of Zeng and Xufeng haunts Jin Mi day by day. She doesn’t understand why it is Xufeng who is wrong, but she has to suffer here.

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