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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 36 Recap

Liu Ying went to the Fire God Temple to find Xu Feng, and told him that the one who wanted to attack Jin Mi was Muci, a descendant of the Spirit Clan. The Spirit Arrow must be refined with Muci’s blood and blood, and once it was released, it would trigger the ghost. Anger, so Liu Ying judged that someone must be threatening Muci to do these things.

Xufeng remembered that Lord Liaoyuan once reported to herself that there was a suspicious person around the Queen, and asked Lord Liaoyuan to assist Liuying to find Muci together. Lord Liaoyuan sent Liuying out and gave Liuying the seal that he had obtained from his grandfather in the mortal world. Liuying saw that it was something from the devil world, but he couldn’t see whose hand it came from.

Xu Feng came to Zifang Yungong to accompany the empress for a walk. He asked about the evil spirit arrow but the empress did, and warned the empress that he would never stand by if something happened to Jin Mi. Tian Hou was worried that the two of them would lead to gossip during the robbery together, but now that Xu Feng is even more upset about Jin Mi’s maintenance, saying that Xu Feng will regret it one day.

Jin Mi received a letter from Xu Feng in Huajie, inviting her to enter the time tonight and see you by the pond. At night, Jin Mi came to the poolside on time and was moved by the lanterns in the courtyard. The two drank sweet-scented osmanthus stuffed to celebrate, and Jin Mi planted a pond full of lotus in the poolside to add to the fun. When she was happy, she accidentally stomped on the air and almost fell into the pool.

Fortunately, Xu Feng’s quick hands pulled her back. Facing Xu Feng’s enthusiastic gaze, the meteor pill in Jin Mi’s body expedited breaking. Xufeng asked Jin Mi about her promise to marry him in the world, but she is still willing to honor it. Jin Mi hesitated to talk about the marriage contract with Runyu, but under Xufeng’s pressure, she finally admitted that she was willing to marry Xufeng. Xu Feng was so excited that he kissed it, and the two couldn’t help themselves, and finally completed the first spiritual practice under the tree full of phoenix flowers.

The Queen of Heaven turned into anger because of the incident, and severely punished Qi Yuan, and ordered him to stay in the underground palace, not allowed to come out without her own orders. When Mu Ci was opening the underground palace, Liaoyuan-jun appeared, and the two fought. The corpse-decomposing silkworm in Mu Ci’s body happened at this time.

Liaoyuan-jun took the opportunity to stun him and send him to Liuying’s hands. Liu Ying was with King Bian Cheng at this time. He saw the poison of the corpse emperor silkworm in Qi Yuan’s body and knew that the corpse emperor silkworm was extremely fierce. However, Liu Ying insisted on leaving him behind and wanted to find the old Muci back.

Xufeng asked the fairy under Moon to tell himself about Runyu’s birth mother. He found Runyu to play against him and brought the mother god to apologize to Runyu, but Runyu did not appreciate it. Xufeng expressed that he was willing to assist Runyu as the emperor of heaven, willing to surrender to him and be his loyal minister, and his only extravagant desire for Runyu was to hope that Runyu could let go of Jinmi. Knowing that everything Xu Feng said today was for Jin Mi, he rebuked him for being too caring about his fiancée. The marriage contract between the two was made by the Emperor of Heaven and the God of Water, and he could not let it go.

Jin Mi prepared Ginseng Shouwu Cream and Ganoderma Beauty Cream for Water God and Fengshen. After thinking about it, he peeled off a petal of his real body and prepared to give it to Xufeng. After giving her gift to the two elders, she tentatively asked if the marriage certificate could not be changed once the marriage certificate was finalized.

The God of Water asked her but she wanted to regret the marriage. Jin Mi said that Runyu’s loss of her mother naturally cannot be mentioned. Interrupting her, let her go with herself to worship the first flower god. In front of the tomb of the first flower god, Jin Mi confessed to the water god that the two had made an appointment, and the water god tried his best to dissuade him, but Jin Mi insisted that she really loves Xufeng. Seeing that she was obsessed, God of Water only warned her not to act rashly until a proper solution was found.

Mu Ci’s corpse resolving the silkworm broke out again, and the magic doctor’s medicine had no effect. Liu Ying was anxious, and the tortured Mu Ci lost consciousness, shouting over and over again that Qi Yuan knew she was wrong.

The God of Water and Fengshen discussed Jin Mi’s affairs. The God of Water couldn’t see through Jin Mi’s mind, thinking that maybe Jin Mi would change his mind again. Fengshen said that Jin Mi was different this time, and she saw that Jin Mi was sincere about Xu Feng this time. The Water God was worried that the Queen would be a hindrance. Moreover, neither Runyu nor Xufeng were willing to compromise and be modest, so Jin Mi would be injured.

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