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Yin Zhai Feng Shui Master

Yin Zhai Feng Shui Master (Novel)
Other Name: 阴宅风水师

Genre: novel
Author: Xiao She Jing
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Zhang Yucheng Gemmy, the first time we met, Zhang Yuchen was shocked by Gemmy’s master temperament, thinking that Gemmy was really a big business, who would think Kanyu is actually the owner of the incense candle shop. But Zhang Yucheng still hasn’t seen through, but Ge Yu is a real Feng Shui master…

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Several big men squatted in the small pit, squeezing a little uncomfortably. Zhang Yucheng stretched out his stiff and numb leg, “I have to find a way to get out.”

There was no immediate response to his words. The two bodyguards hesitated for a while before asking, “Do you return to the same way?”

“Definitely not.” Kanyu said without thinking. In the dark hole, several people looked in the direction of the sound at the same time.

“Although I don’t know the specific purpose of your entering the tomb, one thing is certain. You must have touched the mechanism in the tomb, otherwise, you will not escape here.”

Zhang Yucheng backhand touched the bronze medal in his backpack. “The ancients regarded death as life. You disturbed him after he died, and he will certainly not let you go. Therefore, going back the same way is the most unwise choice.”

A bodyguard couldn’t help asking: “What should I do then?” “I have observed that there is an underground river in the cave. We can find an exit along the underground river.” “Go down from the cliff?”

“Yes.” The bodyguard was anxious, “What if you can’t get out?” Kanyu didn’t say any more, obviously waiting for Zhang Yucheng’s decision.

Zhang Yucheng said to the two bodyguards: “I believe him. If you don’t want to leave together, I won’t force it.”

The bodyguards hesitated. Separation at this time was obviously the most irrational behavior. Since they couldn’t find a better way to get out, they could only follow. Seeing that few people had any opinion, they jumped to the ground neatly.

Zhang Yucheng followed close behind, and his uncle also came down. Without the light of a flashlight, five people couldn’t see their fingers, and the five walked along the wall in the dark.

Komyu stopped on the edge of the cliff, not knowing how he did it, and suddenly found a thick cane on the rock wall, and accurately put the cane into Zhang Yucheng’s hands.

Zhang Yucheng keenly felt that Komyo’s hand was cold, as if it had been blowing in the cold wind for several hours in the middle of winter. “Grab the cane and go down, you go first.”

Zhang Yucheng nodded, thinking that he might not be able to see the other party like this, so he replied: “Okay. What about you?” “I’m behind.”

Zhang Yucheng opened his mouth, finally said “careful”, and then slid down the cane. After Zhang Yucheng set off, the two bodyguards and his uncle also followed. Zhang Yucheng slowed down and waited for the misconception who set off intentionally. After a while, the bodyguard and uncle passed him. He fell in the end, but he never heard the misconception. After hesitating for a while, he lowered his voice and shouted, “Important?”

The voice kept reverberating in the dark space, but no response from Miyuki was heard. In trouble?

He stopped in mid-air and looked up. It was dark and he couldn’t see anything. He comforted himself, that Gemmy’s ability to survive in this strange cave alone at least shows that he has the ability to save his life, and perhaps he shouldn’t be too worried.

Continue to slide down the cane, and after about twenty or thirty minutes, a few people landed. The feet were wet and hard, as if stepping on a rock in shallow water.

“Pa”, the flashlight turned on. Uncle has been relieved now, but his eyes are still a little red and swollen.

The two bodyguards watched the surroundings vigilantly. This was a deep pool about 100 meters in diameter. They were lucky enough to land on the reef in the middle of the pool.

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