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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 41 Recap

Qi Yuan’s corpse was already difficult to control, but Suihe came to him when it was attacking, temporarily stopping his poison. Qi Yuan asked Suihe to agree to her wish to retreat to the mountains and forests. Suihe asked Qi Yuan to make another Lingling Arrow for herself. Once the Lingling Arrow was trained, she would detoxify him and return him to freedom. body. Sui He had obtained the empress’s lifelong cultivation base not long ago, and now she also has the capital to control Liuli Jinghuo. Qi Yuan thought of Liuying, and couldn’t help but be moved.

A visitor from the bird tribe reported that the granary in the tribe was empty and Suihe was suffering from a headache. One of the elders of the bird tribe, the hidden bird came to Suihe and asked about the crime. He believed that Suihe could no longer keep the bird clan safe. Suihe issued a military order, saying that he promised to solve the food disaster within three days, to prove that he was able to ascend the bird clan by all his strength.

The Emperor of Heaven handed over the important task of the five-party Heavenly General Mansion to Runyu. After seeing Suihe’s request to open a warehouse to help the birds of the bird tribe, Runyu threw it into the furnace and burned it.

Three days have passed, and the elders such as the hidden bird have been waiting in the bird clan hall, but Suihe still has not received the news of the heavens opening a warehouse to release grain. In desperation, Suihe had no choice but to bite the bullet and come to the main hall, shitting this predicament to the elder hermit who had personal acquaintances with the demon world. Suihe announced that the Elder Hidden Bird went to the Demon Race to meet the Demon Venerable, explaining that it was because of this that the Heaven Realm and the Bird Realm had a rift, which led to the failure of borrowing grain.

The two were fighting over each other, but the night god was betting food to relieve the trouble, and he also explained that the Emperor of Heaven did not want to suppress the bird race, but that Suihe turned the horse upside down and begged the Emperor to deal with the hidden bird. If it hadn’t been for the hidden bird to go to the heavens to ask for food two days ago, he would not come to the bird race to send food to preside over the overall situation. The crowd rushed to elect the hidden bird as the new bird elder, and Suihe realized that the hidden bird was not in collusion with the demons, but with Runyu.

Yinque sent Runyu out. It turned out that this matter was Runyu’s strategy from front to back. He supported the Yinque because it could be used for himself.

Liu Ying went around looking for Mu Ci’s traces, and at this time Mu Ci was in the Demon World using his own bones and blood to refine a new Spirit Destruction Arrow. The wrath of Netherworld caused by Mu Ci’s blood and bones also made Liu Ying know that Mu Ci was going to be against Jin Mi again. Suihe rescued the fainted Mu Ci after receiving the Ling Ling Arrow and asked her to kill Run Yu with the Ling Ling Arrow, but Mu Ci shied away from the severe loss of spiritual power and refused to go.

Yanyou heard about the replacement of the bird clan chief, and knew that he couldn’t get rid of Runyu, so he came to Xuanji Palace to persuade him. Runyu said that he just wanted to fulfill Xili’s wish, but Yanyou pointed out that this wish had caused Xili to do a lot of wrong things. He was afraid that Runyu would also follow in Xili’s footsteps and forget his original intention. Runyu knew that he could no longer look back, and did not listen to Yanyou’s persuasion.

Suihe and Qi Yuan came to Xuanji Palace together. Although they didn’t see Runyu, they waited for Jin Mi, who was sending a thousand beards. Suihe temporarily changed his mind to ask Qi Yuan to kill Jin Mi, but Qi Yuan hesitated to draw the bow. Sui Hesheng was afraid that he would miss the best time, and stun Jin Mi with a palm of the fire spell, but Qi Yuan pointed the spirit-killing arrow at Suihe at the critical moment. Fortunately, Xu Feng arrived in time and threw off the arrow.

Save Suihe’s life. Suihe and Qi Yuan fled when they saw this. Suihe stunned Qi Yuan with weak spiritual power in desperation. At this time, Xu Feng also chased him over, warning Sui Heru that if he hurt Jin Mi again, he would never be soft, and that his bottom line was Jin Mi’s safety.

Xu Feng returned to Xuanji Palace anxiously to see Jin Mi, but Runyu blocked him from the door. Runyu warned Xufeng that Tianhou and Suihe had harmed Jinmi because of him, and hoped that Xufeng could judge the situation and stay away from Jinmi.

When Mu Ci woke up again, he was in the palace of Biancheng, while Liu Ying next to him guarded him all night. He confessed to Liuying that he did not hurt Liuying’s friend, and that Liuying knew that his own words had finally come back.

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