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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 37 Recap

The Queen of Heaven sent two sets of filial attire, and asked Runyu to choose one of the two different rituals of the Celestial Realm and the Dragon. Runyu recalled the words of the Emperor of Heaven, and angrily chose the hemp mourning dress of the Celestial Realm. He blamed himself for being useless, and blamed himself for not being able to observe the funeral of his biological mother in accordance with the etiquette of the dragon fish tribe.

Yanyou asked Runyu about his future plans, and took out a box, saying that Xili had confessed it to him. Runyu opened it and found that it was full of the Wing Miaozhou Bird Clan’s military deployment map that Xili had studied over the years, Runyu. Only then did I understand the biological mother’s desire for herself.

Tian Hou was very happy to learn that Runyu had chosen the heavenly hemp mourning gown, but she knew that Runyu had a fierce nature, and believed that the dead Runyu would never let go. Choosing the mourning gown this time was just a wake-up call. The empress confessed that today was the birthday of the fairy under the moon, and asked Suihe to send her a birthday gift.

The mansion of the immortal under Moon is very lively, and all the families in the immortal world have sent birthday gifts. Xu Feng’s gift is particularly peculiar. It is a box full of Tianxiang painting books that Lord Liaoyuan found in the world. The fairy under the moon was watching with enthusiasm, and Kuang Lu also came to pray for birthdays, and gave a night pearl as a gift. Immortal Moon under Moon learned that it was inconvenient for Runyu to go out during the funeral, so he invited Kuang Lu to his birthday banquet for fun.

Jin Mi, Sui He and other gods all came to the birthday banquet of the fairy under the moon. Jin Mi gave the fairy under the moon a magnifying glass. He used it to look at the immortal Yuanji from the left and right, and blamed her for being empty-handed. Then, the Immortal Fate Ji promised to hand over the marriage fate of the White Lady to the Immortal Moon under the moon, and he hugged the Immortal Fate Ji happily.

The emperor also came to join in the birthday feast of the immortal under the moon, and ordered the immortal Taisi to use the novel words he was good at to cheer him up. The immortal Taisi also brought Kuang Lu to pay respects to His Majesty, and wanted to take the opportunity to ask for grace for his daughter and find a good relationship in the heaven for Kuang Lu, who is gentle by nature.

In Xuanji Palace, Runyu thought of Jinmi’s character that Changfang had portrayed for himself. Now that Jinmi who came back from the human world has changed a lot, but he is less sentimental but dedicated. Runyu guessed whether Jinmi was under some control. Runyu saw the introduction of the meteor pill while reading the classics, and guessed something.

Sui He looked at the affectionate drama of each father and daughter, and remembered the past that she killed her biological father in the mortal world. She couldn’t help but messed up her mind, and resigned early after reporting to the Emperor of Heaven. She personally killed the only person who loved her, but she still couldn’t get Xu Feng’s heart.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but hate Xu Feng for her love. Suihe went back to the Queen in despair and asked if she would never be better than Jin Mi, and the Queen comforted her that as the leader of the bird clan, she could not be so vulnerable. It was not yet the last moment, who would win or lose.

Runyu found Lord Changfang and told him about the meteor pill. He saw that Jin Mi’s feelings for love were different from ordinary people, and Lord Chang Fang once said that Jin Mi was a rare person with a lack of love. Runyu didn’t want to deprive her of the right to love. He wanted to help her take out the meteor pill, but Changfang asked Runyu, if he took out the meteor pill, how to protect the Jinmi, Runyu promised that she would not tell the truth, so she will. Hu Jinmi is comprehensive.

Jin Mi followed Liaoyuanjun to the side of Liuzi Pool and told Xufeng that he would be responsible for him. Xufeng was angry and funny, and asked her where she got the banditry. Jin Mi laughed and said that her previous husband was a bandit called a crow. Jin Mi gave Xu Feng a piece of spring blossoms and autumn fruits, which can be transformed into the beauty of the whole spring blossoms and autumn fruits by putting it on his chest and urging it with spiritual power. Xu Feng cherishes it very much and puts him in a poem to treasure it.

The lingering feelings of the two were eaten by the nightmare, and Runyu’s anger after seeing it scared the nightmare to break out. Nightmare bit Jin Mi’s sleeve and took her to Xuanji Palace to see Runyu. Runyu tells Jinmi that she has tried in vain to become a koi, and Jinmi comforts Runyu with her life experience. Runyu took the opportunity to ask that Jin Mi belonged to him alone.

He turned into a real body and approached Jin Mi inch by inch. Jin Mi stayed on the spot and hid when Runyu approached. Runyu was very sad, and he told Jin Mi that he didn’t want much in his life, so he could be indifferent, but long-term. Knowing that he couldn’t give Runyu any promise, Jin Mi turned and left Xuanji Palace.

At night, Runyu came to the flower world and used spiritual power to detect the meteor pill in Jin Mi. It turned out that Jin Mi’s change originated from the rupture of the meteor pill. Runyu didn’t want to see Jin Mi and Xu Feng so entangled. He would rather Jin Mi who didn’t understand love for the rest of his life, and then used spiritual power to repair the meteor pill. Runyu knew that he had nothing left, only Jin Mi was left, and he couldn’t see Jin Mi leaving him. Runyu said and kissed Jin Mi.

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