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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 42 Recap

Suihe came to Luoxiang Mansion late at night, trying to take advantage of Jin Mi to attack Jin Mi, but temporarily hid because of the sudden visit of the Water God. The water god gave Jin Mi medicine, and he asked Jin Mi’s favorite person, but Jin Mi could not answer because of the meteor pill. The recent events let the water god understand that Jin Mi should be assured to choose his love in his heart, no matter if this person is the fire god or the night god, he will support Jin Mi.

Suihe in the dark saw the affectionate picture of the father and daughter burning with jealousy. She turned into Xufeng to attack the God of Water, using Liuli Jinghuo to burn the essence of the God of Water, and the God of Wind died here to save the God of Water. .

After listening to hearing, he went to find Jin Mi before he died, but he just said the word “fire” and his soul was gone. Jin Mi came to the yard and saw the dead father and Linxiu. He broke down and cried, and finally fainted. Xu Feng on the side quickly comforted Jin Mi. He said that everything was too late and it was too late.

Jin Mi thought he had a nightmare when he woke up, but in a daze, he realized that the water god had really left him. Jin Mi took out the ice blade that the water god gave to herself, and she swore to the ice blade that she would find out the real murderer and avenge them.

The emperor named the water god as the deity and good immortal, and extended the marriage period between Jin Mi and Runyu to three years after the filial piety period. He also ordered Jin Mi to inherit the throne of the Water God and was granted the title on the same day.

The Emperor of Heaven was worrying about the case of the Water God’s extinction, and Runyu came to discuss with the Emperor. Runyu believes that although within these six realms, Xufeng and Tianhou are the only ones with extremely high cultivation bases and able to control Liuli Jinghuo, but Xufeng’s suspicion is too obvious, and it is more like a fault.

The difficulty in this case is that the queen can’t walk around in the whirling prison, and Xufeng does not seem to be the real murderer. The emperor had high hopes for Xu Feng, he did not want to make these files public, let Xu Feng be pointed and ruined his reputation, Runyu also proposed to seal the files before finding the real culprit.

Jin Mi knelt in front of the tomb of the God of Water for a long time, unwilling to leave, he couldn’t believe the fact that his father had left her. While sorting out the relics of the Water God, Jin Mi found that Xu Feng had an appointment with the Water God that day, and her father was still injured by Liuli Jinghuo, but she still couldn’t believe that Xu Feng did it.

Xufeng came to the flower world to worship the two immortals with Jin Mi. Jin Mi asked about the progress of Xufeng’s investigation. Xufeng only said that there was no trace of the incident. Jin Mi took out his letter paper and asked Xu Feng why he saw the God of Water that day and why the God of Water was injured by Liuli Jinghuo. Feibaishu is Xufeng’s usual writing style. She took out the ice blade and asked Xufeng if he killed her father.

Xu Feng knew that Jin Mi suspected that he was sad, and he said that someone must blame him for this matter. Xu Feng also said that if he didn’t believe it, his life could be taken at any time. After Jin Mi heard this, she slowly lowered the hand holding the knife. She really couldn’t deal with Xu Feng. She didn’t want Xu Feng’s life, but only wanted her father to live.

Xu Feng learned that the emperor had ordered that no gods except the Bafangtian generals were allowed to investigate the dossier at will. Lord Liaoyuan suspected that the murderer was the god of night, but Xu Feng did not think. Runyu can only use water spells, and definitely can’t use Liuli Jinghuo. Moreover, the water god is the backer of Runyu, and Runyu will not be so confused that he will try to blame the water god for himself.

Xufeng came to the imprisonment to see Tuyao. He told Tuyao about the death of the god of water and wind, and asked if it was related to her. Tu Yao breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that, and commented that it was so good. Xu Feng’s attitude towards Tiyao understands that this matter cannot be separated from Tiyao. He blamed Tiyao for causing him to be unrighteous, but Tiyao persuaded Xufeng that he should not stick to the trivialities when it comes to big things.

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