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Unitary team

Unitary team (Novel)
Other Name: 幺队

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Chu He
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Xiao Muting Shao Fei. Seven years ago, Shao Fei’s brother died during the mission. Seven years later, Xiao Muting became his captain. Shao Fei: I want to be the captain too! Did you hear that everyone calls me Team Yao! Although I am the youngest in the team, I am amazing!

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In early spring, the shooting range in the mountains of the southwest was bursting with gunfire, and the roar of anti-material sniping echoed in the mountains. After the rain, some moist soil quaked, and small targets were destroyed one after another. Under the clear sky, there was a thick smoke of gunpowder.
Shao Fei, dressed in jungle camouflage, lay on the firing position on the roof, and a JS05 sniper stood beside his face.

The corners of the naturally upturned lips have been pressed into a line, and bloodshot eyes are staring at the target 1 km away. His shoulders were already trembling, and the index finger holding the trigger was red and numb. After 4 hours of heavy sniper training, the terrible recoil of JS05 almost shattered the bones of his shoulders and arms, and half of his face was lost. Perception, the loud noise, like a shock wave, penetrated the brain from the temples, shaking the eardrums and the entire brain.

Shao Fei wiped off the sweat from the tip of his nose, his throat moved up and down, pulling out a dry pain. Even the throat seems to have a choking smell of gunpowder.

He held his breath, felt the direction of the wind and wind with his hearing and touch, adjusted and corrected the parameters meticulously, finally his eyes were fixed, and he pressed the trigger without hesitation.

There was another shaking sound.

At the moment of firing, the gun body slammed and then sat, rubbing his cheek and hitting his right shoulder. He frowned, cold sweat gliding over handsome but childish brows.

The target was successfully destroyed, a whistle sounded, and the morning training ended.

Shao Fei moved away from the JS05, struggled to stand up, touched his swollen right cheek, and leaned on the railing and looked down. The comrades of the Second Squadron waved to him not far away, not knowing what they said. He leaned forward and listened for a long time but didn’t hear clearly. He patted a railing angrily and said to himself: “Fuck, he can’t hear him again.” After every heavy sniper training, he almost always faked. Hearing loss is not really inaudible, but tinnitus plus psychological effects, and he can’t hear clearly no matter how loud others call it.

Fortunately, this process will not be too long, it will be relieved in about ten minutes. Shao Fei rubbed his ears irritably, pulled out the two earplugs and threw them on the ground, picked up the big sniper, dragged half of his numb body, and limped downstairs.

The teammates who practiced sniping together were already waiting downstairs, all alive and well, although they were tired, they were not half disabled. Chen Xuefeng, who was sleeping with him, took the big sniper from him, held his left hand, and yelled at his left ear: “Can you still go? Can’t I carry you on your back!”
“Fuck you, my right ear can’t hear you, you fucking I also want to roar left deaf? “Shao Fei Ma Wan Chen Xuefeng to shoulder a ramp,” start off, go to the cafeteria. ” teammates burst of booing, a few cheap hand while he was still out of strength, a cut on his head A few, and then worked together to support him, and walked lively to the cafeteria.

The shooting range was too far away from the canteen. As soon as he walked halfway, the tingling energy of Shao Fei’s body disappeared. He had to shoot back from Chen Xuefeng’s hand and carry it by himself, moving his waist, and his two long legs were flat on the ground.

Ai Xin, a comrade-in-arms of the same period, shouted from behind: “Airplane, stay steady, don’t pull the bottom.”

Shao Fei turned his head and snorted . On the handsome side face, traced his straight nose and hard jaw.
This face is undoubtedly attractive when placed in a barracks of rough men, and Shao Fei’s natural small face adds a touch of refinement and clarity to this attractiveness.

Falcons are rich in talented and handsome special forces, such as political commissar Luo Feng and soldier Wang Ningcheng, as well as the youngest Shao Fei.

Two years ago, the Falcons suffered heavy losses in the “Rainbow Night” operation, and the Elite One and Two Squadron suffered heavy losses. At the end of the following year, Shao Fei put on the Falcon armband and was assigned to the second elite squadron, which was waiting to be thrived.

In the second squadron, Shao Fei is an unignorable existence.

He is excellent, looks outstanding, relies on his ability to fight into the Falcon, likes to make trouble with his teammates, a little clever, tall and long legs, occasionally imitating the steps of a guard of honor, not at all feminine, not sexy, but kind of cute as a teenager With publicity.

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