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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 34 Recap

Xufeng changed Jin Mi into the phoenix gown that she had made for her early. The phoenix gown was made by Xufeng when Jin Mi first entered the villa. Xufeng visually made it so that she has changed it more than ten times. It turned out to be just right. Xu Feng put on makeup for Jin Mi, with a complete set of wedding etiquette, Xu Feng cried bitterly while talking. When Jin Mi returned to his soul to see Xu Feng’s grief, he wanted to comfort her, but his extended hand passed through Xu Feng’s body.

Xu Feng finally walked out of the door of the sleeping hall after a day and night. After he ordered Qin Tong to hand over the letter in the hall to Fu Xiang, he carried Jin Mi to the tomb. This royal tomb was originally prepared for Jin Mi’s burial, but now it has become Xufeng’s burial place for Jin Mi. He took out a glass of poisoned wine and wanted to drink it all, but Jin Mi wanted to take it away, but he was still powerless. Xu Feng lay next to Jin Mi, honoring her promise and lifted Jin Mi’s red hijab and took off her veil. Xu Feng, who was dead, soon left his soul. He stood up in the coffin and saw Jin Mi. The two embraced.

Xufeng and Jinmi returned from the tragedy, and Yuanji immortal waited for them at Nantianmen. Jin Mi was so stubborn about Rourou’s death, Xu Feng assured her that she would find out the truth. On their way back to the Emperor and Queen of Heaven, the two met the Immortal Moon under the Moon. He was very happy to see them and he called out to write their love story into a book.

After the incident, Tianhou lied on the water god. She always blasted the wind in the ears of the emperor to condemn the water god, but the emperor was still more partial to the water god. Tian Hou was still very worried about Xu Feng’s future succession to the Emperor of Heaven. She felt that the God of Water and Ye God would sooner or later compete with Xu Feng for the position of Emperor of Heaven. The Queen wanted to eradicate all the power of these people, she also ordered her subordinates to wipe out the more than 30,000 sins in Dongting Lake.

Xufeng and Jin Mi came to Zifang Yungong to return to their lives, and the god of water and wind also appeared in the temple. As usual, Jinmi wants to be promoted to the position of God after returning from the calamity, but the queen said that Jinmi has not experienced the “old suffering” in the “seven sorrows”, so this time he did not succeed in the calamity and needs to go to the mortal experience The robbery is right. Xu Feng immediately said that the failure of this calamity was because he followed Jin Mi to the mortal calamity, and the emperor punished Xu Feng Qiwu to think behind closed doors for half a month.

Fairy Yuanji said that although Jin Mi did not experience the sufferings of the world this time, she has also experienced the baptism of life, and she has cultivated pure enough spiritual essence to have the capital to become a god. After hearing this, the emperor announced that Jin Mi was ranked in the immortal class, promoted to the upper immortal, and wanted to make Jin Mi a flower god. However, Jin Mi said that she was still relatively young and did not want to stay in the flower world early.

Moreover, the Lord Changfang had been in charge of the flower world for thousands of years, and she was more able to take on this task than she. The Emperor of Heaven did not embarrass Jin Mi anymore, and left the flower world to their own solution. The emperor is anxious to set a wedding date for her and Runyu, but Jin Mi expresses that he wants to accompany the water god to share the family relationship, and then his friends are killed in order to protect themselves in the mortal world, and he must check this out. When the emperor heard about this, he promised to help Jin Mi investigate it.

The Queen was very angry at Qi Yuan’s failure, and now she is more determined to clear all obstacles for Xu Feng. The Queen of Heaven found the Emperor of Heaven and suggested that the Emperor of Heaven should impose a capital punishment on the 30,000 creatures in Dongting. The Emperor of Heaven felt that it was too unbearable to kill the creatures.

However, the Queen of Heaven said that Runyu is now the capital of resistance. Moreover, Runyu has married the God of Water, and the Emperor wants to keep it. My two children must make a choice. The Emperor couldn’t refute the Tian Hou, so he had to acquiesce in what she did.

In Xuanji Palace, Runyu ordered Kuang Lu to call Yanyou and Little Loach to worship her mother, but Kuang Lu said that the two were taken away by the heavenly soldiers. The queen wants to impose a heavenly movement on the 30,000 Dongting aquatic people, and Runyu hurried to intercede with his father, but the Emperor is helpless, afraid of the majesty of the queen and does not want to interfere.

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