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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 33 Recap

The king of Nanping said that he had no eyes, and he wanted Suihe to come over. Suihe threatened him and asked Nanping king to withdraw his army. Nanping Wang Yi Suihe withdrew from the army around Xufeng, Sui He slowly walked forward and stabbed Nanping Wang. King Nanping is dead, and the army is messed up. The dragons are headless, and King Yi’s army quickly gains the upper hand.

Sui He confessed to Xu Feng in the barracks and threatened his life. Xufeng only wanted to treat Suihe as his sister, and confessed to Suihe that the one she loved was Jinmi. Xufeng sent a team of elite soldiers to send Suihe back to the villa. He also ended the battle and wanted to return to Jin Mi early.

Xu Feng quickly returned to the villa to meet Jin Mi. Seeing Jin Mi was very weak and worried. Jin Mi deceived Xu Feng and said that he was a symptom of getting angry. He deceived Xu Feng to bring in a highly toxic substance for no reason, and contained three of them. Although no cause is highly toxic, it is indeed a good medicine to restrain the poison of Qingyue.

Suihe summoned Qi Yuan and ordered him to send a letter of invitation to Lord Liangguo. Suihe promised him to meet inside and outside, and once again provoked trouble to destroy Huaiwu. Suihe expected that Xu Feng would personally meet him, and asked Qi Yuan to find an opportunity to destroy Jin Mi. Liuying came with Qi Yuan’s breath and heard the conversation between the two. She did not understand Qi Yuan’s actions and vowed to protect Jin Mi.

Qi Yuan felt the aura of her own blood in Xufeng’s study, and successfully found the lost Spirit Exterminating Arrow. Jin Mi kept vomiting blood, and Xu Feng was about to go personally. She concealed her serious illness and made many promises with Xu Feng. Xu Feng promised that Jin Mi would marry her as his wife when she came back. Jin Mi offered to take off the veil. Xu Feng said that she would wait until their wedding night. As long as she provoked a red hijab, Jin Mi would be her own for the rest of her life. But Jin Mi knew that he couldn’t wait until then. Jin Mi kissed Xu Feng desperately, knowing that it was a farewell right now.

While Xufeng was fighting on the battlefield, Jin Mi vomited blood at the mouth of his bed, and his life was hanging by a thread. Qi Yuan was ordered to come to Jin Mi’s bedroom, and she saw Liu Ying guarding Jin Mi from time to time, and did not dare to act immediately. He slammed Liu Ying away, and aimed at Jin Mi with an Extinguishing Arrow. Liu Ying showed up at a critical moment. During the fight, Qi Yuan found the free time and shot the Ling Ling arrow, but Qiang Huo did it for Jin Mi.

In despair, Jin Mi recalled the two people in the flower world. She is fleshy. When Qiang lived when his soul was scattered, she also remembered her past and present life. She thanked Jin Mi for giving her time again. Jin Mi watched Qiang Huo gradually dying in front of him, and finally blood came out with gulps of blood, and finally fell by Qiang Huo’s side.

Liu Ying chased Qi Yuan to fight, threatening to pursue it to the end, Qi Yuan did not want to spit, she said to Liu Ying an unrelenting remark against her heart, and Liu Ying was heartbroken and gave Qi Yuan a slap.

When Xu Feng returned to the villa, she saw Jin Mi’s body. She picked up Jin Mi’s body and was heartbroken. She asked who did it and ordered Qin Tong to be a bloody enemy.

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