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My High School, Unexpected

My High School, Unexpected (Novel)
Other Name: 我的高中,意想不到

Genre: novel, Tanmei
Author: Kitkan
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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He Ye Jiangcheng, the protagonist He Ye is a high school student. In high school, he fell in love with Jiang Cheng, a person he shouldn’t love. Later…

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He Ye didn’t feel upset this time, but felt self-blame. It was his previous actions that made Jiang Cheng disgusted. In fact, it was just He Ye who thought about it. Jiang Cheng and He Ye didn’t have a distance this time. They were still like ordinary classmates. They occasionally chatted in their spare time. The gossip and gossip of others is no longer the same as before.

Until Christmas, the two changed…

High school life is indeed very busy, but for the high school life, Christmas is of course to play, because the next two years will not be able to play. So Fang Tong asked He Ye, Lin Xiaoqing, Jiang Cheng, Chen Hao and Jin Zhen to go to the West Asia Village Resort. West Asia Village looks like a resort with gorgeous decoration, but their customers are mainly students, so there are many activities to play.

In fact, Fang Tong did not invite Jiang Cheng and Jin Zhen, Jiang Cheng was invited by He Ye, and Jin Zhen was invited by Jiang Cheng. The six people booked a two-room flat in the resort, with a total of two floors. The upper floor is a large Japanese-style tatami mat, which is mainly used for girls’ bedrooms, while the downstairs rooms are for boys’ bedrooms, but the embarrassing thing is The room downstairs has only one double bed and one single bed. It is precisely because women do not want to make other women dissatisfied because of the separation of the beds, so they chose tatami mats that are not annoying. But who would sleep in that double bed?

After the six young people put down their luggage, they started their first activity to get to know the resort. This is a major feature of West Asia Village Resort. Participants can be grouped in the resort map to complete the task. The main purpose of this activity is to get to know West Asia Village Resort. Because I don’t want to be a light bulb, everyone agrees to be a group for boys and girls.

At the beginning, Jiang Cheng took the map and looked at it while drawing, and solved all the hints, making the staff with the team next to him embarrassed. He Ye saw Jiang Cheng like this and felt that he was too far away from him. He blamed himself for inviting Jiang Cheng to come…

The obvious winner of this game is the boys group. After the game was over, it was time for dinner. He Ye was tired all afternoon, so he ate a little more for dinner. Lin Xiaoqing sat there in a daze after seeing He Ye’s food and felt so cute, so she gently stroked He Ye’s Face, He Ye also responded to Lin Xiaoqing with a smile. In this scene, the single dogs in the audience rolled their eyes!

What makes people most puzzled this time is why Jiang Cheng invited Jin Zhen…

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