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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 35 Recap

The Queen gave Runyu two choices, one to draw a clear line from the remnants of Dongting, and to be punished by hand, and the other to make atonement for Xili. Runyu chose to bear all guilt, one life worth one life. Tianhou was naturally happy when she heard that, she ordered Thunder God and Dianmu to cooperate with her, and the three of them used the torture of Tianlei, Wu Ji Dianguang and Liantai Yehuo, and Runyu vomited blood instantly and fell to the ground.

Seeing that Runyu still had a sigh of relief, the empress wanted to use Liuli Jinghuo to run Yu’s life. At the critical moment, the Emperor of Heaven and the God of Water both appeared, and the Emperor of Heaven couldn’t bear Runyu’s suffering and pardoned the Dongting clan. Although the Queen of Heaven did not succeed in the end, she also warned Runyu that these 30,000 heavenly punishments were ten times harder than Ling Chi and healed even more.

The empress left Jiuxiaoyundian and found the Emperor of Heaven, accused him of being soft-hearted, and complaining that he was too conniving to Runyu. The emperor knew what the emperor was worried about over the years, and she assured the emperor that there was a difference between his concubine and Xufeng and Runyu, who would consider him more importantly.

The first thing Runyu woke up was to ask if the Dongting clan was well. Kuang Lu blamed him for despising his life, but Runyu said that he had promised his mother to take good care of the displaced Dongting Shui clan. Runyu has tasted what it feels like to be under the fence for thousands of years, and he doesn’t want the people of the Shui Clan to repeat his mistakes. The God of Water came to Xuanji Palace to see Runyu’s situation, and assured him that he would take care of the Shui people’s safety and would deal with the Queen.

The emperor also came to Xuanji Palace soon afterwards to treat Runyu. Blaming him for not learning to be patient and forbearing all these years, and now he is in a similar situation with the queen, and also embarrassed himself. He wants Runyu to take the oath of God and no longer mention what he has suffered for the Dongting Shui Clan. Runyu asked his father if he hadn’t stood up at that time, would he really ignore the life and death of the Shui Clan.

The Emperor of Heaven admonished him not to be chaotic in his emotions, and to float is no different, just a moment is meaningless, they will not change without the vicissitudes of life. This is God’s ruthlessness. Only then did Runyu understand that his birth was a complete conspiracy. In the eyes of the Emperor of Heaven, the love between father and son, husband and wife, and family relationships was nothing more than a chess piece in his hand.

Huajie Shuijing, Yulan knelt in front of the Lord Changfang and pleaded guilty. She confessed that she had secretly contacted the people of Dongting Shui Clan before and also told them Jin Mi’s life experience. She thought that the fact that Jin Mi was shot and killed with a spirit-killing arrow had something to do with her. She wanted to apologize for her death and was saved by Lord Changfang.

Jin Mi came to see Runyu, and Kuang Lu informed Jin Mi about the current situation of Runyu, saying that Runyu would not sleep or eat, and hope that Jinmi would persuade Runyu. Runyu told Jin Mi about his pain. He watched Xi Li leave but couldn’t do anything. He was very annoyed. Jin Mi remembered the parting with Flesh and told Runyu that he could understand his feelings. Runyu wanted to keep filial piety for Xili for three years, and asked Jin Mi if he would wait for him. Jin Mi was afraid that she didn’t want to make Runyu sad more, so she didn’t reply.

Jin Mi returned to the flower world to see the Lord Chang Fang and a group of friends. Several people were thankful that although Jin Mi suffered from hardship, it was fine. The water god and Jin Mi are playing in the flower world, and Jin Mi carefully asks what happens if the water god does not want to get married? The water god told Jin Mi that what happened to her in the world with Vulcan was just a dream of Huang Liang, and she wanted her to think carefully before making plans.

The fairy under the moon brought Lord Liaoyuan back to the immortal world. When Xufeng saw Lord Liaoyuan, he asked where the phoenix lamp was in the mortal world, and asked Lord Liaoyuan to bring it back and place it by the Liuzi Pool.

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