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Mr. Zhang on the phone

Mr. Zhang on the phone (Novel)
Other Name: 电话那端的张先生

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: the blue Lilian
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Lilian, after the breakup, the best ending should be to never see again. If goodbye, I think everything is futile and useless. Thank you for the warmth and warmth that girl brought me in those years. I will always miss those summers and midnights. When I dream back at midnight, I still want to find the girl for Lilian in the story, hold her hand, and kiss her lips.

Free reading:
Lillian returned to the house with a little fatigue that night. She sighed from the heart, and her preaching remark just now made her feel uncomfortable. She saw her father lying on the bed with his back to her, as if he was asleep.

She subconsciously looked up at the ceiling.

Above her head, there is a ceiling lamp hanging. There is no pattern or pattern decoration on the ceiling lamp. The lamp shell is milky white. So even the light it emits seems so monotonous and boring.

Everything in this home doesn’t seem to be deliberately decorated, and there is a feeling of patchwork together.

Since the college entrance examination was over, Grandpa sold the big house in the city very quickly and bought this small house less than 100 square meters in the suburbs. The environment in the suburbs seemed a bit desolate and lonely. When she first moved here, Lilian was very uncomfortable. Looking out from the window, there is a gray bridge directly opposite. The bridge is unpainted. Under the sunlight, it looks gray and lifeless. You can often hear the machines working on the construction site at night. The roar. Here, road reconstruction and road widening are being carried out. The road is bumpy, and the road is not easy to walk, but it is still dust. So when I went out to buy some food, I got a layer of dust on my shoes.

Moreover, this house is definitely not a new house, but someone else has lived in it. This is not a tall building, it can be said to be a low dormitory building. This is the staff dormitory of the suburban power plant. This place is two hours away from the city center. Maybe you will immediately think about it. The air in the suburbs should always be clean and fresh, right?

Otherwise, what is the purpose of moving here from the noisy and bustling city center, and moving here from the place that goes downstairs through the small road to the scenic spot?

There must be something special here that attracted grandpa.

Chapter One Kisses in Dreams
When she kissed her sexy, warm and soft lips, Lilian seemed to fall into another world suddenly. This world is exclusive to her and her, they are the protagonists of this world.

Then, she cupped Lilian’s cheeks with her slender and soft hands, and kept looking at her with eager and affectionate eyes.

His eyes are full of love and affection.

It’s like an innocent child has found the most precious toy in the world.

Lilian was so nervous, she didn’t know where to look.

Then, she kissed Lilian’s forehead tenderly again, and there was a warm smile in her curved eyes. “Fool,” she said.

Lilian woke up in a dream.

A dream that has been repeated.

At this time, it was midnight.

Lilian lay alone in her room, unable to sleep.

It seems to have repeated this dream over the years. She often thinks that if it were not for the emotional separation and reunification of these years, she would have been married now. She sighed, because it was just after her birthday today, she was still an unmarried 30-year-old young man.

Regret it? She asked herself. Can everything be said to be a bad fate? Lilian really wouldn’t contact her again, but sometimes she was contradictory, wondering if she was doing well. Whenever the thought of wondering whether she was good or bad appeared, Lilian hated that she couldn’t forget her for nothing. That person was like a scar on her heart, staying in Lilian’s heart forever.

Everything should start from seven years ago.

Everything should start from Lilian.


She is an ordinary girl with very average family conditions. Because parents are busy with work, Lilian was taken care of by grandpa and grandma since childhood. In this way, Lilian lived with her grandpa and grandma for more than ten years.

In a blink of an eye, she was already a second-year university student.

It is actually a very good thing to leave home to go to school outside. Lilian no longer needs to live under the control of others, no need to be conscientious, no need to dare to tell her true thoughts.

From small to large, it seems that everything is beyond his control.

As far as I can remember, the relationship between my mother and grandparents is not very good. When I was young, I often heard the disputes between my mother and grandparents, mostly for Lilian’s living expenses, Lilian’s counseling fees, and Lilian’s various cost of. A child who has never lived with his parents since he was a child lacks the parental and maternal love he should have received. Lilian is very grateful to her grandpa and grandma for their dedication to her, but sometimes there is also a kind of pressure, invisible pressure.

She seemed to feel she owed someone else. She sometimes felt that the dispute between her parents and grandparents was caused by her. If it wasn’t for her weak health, she wouldn’t spend so much medical expenses; if it wasn’t for her poor science performance, she wouldn’t hire a tutor many times; if it wasn’t…

An invisible pressure and worry suppressed her.

Sometimes she feels that she is not herself, like a puppet, you have to learn, you have to grow up, you have to be sensible, you have to work hard… because all the quarrels are all because of you!

It was not until she grew up slowly that she realized that she was too stupid, and there were some things that shouldn’t be blamed on herself.

Maybe the relationship between mother and grandparents was not good, maybe there were many conflicts before she was born. Of course, Lilian has never heard of them accusing and complaining from each other since she was a child. Sometimes she finds this kind of life really depressing!

As long as she grows up quickly, as long as she is an adult, there will be many things to do. She just thought: escape! get away! Even temporarily!

Time flies, time flies.

Since going to college, Lilian really wants to fall in love!

Sometimes think about junior high school, high school, most of the time is falling in love with books! Thinking of this, Lilian really wanted to laugh at herself. At this time, the phone rang. Lilian glanced at the name displayed on the phone screen: the call from “Mr. Zhang”.

“Mr. Zhang” is a person Lilian met online.

It is precisely because of this “Mr. Zhang” that Lilian’s daily life is very happy. Sometimes she thinks that fate is really a magical thing, and the people of the two cities have had an intersection since then. Before going to bed every night, “Mr. Zhang” would talk to her on the phone, long-distance and roaming, and would have to talk for two hours every night.

There are 8 people in the dormitory. When the lights are turned off every night, almost everyone is busy making calls. Most of them are “sweet words” to boyfriends. After a busy day, Lilian was happily waiting for “Mr. Zhang” to call.

Is this the so-called fate?

This kind of fate, whenever Lilian thinks back now, she doesn’t know how to explain it.

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