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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 39 Recap

Jin Mi provokes the empress, saying that the empress who has the supreme power would actually fear herself, which made her very flattered. The emperor was enraged, and Jin Mi took the opportunity to accumulate spiritual power and injured the hand of the emperor. Seeing that Jin Mi dared to kill herself, the empress used Liuli Jinghuo’s capital punishment in a hurry.

Fortunately, Xu Feng appeared in time to protect Jin Mi. Xu Feng wondered why the empress was so persistent that she could not understand, but the empress said that it was Jin Mi who had separated the relationship between the two.

Xu Feng admitted to her mother that Jin Mi already had her own bones and blood, and the emperor became even more angry when she heard that, and scolded Jin Mi for being shameless and wanted to burn Jin Mi with his bones and blood. She slammed Xu Feng aside and used her powerful abilities again, but was blocked by Runyu who came over. When the empress was angrily preparing to make another move, the water god and the heavenly emperor arrived in time to stop her behavior.

In his anger, the water god used a deadly spell on the emperor, but Xu Feng stood in front of the emperor and took the palm. Xu Feng, who was still alive, begged the water god to spare the emperor’s life. The flower god was killed by the person next to his pillow. Knowing the truth, the emperor sent Tianhou into the prison of Visuo, cut off the post, and can’t become immortal again forever.

Liuying stayed beside Mu Ci day and night, and finally got Mu Ci’s sober moments. When Mu Ci wakes up, she still speaks coldly to Liuying, but Liuying feels distressed for his suffering over the years. Mu Ci said that he and the demons had different feuds, and his ethnic group was also regarded as an unknown family. However, Liu Ying said that the Spirit Clan is not an unknown clan.

When she was learning the art of hiding shadows, she accidentally discovered with King Biancheng that King Gucheng had pretended to let the Demon Sovereign decree to let the Spirit Clan create the spirit arrow, and later destroyed the clan’s tricks. And Mu Ci was accidentally shot by Liu Ying to save his life. Mu Ci was very sad when he heard Liu Ying’s description. For so many years, he had been a puppet of the emperor for revenge and gratitude, but now he learned that it was a joke.

King Bian Cheng consumed a lot of spiritual power to save Muci, but Muci still did not improve. Liuying asked her father how to save Muci. King Bian Cheng said that the last step in the fire of karma, Liulijinghuo, burning the bugs in Muci’s body would cure the disease, but Muci’s life span was only the last ten years. Not only that, but Muci’s spiritual power will slowly fade away and eventually become a mortal. Liu Ying expressed that she was willing to use her bones and blood to continue her life for Mu’s death, even if she would lose her spiritual energy. Mu Ci hid in the dark and heard these conversations. Knowing that he could not drag Liu Ying anymore, he quietly left the Demon Realm.

Jin Mi had a lot of nightmares, and when he woke up again, he saw the God of Water beside him. After waking up, Jin Mi anxiously expressed that he wanted to avenge his mother and flesh, and when he saw the water god stopped him, he cried in despair. The water god took out the ice blade caused by Yisheng Xuanbing, which was made by himself with half of his cultivation base. He wanted Jin Mi to carry it with him, so that he could defend himself against evil people.

The Emperor of Heaven finds the God of Water to ask Jin Mi about the situation, but the God of Water thinks that the Emperor of Heaven is too kind to Tu Yao. He warned the emperor that for Jin Mi, he would act without scruples in the future. After hearing this, the Emperor said that he was helpless, and that he had treated Xianhua Shen sincerely. The water god asked Tiandi about the true love. He pointed out that the reason why the Tiandi sent Tuyao into the prison is not because of the guilt of the first flower god, but that Tuyao has no use value.

Jin Mi thought of Xu Feng’s palm for Tu Yao, and was very worried about Xu Feng’s body. He came to Qiwu Palace in the middle of the night to see Xu Feng, but he saw that Suihe was serving Xufeng beside him. Not only that, Suihe also When Xufeng was unconscious, he kissed. The Jin Mi meteor pill on the side had another attack, heartache.

The emperor came to visit Tiyao in his cell. He thought Tiyao could reflect on himself, but he did not expect Tiyao to be as domineering as ever. In fact, Tu Yao didn’t get the care and cherishment of her husband to become what it is now.

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