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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 45 Recap

Jin Mi told Xufeng that she believed that the death of the water god was not Xufeng’s work, but her marriage with Runyu was the wish of the water god, and she had no power to violate it. She gave a strand of her own blue silk to Xufeng, and talked about giving it to Xufeng. Xufeng swore to Jin Mi that he would think of a way to cancel the marriage contract.

Runyu and Kuang Lu tried to modify the stars on the eve of the mutiny, but Xu Feng learned of their tricks and immediately broke their tactics. Runyu determined that her chances of winning were slim, but Kuang Lu didn’t understand why Runyu had to make dangerous moves. Runyu knows the big bet between heaven and earth, and he can only know the final result if he is desperate. It is better to take out the meat to repair the sore. Xu Feng also predicted that Runyu had no chance of winning. He didn’t know what weight was still in Runyu’s hand that could make him break the boat like this.

When Xufeng meets Runyu, the two recalled the old things in their childhood, but the good memories in Xufeng’s eyes are Runyu’s nightmare. Xufeng wants Runyu to promise herself not to do things that she regrets. On the other hand, Runyu said that he had nothing left, everything could be given to Xu Feng, only this time, only Jin Mi, he would never let go.

All the immortals in the flower world came to bless Jinmi, and only the fairy under Moon kept saying that Jinmi was a match. Jin Mi knelt down and bowed down to the Lord, thanking everyone for their shelter in the past. Before changing his wedding clothes, Jin Mi handed Xufeng’s Huandi Fengling to the fairy under Moon, and asked him to return it to Xufeng on his behalf.

The marriage between Runyu and Jin Mi was very lively and luxurious. All the immortals came to see the style of the two. Runyu also gifted Xinghui Condensation to the Emperor to talk about his filial piety, but Xufeng was late, and was on the second. When people were about to salute, Xu Feng suddenly appeared in the lobby and stopped the wedding. Xu Feng reported to the Emperor of Heaven that the 100,000 heavenly generals gathered by Runyu had been ambushing around the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace. Seeing that the incident was revealed, Runyu raised the banner of usurping the throne and tried to rebel. The emperor wanted to punish this conspirator and was taken to Visuo prison, but suddenly he couldn’t move.

It turned out that the starry condensed dew was added with evil scent ash, which would make people lose strength for two hours. Runyu pointed out that the Emperor of Heaven was murdering his brother, abandoning the flower god, marrying a wicked woman, humiliating and other crimes, and pointed out that the heavens were the most hypocritical place. Today’s rebellion is nothing more than a reincarnation of the clear laws of nature, and everything I do, I seek the grace of my first mother.

A group of immortals headed by the bird clan hermits bow down to Runyu and show their loyalty to Runyu. Runyu immediately ordered the Heavenly General to take down Xufeng. Lord Liaoyuan died in the battle to save Xufeng. Xufeng, who was burning in anger, used colored glaze to purify the fire. Jin Mi saw the colored glaze in Xufeng’s palm and thought that he was there. In the same scene seen in Nightmare’s dream, she followed the position of the blue silk she had given to Xu Feng and stabbed it with an ice blade. As expected, Xu Feng stuck Qingsi in his inner core essence, and this knife also killed Xu Feng. Before he died, Xufeng asked Jin Mi if she had loved him. Jin Mi told him with a cold face that she had never loved him.

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