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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 38 Recap

Liuying came to the flower world and borrowed the Nightmare from Jinmi. Through the Nightmare, she saw how Muci was threatened by the queen, and the process of being ordered to kill Jinmi. Muci’s tragic past made Liuying heartbroken. . Liuying returned the nightmare to Jin Mi and warned her that the person who killed Qianghuo in the mortal world was the person sent by the Queen of Heaven. Jin Mi must be more careful when facing the Queen of Heaven.

When Liu Ying returned to the Demon Realm, he overheard King Bian Cheng saying that he knew how to control the corpse of the celestial silkworm, so he immediately went in and asked him. It happened that Mu’s speech happened at this time. Using his own bones and blood to squeeze Mu Ci’s corpse to kill the Celestial Silkworm, it turned out that this was the method that King Biancheng said. This method will make people who have lost their bones and blood abruptly reduced their spiritual power, and their body is exhausted.

Sui He and Tian Hou were talking about Jin Mi, but Tian Hou did not expect that the human world not only did not separate the two, but made the relationship between the two even worse. Sui He said that Jin Mi was not eliminated in the world at the beginning, and now it is even more difficult to deal with her. The Queen thought for a while and said they had another way.

The God of Water talked to Fengshen about Jin Mi’s marriage again, and he was afraid that the Queen would bully Jin Mi. The water god originally wanted to place hope on the emperor, but the wind god had already seen from Runyu’s affairs that the emperor was unreliable. Jin Mi turned into a butterfly to make the two elders happy, but after hearing these words, he turned back.

The meteor pill in Jin Mi’s body has been repaired. She didn’t want her elders to worry about her affairs, so when the water god came to her, she said that her marriage was decided by the water god. When the water god saw this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and ordered her to return to Luoxiang Mansion to live there for a while, so that Fengshen could tell her the rules of the heaven.

Xu Feng heard that Jin Mi had come to Luoxiang Mansion in Heaven, so he happily went to her. Jin Mi did not agree to Xu Feng’s request. Xu Feng rushed in and asked Jin Mi why she ignored herself. Jin Mi who had been repaired by Meteor Pill became an unsympathetic person again, and he confessed that the future will not be anymore. Pay attention to him.

Jin Mi said that he and Runyu have a marriage contract, so meeting Xufeng is not good for the three after all. Xu Feng was extremely sad when he heard what Jin Mi said, saying that she was not afraid of anything in the sky or the earth.

Not long after Xufeng left, a fairy boy came to invite Jin Mi, saying that the old gentleman had opened the furnace to make alchemy and invited her to taste the elixir. Jin Mi recognized that this fairy boy was the person next to Tianhou. She wanted to take this opportunity to let Tianhou confess the crime of killing Flesh, so she summoned Yanyou while she went in to change clothes, and she told all the things outside the door. Yanyou, ask Yanyou to ask the god of water for help.

Immortal Yuexia and Xufeng went to attend the puja of Lord Xuanling Doumu Yuan. Xufeng just walked to the scene of the puja, Lord Liaoyuan reported to him that the queen took Jin Mi away. Xufeng hurried after hearing this. Ran out. Tian Hou used the excuse to see what Jin Mi’s real body was, and wanted to use the eighth rank karma on her. Tianhou said that the flower god first resisted to the eighth level of karmic fire. I don’t know when Jin Mi can resist. Jin Mi learned that his mother was actually killed by the Queen, and tried his best to fight the Queen.

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