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The rest of my life, happiness is here

The rest of my life, happiness is here (Novel)
Other Name: 余生,幸福已至

Genre: novel
Author: N/A
Year: 201X
Chapter: 40+
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Xi Chuan Cheng Nanxu, Cheng Nanxu never thought of finding himself a gold master, only because the other party is Xi Chuan, so he agreed. It’s just that no matter how deep the love is, there will eventually be a tired day, but when he decided to let go, Xi Chuan was unwilling!

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The light in the room shone brightly on Cheng Nanxu’s face, and he was a little nervous. The person who brought him in said that Xi Shao took a bath in the bathroom and asked him to wait in bed for a while before leaving.

After a while, the bathroom door was opened, and Xi Chuan, wrapped in a bathrobe, walked out of it, exposed on his chest, still stained with a few drops of water. It was extremely sexy, and Cheng Nanxuan subconsciously moved away. Looking at her, her cheeks were a little hot.

Xi Chuan laughed in a low voice. “The first time?” “Hmm!” “Those people found a good one.”

The insulting words made Cheng Nan pale, and he subconsciously explained: “I didn’t sell it!”

He knew there were many unspoken rules in this circle, but he had never thought of finding himself a gold master, only because the other party was Xi Chuan, he agreed.

The drooping chin was picked up by the slender fingers, and Xi Chuan’s slightly playful voice fell to his ear, “Don’t you want money?”

Cheng Nanxu’s eyes suddenly turned red. He had never thought of asking for money. He just wanted to use this method to get close to the person he loved.

“Well, don’t be sad, fame and fortune, I won’t miss you.” The soft kiss fell on the corner of his lips, as if to caress all his sadness.

His body softened, and in front of him was the man he loved so much. He was willing to give him everything he had. He was put on the bed by the man and closed his eyes slightly.

“Don’t be afraid, I will be very gentle.” With a somewhat dumb voice, it sounded in his ear.

It was indeed very gentle. Cheng Nanxu felt that he was about to melt in this lingering, and he kept tossing until late and late before he stopped.

Cheng Nanxu’s eyes were red, and a teardrop was still hanging on his cheek.

Before, he just looked at this handsome man from a distance, and he had never hoped that he would be entangled with him one day.

Xi Chuan’s arms were still around his waist, which gave him infinite fantasy in his mind-maybe Xi Chuan likes him too. “Chuan, in the future, can you be the only one for me.” “Of course!”

His heartbeat jumped wildly because of these short words. “So, can you… stop seeing Shu Ran again?”

The beautiful breath in the air dissipated in an instant, and the surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped several degrees. His jaw was pinched fiercely, and the force was so great that he felt a little painful.

“Who allowed you to mention this name!” The sudden anger made Cheng Nanxu’s face pale.

When those people sent him in, they told him that Xi Chuan has no taboos, so he can only mention a name, Shu Ran!

Although he knew this a long time ago, the atmosphere just now was so good that he didn’t hold it back.

He opened his mouth and was about to explain, but Xi Chuan had already stood up, “Come on, please Mr. Cheng out!”

From “Baby” to “Mr. Cheng”, Cheng Nanxu was invited out before he could react.

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